Sunday, December 31, 2006

A little update

Where to start.. I have been sick for almost 3 weeks and still do not feel 100%. I am tired all the time and still have a nice cough. Christmas was very good. I got the new Quickutz Revolutions. Too cool and can not wait to buy some dies. I am going next friday to buy some paper to make the Valentine's for the Klub QK meeting on January 15th. I also got a new Clock radio, Grey's Anatomy session 2, Happy Potter Hogwarts House bookmarks, A necklace and earring set, a game and a gift card to Target. Yesterday mom and I went to the movies and watched Night at the Museum. That was a great movie. I laughed so hard. Work is work and truly frustrating. I wanna leave but don't want to lose my insurance or don't know where I would work. One of the mom's I watch for is trying to get pregnant and went through IVF about 3 weeks ago and it did not take. The sad thing is her sister got her and the boys tickets to ride the Polar Express and they had to cancel because she was going to ovulate then. All she would have had to do is ask me and I would have gone with them so they could enjoy it. Today I took down the outside christmas lights. Now that is sad because it was a pretty display. Otherwise I am going to spend the night at home with my pups. I have gotten to the point that I do not going out on this night. Plus when you do not know many people it is just no fun. So if you are reading this and are going out please be safe and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 22, 2006

More ramblings

Chex Mix:... Why do they have to put wheat chex in the mix???? If you know me, you know I have a whole wheat allergy. Well I have a weakness for the honey nut sweet and salty mix. So I have to pick through it and pick out the Wheat ones. Well I apparently found just enough to trigger my allergies because I am starting to itch.. I know I should not be eating thme but they are SOOOOO Gooood..
My doctor's appointment: ... Well .. I got some answers...I do not have lupus, inflammatory process going on, and a couple of other things. Althought I have a tendency of spilling slightly more then normal protien. Normal protein is 150 and I am at 200. He does want to repeat the levels in 4 months and see how they are. If normal or the levels stay the same I will repeat the testing 6 months later if they are drasticly abnormal we will consider a kidney biopsy. OUCH!!!!. He does not want to do a biopsy right now because they are painful, sometimes the treatments are more crippling then the process it's self.
Christmas and kids:.... I dropped off presents to all the little ones I babysit for. They all got some sort of book. I know kids get toooo many toys for christmas so I like to give something educational. Walmart has some great disney books ($10 to $14) 4 different ones and have a whole bunch of stories inside. They are short stories to be able to read at bed time. I need to go buy a set of these for me and my library. Kids are like spounges.You give them a little bit of knowledge and they will soak it up. If you do not they shrival up and dry out without learning material. Well I get to Mason & Piper's house and end up playing with the kids and their cousin's in the sandbox. do you know what is it like to be a chunky 31 y/o and play in the sandbox... it is fun.. to have your toes in the sand. Making sandcastles.. That is one of the great things about living in florida. It is 3 days before Christmas and I am playing in the sand.. Not snow but white clean beach sand. hehehehehe in dressier cloths then I usually wear and even make up.. to be a kid again.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Misc updates

A little of everything..
#1 HP 7
Today J.K. Rowling released the title for the final Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Leave a lot to the imagination.. Now we need a release date. Rumor date is 07-07-07. Who knows.. That would be a great birthday gift.. July filled with a book and movie release. And if I win the Lottery I would be touring England & Scotland. I have my passport just need the money... Anyone want to gift me $4000...
I think I have finished my christmas shopping. I went to Sears and OfficeMax and picked up a few little things.
My little Guy has gingivitis and a cavity in his broken tooth and that is why he has not been eating well. He is 24 hours on antibiotics and he is eating better. He is feeling so goo he is even beatin up on things.
My christmas party went well. Even though I was sick most of the week I went anyway. I over heard Dee & Cherie saying they might charge the people who did not show $55. I have been out sick I should not be charge because I do not want to get pnuemonia. I already have a nasty cough. Then Saturday night we had mom's party here.. It has been a stressfull weekend. And lack of sleeps has not helped the stress factor... 3 hours of sleep is a Bear.
Tomorrow I go back to the Kidney specialist and find out my results. Maybe we will have a final answer... Kidney disease or just a person who has hematuria of undeterminaned origin.. I know I will get fussed at about not drinking enough...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pretty pups

these are some pictures of my sweeties. Are the not the cutest.. They look so innocent. They are being bribbed to look cute..

Monday, December 11, 2006

a sad day

I play games on a board - Well tonite I went to play my normal games, I found out tonight that one of the guys I usually talk to on the board was killed in a Head-on Collision today. Very very sad now. He was not much older then I am. He was only 36. It is less then 2 weeks until christmas and to lose a loved one so quickly. Everyone on the board was very quiet tonight. Dixieman you are greatly missed...

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Why are men such jerks???? I have this male aquiantance ( I am not sure I would call him a friend) he is from my past and had a fling. He is married and constantly wanting to do something I am totally against. He is constantly bringing it up that he is not getting any lovin from his wife. Well you know pink has a new song for him... U +UR hand. What par of you aint getting it from me, that is what your wife is for. If you ain't getting it there then that is YOUR problem and you can work that out yourself.. You where the one who said you were not ready for a serious relationship... You Made Your Bed NOW SLEEP IN IT.. You know I am reminded everyday that I am alone and I do not need you to remind me even more. I wanna find Mr. Right not Mr. Rightnow. Stop Asking if I want you.. I don't want you. I want my own life..
Otherwise it was a pretty good day until then. Today is Gracie's Birthday. She is now 7 years old. Where is the time going.. It seems like yesterday we go them. We took them to PetSmart and they sat on Santa's Lap. Then we made a few other stops. We had Cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday. It was fun and she seemed to enjoy it.. You know food was envolved.
Last night the Shuttle took off for space and it was breath taking. I took some pictures but have not uploaded them yet.. will do that later.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crazy People

There are some crazy *** fouls in this world. Kelly & I were heading to the hospital to pick up lunch. We walk out the office door and hear this loud screaming and whaling. We walk about the office and see cars stopped and people getting out of their cars. There was this Mid aged black women standing on the sidewalk just whailing and cried. We run out to the cars. It turns out that some Damn homeless fool who was probably just released from the hospital for probably the same stupid STUNT. He had been trying to get someone to hit them with their vehicle. Witness state he had tried to jump infront of at least 4 other vehicles before she came along. This nice hard working woman probably on her lunch hour or heading back to work had her life come to s stand still and just fall to pieces in the blink of the eye. This woman how now go it in her head that she hit this man how she probably did not even touch just so he could get a dry place to sleep. When I walked he had no visable signs of an injury. I have worked accidents and stuff like that and he just looked like he had put himself there. He looked too uninjuryed. I you wer hit by a car you are going to have some damage to yourself or the vehicle. We did not see either. This poor woman will be tramatized for a long time. She is going to keep seeing this fool. Why I think he was just released from the hospital was because he had a belongings bag from the hospital and he had fresh stitches about his right eye. Our local forcast say scattered showers for the next 5 days. Homeles, desperate people will do anything to keep dry or warm. Their minds think that if they can get into the hospital for a few days they will be warm, dry and feed. This little stunt to keep dry has seriously crashed a womans life. She will never be the same. My heart goes out to here..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Snow in Central Florida

There was a weather warning that just scrolled acroos the screen. It was warning about the fridged weather and winds. Well somewhere in the middle of the weather warning it mentions a light snow mixed with light rain.. can you believe that. Of course I can not find it on the news channels website. We are under a wind chill warning. Burrrrrrr....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ordering food

Why is it is so hard to get food order right???? Last thursday I went to Jason's Deli and ordered a Baked Potato with Cheese & butter ONLY... I get the food home and It has SOUR CREAM on it. YUCK!!!! Well tonight I go to Wendy's.. Man did they screw that order up. I even took it back and asked for my money back. I ordered a Number 1 with cheese and lettece with a Dr. Pepper and a Crispy chicken sandwich. I got a Spicy Chicken sandwich plan, a Spicy chicken combo, cold fries and a soda that was all carbination. I was not happy at all. I ended up eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Why is it so hard to follow directions. The one place I have gotten my food order right is a Chinese Take-Out. It is so hard for people to understand that some people don't like all that Crap on there food. No I do not want stuff on my burger or salad.
-- Today I started my first 24hr Urine.. What a FUN test.. You try aiming for a urine hat. it is not as easy as it seems.. Men have it easy to just aim it into the jug. Otherwise we put up the Christmas tree. It is not decorated it is just setting there partially lite. Yep some of the lights are dim.. I can not for the life of me find that one missing plug to light some of those missing strands. I will be adding some lights to our tree when we unbox the strands I bought last year. It is not the strand that was out last year. things that make you go Hummm. I worked on the lighted figuires for the front yard. This year we will have 3 deer, 2 polar bears and 2 penquins.. A real artic wonderland. We have added 2 small trees to the entryway that may last all year long. So next Thursday I just have to figuire our how to keep everything lite without blowing a fuse. The fuse attached to my bathroom. It is not like I use my hair dryer or curling iron..

Today was possibly the day that Cory and Tracy got married. We have not heard anything. She has not posted on her blog since last monday. I worry about them getting married. She has no ambition to do anything with her life. She is a sponge. I still do not 100% believe Daniel is Corys. The timing does not add up. They had split because she was hanging out with this guy and lying about what she was doing. They say all they do is fight.. Why get married then. It will only get worse.. Silliness.... She was only doing this to tie him down. She says she was pressured by co-workers.. I don't think so.. They was not saving money for their wedding so she got them one for FREE.... I must think something has changed because her IM settings have changed from the Angry woman to Breast Cancer Awareness.. Hello was last month...

November 18, 2006

Good news..
Went to see the Kidney specialist today. He was very nice. And he says this maybe something I just do. He says I do not need to worry unless I start spilling Protein.. Then it is a problem. I have to do 2 24hr urines.. Yippeeee. This measures my output and look with for other things. Otherwise there is not much else to talk about. I truly do not think I completed a single thing.

November 16, 2006

I went to JoAnn's craft store to get a few things after work. I went to Jason's Deli and ordered 2 of their potatoes on steriods. I got my order home and My potatoe has sour cream on it. So I pick as much sour cream off the potatoe and eat most of my potatoe and then preceed to fall asleep sitting here with the computer on my lap. I still can not keep my eyes open. I guess it is the weather. It has been gloomy and overcast all day. Well tomorrow I go to the nephrologist. It looks like the only men in my life have an MD behind their names. And the men they hang out with at anceint or they have problems with their plumbing.. I think I am going to go to bed..

Monday, November 13, 2006

10 days and counting -- Black Friday

Black Friday is in 10 days... Now here is the delema.. In know friday is suppose to be the day you purchase christmas gifts.. Well Problem number 1) I don't know what to buy people... They don't communicate what they want or they have everything... 2) the scrapbook store is having a sell on Saturday on something that I really want,,, well 2 somethings I really want. at a VERY good price. I know I am a Quickutz Addict and I ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!. They are having a great sell on 2 alphabets I want.. Once again a VERY GOOD PRICE. I am doing some babysitting jobs between now and then and I will use most of that money towards that.. I have Ideas for possible gifts but I just can not fiquire our what to buy... The pressure.. I found something great for my dad but they do not make it in his sports team so I have to switch to something else. Did you know they make steak branding irons with your favoriate college team.. but NO WAKE FOREST. athough they make Florida State. Speaking of Florida State Seminoles.. WHAT was with that game saturday night. You guys lost to Wake Forest. And I do not just lost, they walked all over you. 30 to 0. And 20 of those points in the first half.. Oh Come one boys.. What is with you boys. I would rather lose to U of F then Wake Forest. I had to call my father at half time to conseed because I know it was not going to be a good second half. Oh now that was painful. Very painful.. I am only use to hearing the ribbing during basketball season... NOT FOOTBALL... If you were going to lose to them a 1 point loss would have been great but 30 points are you KIDDING.. Okay that felt better..

Work post -- Oh Sharon and the Back drama.... She is on the floor 5 minutes and she can not take. "Oh my back" "This is stupid" "Why did I come in" yada yada yada...It is not her drama it is Dee drama. Amanda is sick, Kelly is hurt.. I spoke.. Your family needs vitamins and bubble wrap. She is going to put AFLAC out of business. They are constantly getting hurt and filing a claim. She constantly takes them to the ER for BS reasons and if they do not walk out with wither stitches or and antibiotic she is having a FIT. She thinks every illness needs an antibiotic, if she does not have one when she or her child leaves the doctor's office she is fussing. She has a daughter with scolieosis and she is convenced that she needs back surgery.. Hello she is 17 y/o and that will screw her up... Before I went on vacation her daughter amanda was scheduled for the same surgery I had. She thought that she would be back to work in a day or two. I told her that it is a very tough surgery and she is kidding herself about beginning back to normal in a few days.. I told her that this is a bear and rehab is a bitch. When I came back she said that amanda had a reaction to the nerve block.. Hello it was not the block she had a reaction too.. It was the PAIN she was reacting to. I was sick after my surgery too from my hand.. IT HURT and my body thought it would be fun to make me sick as a dog.. She is asking me all about weither I could move may are this way and that way.. Hello No but I did my excersices and worked at it every day and pushed myself. I made it.. If I could do it at 29 she could do it at 19. It is the days of our Hibiscus Lives..

Novemember 10th, 2006

Playing in Orlando
Well this day off has been planned for months but it was great to get AWAY.. This last 2 weeks have been rough..Cystoscopy last week, IVP wednesday. I kept my scheduled day off to go to the Scrapbooking expo. That was kinda disappointing. It was very hard to walk in the booths. Most of the booths where either stamps or pre-made page kits. I did purchase some of the things I wanted. I am a HUGE 7 gypsies paper company fan. There were not many diplays with their products. I did get the tags I wanted. I almost purchased the stamp I wanted. I was really hoping to find more of the wax to get some more colors to use in my book. Did not find them.. Only 2 kits in the booths. I did purchase some stencils from Rusty Pickle.. I spent most of my money at the Florida Mall where I went afterwards. I bought Mumble from Build-a-Bear. He is too soft and couddly. He has a heart that lights up and I purchased a sound box. I went to Old navy and purchased something for the pups.. I went to the Disney store and purchased a shirt and just roamed around.. As I mentioned earlier I had an IVP wednesday. On the way home I got a call that Dr. Fields is referring me to a Nephrologist next friday. I do not know what to think. When I had my CT it took almost a week to get the result. This was less then 48hrs. Hummm... Now it is a wait and see game. Yes I still have the pain, no it did not change when I took the Bowel prep (YummY). The only thing that did was hurt my stomach.. Keep you posted...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Sorry there are a lot of posts for today but I have not been updating this like I should.. Since this is an auther only blog.. I vant vent about work. We have been made to take a series of classes to make us work better as a time. I feel like the person who needs it most is not making an effort to change. She (our BOSS) still seem cold and very short and demeaning.... She walks in and say "HI"or "Good Morning" and Silence.. Crickets..

Other News -- Sharon hurt her back and has been out most of the week.. Dee is planning to make anouther 30 claims to aflac. She is limping on her ankle again. She is going to wither get us dropped from aflac or make them bankrupt.. So far this year she has had 2 surgeries to claim, Physical therapy, about 10 injuries between the girls. Now one on Tyler for a burn on his hip, and I am not sure how many claims for her & her husband.. She waits until November to submit them all for Christmas money.

Oh and Dr. Zylman is getting a divorce.. I was shocked when she came out and just spilled the beans.. Very shocked.. ..

well must go to bed..

The Uriologist

They are the Mens equivalent of a GYN.. They like to poke and prode with little camera and stuff.. Do you know strange it feels to be a woman in a man's Doctor.. And to be under the age of 60.. They look at you weird... My co-worker has to see a Uriologist because she had blood in her urine. She then found out that she had Bladder Cancer (YO Smokers... Smoking causes Bladder Cancer.. Wake Up Call...) Her Uriologist calls her his young patient.. Makes her feel better but does not make things easier..I am my uriologist's problem Child.. Last week I had a Cystoscopy.. Yuck.. That is were they side a camera up your urethrea and look around while you are wide awake.. Of course he only finds some irritation at the top of my bladders.. No true cause found for the bleeding.. Good news No Bladder cancer.. Bad news more test and referral to have my Kidney beans check out.. Another specialist.. He then called me a strange little creature.. That is me.. I am scientific puzzle.. Well today I had an IVP with CT cuts.. Which means liquid diet for 24 hr (Fudged a little there.. don't tell), 3 dulcolax pills (not that is hard on the tushy) and because I am allergic to so many things I have to be pre-medicated.. No that does not mean Valium.. I have to take predinsone 20mg every 6hrs, tagament 300mg every 6hrs and 50mg of benadryl (1hr before procedure) . Of course every resturant had to run a TV commercial last night when I was starving.. Oh well.. I survived.. Now we have to wait for the results. I have to call and make an appointment for the results..

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Florida Landmark Lost
Today a Florida Landmark burnt to the ground. Gatorland in Orlando was on fire at 555am. The gift shop and a few attached buildings were a total loss. There were a few reptiles and insects that were housed in the gift shop that were tragicly lost. There was a fire fighter who was cleaning up the debris whi will need a clean psir of short. He lifted a piece of wood out of the one of the pens (swamp with alligators) came face to pace with an Alligator that they had feared to have been killed. Gatorland has been a florida landmark for 57 years and gone in a few hours. They Say they are hoping to be reopened by this weekend.

Sunday, November 05, 2006 - Elections

I have one thing to say.... Thank goodness these are almost over I can not take these commersials too much longer. They are overwheling. They are nasty and rude. Now one stupid lady in Olando sent out a mailer stating the guy she ran against was the key speaker at a party that was only about sex. Now how would you feel if your child was home after school and pick that piece of mail out of your mailbox. That piece of mail does not need to printed or mailed. I do not know who gave her the advice to mail that out lost her that race. If she was the one that thought up that idea she does not belong in office. Very stupid move.. Very Stupid.. On her interview that aired on 11pm news she did not seem to think anything was wrong with that she did. Duhhh... Conseed now because you lost... Some people have no clue... Sorry tried to find a link to it so you could read for yourself.. No Luck..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 - Happy Halloween

Well it seems like every one is in a better mood / attitude when costumes are involved. Not as much bickoring around the office today. My boys came and visited me today and they were so happy to see me. They are so sweet. I would love to have children. I wanna be a mommy.. I need to get out of this funk.. My favorite time of the year and I am sitting here sad.

Sunday, October 29, 2006 - Update

She is doing well. She is in the Psych ward for evaluation. She spent about 3 days in ICU then down to a PCU room then friday to the Psych unit. She may be discharged tomorrow. She is feeling better in many ways. She has been stablized on meds and is very nervious about coming home. Her got the hospital soon enough that her liver and kidney damage was kept to a minamiun and they think what damage was done will probably repair over time.
Friday night we went to Disney's Not so scary Halloween party. We had a blast. We rode all the mountain, thunder mountain and splash mountain. We even rode the updated pirates ride with Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. We watched the Parade and the Fireworks. They had the headless Horseman ride through the streets. That was soo cool to see. In the parade they had a the Caretaker from the Haunted Mansion with a real blood hound.

Monday, October 23, 2006 - A lot to think about

Well as you know when I wrote Saturday night I was at the Gaylord Palms. Mom came back from her party a little after 11pm. We watched Tv for a a little while then went to bed. At about 130am mom's cell phone rang. On the other end of the phone it was a friend of my mom's asking how long it takes someone to die from taking 100 tylenol. If that does not wake you from a dead sleep. We quickly packed and left the hotel. I had the chance to wake up on the 9th floor of a 5star hotel and I had to leave in the middle of the night.. Oh now that breaks your heart. Mom pleads with her friend to tell us where she is. And she would keep hanging up. I meanwhile am driving down 417 at 80mph to make it back to the coast quickly to try and talk her into revialing her location to get her treamtment. The longer the medication stays in her system the more damage it does to her liver and kidneys. Well we find out where she is and she is taken by ambulance to Wuesthoff hospital where she is currently sitting ICU and is being monitored for organ failure. Just as we were pulling into Wuesthoff a little white car almost sideswipes me at 3am. Yikes... What a night..

Saturday, October 21, 2006 - Guess Where I am

No I am not back in engand. Although I wish I was. I am sitting in a ninth floor hotel room at the Gayord Palms hotel in Orlando. This place it amazing. There are alligators here in the hotel. They are just 9 floors below our room. Mom is at a confrence over here and I came over to check out the hotel. This place is an adventure park on it's own. I must say it is the coolest. I wil post pictures soon. well back to my movie. Yes I am watching Harry Potter, it is currently playing on Channel 9 andI have look for places I visited while in England.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Working to much

Do you ever feel like you are working too much. Well I guess when you 4-5 hrs overtime in one week you do work to much. that is what I did last week. Good that just means more money to spend at the scrapbook expo in Novemeber. I worked until 6 pm tuesday, wednesday and thrusday then worked until 2 pm on friday. Then tonight I was there until 6 pm because everyone left and the 3 people left did not have a key to the office. So I had to run over to the hospital and get Dr. Z's keys and run back over and lock the building then take the keys back over. How silly is that. So by my calculations that means 5 hours OT and it is only the 6 day of the pay week. The we had a meeting at lunch (no clocking out there) and they are making us attend some thing on friday after work. Yippee.. Oh joy.. Fun Fun.. Now how am I suppose to stay awake through this thing. I guess I will bring a book and sit way behind Cherie. If she does not go I am not staying. She can for get that crap.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Poor Little Guy

Last night I watched the boys again. Lately Gino has been complaining of headaches. We are not sure if it is sinus related or something else. Well last night he woke up at 10:15pm, 11:20pm and 11:50pm. Well the last time I could not put him back in his bed. I let him curl up on my lap and sleep there. When they come home they were shocked to see him down stairs. He woke up again rubbing his head again just after they go home so they went and put him in their bed. Poor little guy. You could just tell he was not feeling well. It felt so good to have someone cuddled on our chest. Ihope he gets to feeling better soon. he is too sweet to feel so bad.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I want kids... NOW

I truly watch two of the greatest little boys in the world. They are so much fun and truly brighten your day. Today I met them at a local yacht clug and help mom keep an eye on them. It was fun to play on the play ground, Watch Dom play in the kiddy pool. Watch Gino play with the girls. Dom and piper walking hand and hand (gotta keep an eye on them) Dom playing with the older girls and sharing. The two sweetest things were when Gino came over a got a towel and said he had to get Piper a towel. Yes that is just what he said. And it truly felt great when Dom came and sat on my lap and we watched the boats come in and dock. The feeling that they truly love to learn things and absorb everything in life. Things I have learned from children - An ice cream can make food disappear off of a plate in no time. No matter what they have been into a childs smile can always melt a heart. I want to know what the attraction kids have to me. I had several kids run up to me and play with me while I was at the yacht club. I really had a great time and I am so glad I came home and took a nap after work because I needed it. I so truly need need to have a baby. I need to find the special someone to give me a family. I want my kids to be like the boys. they are so great.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Life is changing so quickly.. Current mood: blah
Sorry these have been kinda morbid lately but this is real life. Last year one of my co-workers lost a very young (in her 30's) neighbor to Breast Cancer. She left behind a young daughter and a grieving husband. Her husband could never shake the loss of his wife. Almost 2 weeks ago he decided that he could no longer live without her. He took his life by jumping off of a local causeway. Now a little girl is left without both of her parents. She will never attend a father daughter dance, No mommy to brush her hair and tell her how beautiful she is, she will never know what it is to have a little brother or sister to show the ropes. What did these wonderful people do to be taken from this world so early in such a painful way. This little girl may be too young to remember her mother and may only remember a grieving suffering father. She luckly have wonderful grandparents and neighbors that can tell her wonderful lively stories of her parents so that she may remember the good and block out the bad.
We always think things are bad when we have hit a rough patch in life. but how bad are things really???? We have been dealt a bad hand but things can change for us we just have to make the choice to change it. I have a co-worker who just over 3 months ago was told that she has bladder cancer. She was told that she needed to stop smoking because that increases her chance of it return. (FYI SMOKERS you can also get bladder cancer from you cigarettes) She has tried to stop smoking but she has not put her heart into it. She still occasionally smoke. She has made the choice to continue puffing away. But when she was diagnosised she wondered why me.. Because you made the choice to smoke with stacked the deck against her and she continues to do it. She sees all this women dealing with cancer every day and she continues to raise her recurrence risk.. Why do people not think and realized how ver luck they are to have a second chance.

Life is too short...
Do you ever really sit down and think really how short life really is??? Our parents can't wait to hear our first words or watch our first steps. We rush to get through school. Then we rush to get through college and buy our first beer. Then it is the rush to find our true love, settle down and start a family. About 4 weeks ago a one of our maternity patients was diagnosis with Metastatic Melanoma. She is 36 years old and 16 weeks pregnant. Two weeks after the diagnosis she is no longer pregnant and fighting for her life. She has cancer throughout her body, ie brain, liver, lungs and bones. She is has not only lost her child, she is a battle for her life. She has not gotten to see the world, be a mother grow old with the man she loves, she will never see her grandchildren and her mother will have to bury her child. Her husband has not only lost his child but has been told he is going to have to bury his wife. They probably had dreams of growing old together, seeing there daughter walk down the isle to start her own family or their son make the winning touch down. After watching this poor family go through this I realized that you can not live in fear you have to do as you want and not be afraid to do it. If you want to see the world make it happen. Just go for it. It may not be cancer that takes your life early, it could be a natural disaster or a motor vehicle accident. Life is just to short. Total food for thought..
*****Update to original post*****
She is a mother of 2 (a boy and girl) and this was a baby suprise (a happy accident)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Do you ever???????

Okay they have these stupid adds where if you get grandma across the street you get a free ringtone. Do you ever just let her jump into the moving cars just to see her get hit.. I don't want a stupid ringtone and 500 pages that you have to fill out to get that ringtone. Like the fool who gets hit by the computer or blown up by the granade. They are just stupid.. Sorry truly just rambling. I am just in a funk. My dad is in Florida and they were suppose to come down and spend time in Melbourne with me but since my grandpa came with them they are going to stay in Daytona. We had plans of going to Orlando and spend some time at one of the theme parks. So that is not going to happen. Now I have to go up to daytona and listen to carolyn's family fight as usual. It is not my idea of spending time with my father. And I get the couch.. Yippee... I just want to spend some time with my daddy goofing off. I don't want to go shopping because he does not have fun. I don't want to hear about who screwed who over. I wanna show my dad what I like to do. Like take him o the theme park or a disney hotel for a fun dinner. I know it is sounding selfish but I do not get to see my dad that often and they rearly comes down this far. I am now sad that I asked my grandpa to come with them. Grandpa is doing well. He has been playing a lot more golf and doing more since grandma passed away. I am glad he is finally living his life.

Well I did go to a crop and did start my Harry Potter scrapbook. I completed 7 pages. Not bad for 6 hours time. It is a beautiful and becoming expenisive book. The cardstock cost more then the pattern paper I ordered on line. Yeah OUCH!!!.. Thanks to Quickutz they helped with releasing new Halloween dies juest in time. I bout the Cauldren, Witches hat, candy and Broom just to play in this book. They are very cute on the from page. I hope to get some more of it done before I head to Daytona so I can take it with me. It is a black maple leaf 8x8 album, 7 gypsies pattern paper and embellishments. It is turning out very cute..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Update - I know I am a Slacker

Where to start.. Ernesto.. A giant rain storm with a slight kick. Late on the 29th they finally made the desicion to reschedule patients. Everyone went home and we prepare to ride out this growing storm. The next morning we woke to an over cast day. Time to catch up on choirs. I finished up laundry and just relaxed. The pups really enjoyed their mommy being home. Other wise not much has been going home. I have been able to see the boys more lately. They have moved into their new house on Lansing Island. It is truly a beautiful home. Slow but beautifully things are coming together. And as they are aging they are getting wiser to the tricks. but they are getting too cute.

Work.. They frustrate me.. I am just not happy. I get tired of helping others and then the one wo will help is natrina.. Sharon had all week off the floor last and did she help us, did she do some of the required monthly stuff... NO. Dee comes in while I am sitting up Natrina's rooms because she has not come in yet. Could she walk up front and come back and help work up the patient waiting. NO.. Freakin lazy fools... No she was too busy fussing over her hand that she fell on about 4 weeks ago. Of course she swears it is broken or she has torn something, like any other boo boo she has ever had. I am truly suprised that AFLAC has not dropped us because of all the money the have paid her for all of her and her families injuires. Last year just before charistmas she submitted enough to for completely pay for christmas. Around the of my hand surgery, She got over $200 for a repeative injury her daughter has (which should not be covered) from playing softball after she was told not too. I only go $100 for them opening up my hand and moving a ligament, 6 wks in a hard brace and 6 weeks of therapy. She should have to submit it for taxes. I am pretty sure she will save this injury until christmas just to pay for this years christmas. I sometimes think she take her family to the hospital just to submit it to AFLAC. I am truly suprise with her recent fall that she did not go to the ER to be evaluated and to get more from AFLAC. I guess I should ask if therapy was a submitable item. Maybe I can pay off my credit cards.

I gues this enought bitching for the night. I need to fight some more with my MySpace blog and get to bed. I have to go watch the boys tomorrow night for teacher confrences.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rough seas again

You have guessed it.. There is a miss guided storm sitting at the tip of Florida unsure of where it would like to go in this world. Sunday it was a strong storm that was going to skirt up the west coast of florida and make landfall in Tampa and across. This morning it was to head up the middle of the state into Georgia. By 10am this storm looking for his way home, decided it should travel up the coastal counties of Florida and land on Brevard County by 2pm Wednesday afternoon. As of right now his path has moved slightly west a little and we get all the stronger wind.. So tomorrow morning we will arise to a possible new path of Ernesto.. And what will he be, Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm, Cat 1 or can he make it to Cat 2???? Only time will tell.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Recent Events

Many of my family members now tell me that I can not go back overseas. The way I feel is that I we all stop traveling we are letting the terrorist win. Yep that is truly it.. The british government have arrested 20 some terrorist and are still looking for a few more. These men had a plan to blow up planes traveling from England to different US cities. They had planned to blow up the planes over cities to do more damage. The airlines have now limited carry on items to wallet, passport and ticket only. You can not bring anything else - No MP3 or CD player, No portable DVD, No drink, No Lotion, No car keys, No books, magazines or papers and the list goes on. Thank goodness that was not me the week brefore because I would go insane. Maybe by next years trip things will be different. I need at least a book & MP3 player or I will need some sleeping pills. Because I will be insane. I think it is great that they are not allowing certin things on planes. I think that if you purchased your drink in the terminal they should let you bring it on the plane. I truly felt pretty safe flying 3 weeks ago. There was only one guy who creeped me out on the plane.
What else.. I think I am going to go to Scotland next year. Men in Skirts... I have not figuired who I will be going with. There is a tour group that just does HP tours. I am waiting to see what the itenaries are between them and AAA. One group is a little more expensive because it does not include airfare. I will just have to compare them and decide.
Work is Work. Same old Same old..
Love life is still crap. Lonely as ever...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

England Flowers

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nerves on edge

Well there news this morning was quite eye openning.. Over night they took down a plot to bring airliners down from England to US Airports. They had planned to blow up up to 10 planes. Apparently this has been a plan in progress for several months. Yep they were cooking this plan up while I was over there.. Freaky... Well I am going to try to put myself to sleep.. I will post more tomorrow.

Best Buy Round 2

As you know I have been battling with Best Buy's Geek Squad to fix my computer. Well when I got home guess what is sitting on my front step.. My Computer.. (And my order from Scrap Your Trip).. I come in feed the pups and then open it up... I have my computer back..... Except.......... NO POWER CORD... You got it it was not sent back with the computer. So I call Best Buy I get someone at the service desk and she says they are with a customer and could I call back in 10 minutes. I said to the nice lady I have need to speak with someone becuase I have been having problems and explained the whole deal. She asks can I take your number and have someone on call you back. She puts me on hold and eventually someone then disconnects me. I call back and it just keeps ringing. I call again and it keeps ringing. I call back and finally get someone and get the geek squad. Well It turns out that I have to make another trip to pick up the power cord because it never made it to the repair shop to be checked out. Can you believe it.. My issue is when I took my mother's laptop in for a power plug issue they replaced the mother board and she got a new power plug.. Here is the mystery.. Will the old power plug fit? Will it charge???? We will see..

Saturday, August 05, 2006

trip update

I am home.. I got home Late tuesday night after sitting for an hour on the Atlanta runway.. Weather delays.. It was a fabulous trip. I am still trying to get use to our time zone.. I am in the process of uploading the pictures as we speak. England is truly beautiful. The country side is beathe taking. Mary poppins was a lot different from the movie but still good. The weather was amazing.. It felt just like home.. It was in the 90's all the time we were in London.. And ladies most places do not have A/C.. The theater is one of them. On nice thing is they sell ice cream at intermission.. Got melted chocolate on my white pants.. The churchs just amazing. And to try to fiquire how they created such big and beautiful buildings without colapse leaves you dumb struck. I ended up taking almost 1000 pictures and was able to get them onto my computer before the battery died.. As you can tell from the last post. I have printed off about 300 photos for people at work to look at. The area was in full bloom as you will see from some of the pictures. We did not hit rain until our last 3 days but it seem to only rain when we were on the bus. The Cadbury chocolate factory tour was yummy. Walking through the factory and breathing in the smell of warm chocolate just made you want the chocolate more.. I can tell you that chocolate does pretty well in your checked bag. We went to the Denby pottery factory. We were able to make our own ceremic frog and to paint pottery. I ended up bringing coffee mugs home and had to carry those on the plane. The night before we left we had a farewell dinner at "Tales of Robin Hood" dinner theater. We all got to dress up in costumes. I wanted to Bring mine home. They asked us what we wanted to drink (I ordered wine) and they brought each of us our own bottle of wine. And they wanted us up at 5am for head to the airport.. Now that was hard.. Yes I drank a little too much. Another unusal thing is they have beans and fried toast on thier breakfast buffet. Very interesting to me..
Here is what all we saw
7/25 - landed, headed tothe location of #4 Privet Dr. then to Eton and Windsor Castle then to the hotel for welcome dinner.
7/26 - We toured the city, went to the london zoo, Toured Kings Cross Station then to Lunch at the Albert Pub, Free afternoon ( we went by Westminster Abby, Big Ben & the houses of parlament, rode the London Eye, boat tour of the River Thames then rode a double decker and walked the play district) then met up at the playhouse for Mary Poppins.
7/27 - We borded the bus for Oxford - Explored Christ Church/college and wandered the city then went to the Pitts Museum then headed to the Roald Dahl Museum and toured it and watched some of the employees act out some of his short stories. Then we headed back to the hotel (I was hoping to see Phantom of the Opera but due to traffic we got back late)
7/28 - We packed up from the hotel and headed to Stonehenge then through the countryside to Lacock and a tour of Lacock Abbey (very beautiful place & garden) then to Gloucester chathedral and free tme in town then to our new hotel with no A/C. but the bed was to die for.
7/29 - we went to Burton-on-the-water which is a cute little place then to Warwick castle (the location where woods taught harry about Quittich) then to Stafford-on-Avon location of Shakespeare & Ann Hathaway's home. We had a fish & chips dinner
7/30 - We toured the Cadbury Factory then we headed to Kinneyminster for a train ride through the land and at the end we had a tour of the engine house.
7/31 - we had a morning free and walked down to the town of Ashbourne (cute little place, I bought some tea to bring home) then walked back up hill to the hotel, then we went to the Denby Pottery Factory then to Sherwood forest and saw an 800 year old Big Oak. then to the dinner theater.8/01 - Headed to Manchester to board the plane home.. I can not believe how much time has passed already.
I miss everyone. We had a great bunch to travel with. I also learned to get the motion sickness patch for the trip they have very uneven pavement. I am going next year they are seeing Scotland..As soon as I get the picture uploaded I will post the web address.

Best Buy Vent

Well as you can see I made it back from my trip to England.. Oh it was amazing..Except they need A/C, but that is another story..
Mid-June I took my laptop to have some service before I took it on my trip with me. I have a problem taking tooooo many pictures and wanted to unload the camera every night and start each day with a fresh card. So I took the computer to Best Buy where my warranty is. I explained to the Geek Squad guy that the fan is sorting out and that the power cord is loose and is not charging properly. Of course the Geek said the plug it great and it was charging fine. I told him I wanted check and repaired anyway. I received the computer back just before my trip and the plug slightly fits better. It is not acting like it did prior to sending it off. Well 4 days into the trip the connection between the power plug and computer breaks just like I knew it would. So the day after I get home I take it back to Best Buy and explain that they did not fix the problem and now I can not get 3 days worth of pictures off the computer and if I lose these I will have someone heads. They agree it should have been repaired and offer to back up my pictures for free. They tell me to come back in and hour & half and pick up the disc. I go and kill time and get back and show back up to pick up the disc (It is now 11:30am). Well by now jet lag is catching up to me and I want a nap. Geek boy has the nerve to say the disk is not ready bacause a laptop came in AFTER that needed repair.. You arre tell me you bumped my pictures to repeair someones computer that came in after mine. I was tooo tired to pull him across the desk and ring his neck. So I said when will it be ready he said when do you want it by. I wanted it by 11:30 but that is not possible so I said 5pm. So I head home for a nap before the dentist. I had just laid down and the phone rings at 12noon - He says your backup disk is ready. I said I would pick it up later. So the next day at lunch I go back to Best Buy and get the Disk. I head back to work and try the disk. I put in a computer to make sure it was my pictures and the computer does not notice the disk. I then put it in 2 other computers and still nothing.. I call Best Buy and after being on Hold for almost 10mins I speak to one of the Geek squad members and they states they use a DVD to back up the computer. Well that means I have to go home and uplaod it the computer at home and re-burn it. I explained to the Geek that I wanted to take to a photo studio and print pictures from the disk and that they will not accept DVD. I explained that I told the Geek that and I guess he did not know DVD's will not work in the photo kiosk. Why do I need to spell everything out to these boys???? So now I have to wait and see when I will get my computer back. I have a feeling that they will hold it until the end of the month when the warrenty runs out. Boy will they see a very angry chick if they try and charge me...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trouble on the high seas

A princess cruise ship my have had rutter issuse off the coast sending approx 40 people to the hospital. Two of the passangers were injured serious enough to be flown to Holmes Regional Medical Center and Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital in Orlando. Rescue Crews from Brevard County Fire Resue, Coastal Health System, NASA and Volusia County's EVAC. I must say at least this happened after they enjoyed most of their vacation. The cruise line is making arrangements for the passangers make it home safely tomorrow. Boy I am glad I am not flying out of any of the local airports tomorrow. Cory was upset because he was on crew with coastal and was stuck in south brevard Slinging Lizard. Oh well. I think of it this way.. Less paper work..

Work Vent. One of my co-workers is always behind in the work load. Well she did not look in the chart and she sent out something to the wrong lab. It was clearly documented on the note that I put in that the patient wanted Quest. The person who what the physicians MA finished up the case and did not read the chart. And whos fault is that. I a tired of hearing I am so over worked.. You are not over worker you just have poor time management. Instead of coming in and talking to the billing department start your work. Instead of yelling at your family, take your messages off instead of waiting until 5pm even when you have sat at your desk all day. Manage your time wiser and you could complete so much more.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The tickets are here

Yes. they are in my hand. I have my itineraries for my trip. Now I really have to start packing. How & what do I pack It is 6 working days and 12 total days until I leave. I guess this weekend I really need to get stuff in the bag. I can not wait. There are 5 couples, 13 kids and the rest are use single people. It looks like a good bunch. So I leave Orlando on July 24th at 2:30pm and land in Atlanta at 4:03pm. We take off Atlanta at 7:30pm and land in london at 9am on July 25th. Then I head back on August 1st at 11:55am and I will be back in Florida some time around 8:33pm. Yes it is truely here.. I can not wait.. tick tick tick.. time is ticking away....

Vent about Florida today

Yep you got it.. Florida Today is a screwed up website. In mid June they partnered up with the Brevard Zoo to run a contest for amatur photographers. You were to submit a picture of a butterfly. I have some great photos of butterflys and catipillers. I seached high and low. I searched the florida today, brevard zoo, wa1a and google with no avail. I could not find any information about this contest anywhere. I wrote one person at the brevard zoo who did rwrite me back but blew off any other emails I wrote. So I sent in four different pictures and never heard anything else. Today the website was published in the paper, so I go to look for my picture.. It is no where to be found. I can not find any of them posted. And the kicker is the rules are finally posted after the contest has stopped excepting entries. I called thephone number on the webpage and she can not hlep me. She give me the number to the lady over the features section. So I wrote the place where I sent the e-mail to enter, the editor and publisher. I have never seen a contest so hard to enter in my life. very frustrating.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And we have lift off

Today the shuttle made it's way back into space. After two delays because of thunderstorms the shuttle heads for the sky. There were a few scattered well off shore but around the shuttle complex the sky is clear. It was a beautiful launch. That is one of the great things about on the space coast. You are lucky enough to watch these large birds race toward the sky.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Where is time going?

I know I probably post this a lot.. but where is it truly going... In just mere hours we will enter the month of July. That means just 24 days until my trip to England. Nerves are setting in. I am heading over to England / London just after the one year anniversary of last years bombing of the tube system and the double decker bus. I think that it what is unsettling the most. The next is the flying.. I hate flying.. Have I ever told you this.. I HATE Flying. Which is weird because my father is an airliner mechanic. I am looking forward to the trip but I don't want it to go too fast. I wish it was longer and I got to see more of london. I wanna tour the tower of London, London & Tower Bridges, the London Eye. I wanna go shopping at some of london's famos stores, or at least window shop. I was looking at a pocket map I purchase and found the locations of Tiffany's, Harrods, Louis Vitton - the shopping district. I have yet to locate my hotel on the map. I guess I will figuire it out when I get the final iteniary. I don't wanna work anymore. I wanna travel.. I now have to figuire where I wanna go to next. If I could work to pay this one off I could do it again..
Puppy Breath... Where is nothing greater then holding a 10 week old puppy. My co-worker is puppy sitting her mother's birthday gift. Anna's Stepfather has purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy for Annas mom's birthday. They are taking a 30 day tour of england. He is going to give her a card telling her her gift if a puppy. And she is sooo cute. A true sweetie. She has puppy breath and she just wants loving. She has the soft fur. It makes you want to run out an purchase one.. Then I rememeber the fight I had with Cody this morning. He did not want to eat breakfast. He wanted his mommy and she was not home to give it to him and that did not make him happy. He would spit his food back out after I would put it on his tounge for him to get a taste. I finally gave up and called mom and left her a message about what her child was up to. We made up after I got home from work. He is now curled up in his baby blanket sound asleep.
It is time to get off of here because my headache was coming back..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The rainy day gives way to a beautiful day

This morning started out over cast with spinkles in the air. It only got worse. It changed from literally second by second. One moment you would look out the window and it was calm the next the rain was heavy and blowing sidways turn around and it was only spinkling. But we received a lot of great rain. This day would have been the greatest to stay in bed, watching tv and reading a book. By 1 pm it seem the rain spells were less frequent. By 4 pm the rain clouds parted and the sun would occasionally peak through. Now as I look out unto the sky it is casting a calming warmth across the clouds.

Monday, June 12, 2006

it is offically - Hurricane Season

Yeah baby.. The rain bands are coming ashore and the wet stuff is a falling. For most of the day it rained. And of course the bottem falls out right before I am to go to therapy. I end up making the mad dash to the car. I am soaked by the time I make it to therapy. The roads are flooded to the point that cars could float away. The roads were bare to the point of being erie. Only us fools who had to be somewhere occupied the slick roads. But we need that rain.. Keep it coming baby...
Now to what I am watch. TNT has a new show called "Saved". It is about paramedics. Boy is this show true to life. This show makes me long for the days on the road. I hope they keep this show. This is great...
Check it out

Saturday, June 03, 2006

They are tooo sweet

Tonight I returned to watching 2 of the sweetest little guys around. I did not have to fight or throw my hands in the air in frustration. Tonight I went over to watch them at 7pm. When I got there I had to run back out to the car for some picture I took at tumbleweeds and I get an escort from the cuties.Of course they have to hope in and check out all the bells and whisles of the car.When we get back in the house I find out what needs to be done- Bath, bed and throw their clothes in the washer & stat it. Simple.. Can Do.. At 7:30 I said it was time for bath and I get "noooo" then responsed I guess the bath toys will have to play by themselves. Gino said okay and wa on his way up the steps. Dom just needed heading in the right direction. We get up stairs and Gino is not to be found but I can hear him singing. He is in his parents room. He saw I want to take a shower. You can't take a shower tonight but you can in the morning with mommy. He fusses a little but it is not a bug dramatic event. Tub time comes and goes and I have two clean little men. They are dressed in their matching pajamas and put in there beds. As they lay in their beds they ask for hugs and kisses and of course I can not help but give 2 rounds of those. (melts your heart doesn't it. Could you say no to two little guys that smell baby fresh??? Don't think so..). Soon I hear the sounds of two sleeping boys. About 8:50 I hear theim stirring and a little chitter-chatter. Soon I hear "Miss Christy". So I go up stairs and open their door and ask "do you two need to use the potty". Sure enough the do. They empty their bladders of the bath water they kept drinking and washed their hand and back to bed. AI give them a praise on telling me they had to go potty. And for Miss Christy another set of hugs and kisses. To each I whispered in their thank you for being so sweet. Why can't every night be this way. They are so sweet.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


May 3, 2006
Update on fires.
Well they are flaring up again.They currently have Interstate 95 & 528 closed and they had to close the roads this morning because of smoke. So the roads were a mess this morning. They had pockets of smoke up an down the I-95. Now there is Muck Fire causing havik in Palm Bay. We Need Rain NOW. The fires up there has grown to over 5300 acres..

May 11, 2006
FIRES - The Port St. John/Canaveral Groves fire is smoldering. It has burned over 6300 arces. It has closed 2 highways on a daily basis because of visablity every morning. On Sunday there was a massive car pile up on I-95 involving 4 semi-trucks, multiple cars and costing 2 people their lives.They are now flooding the area to put out the fires still burning underground. There has also been a 1300 acres fire in Volusia county. That fire gobbled up 3 homes and damaged others. There is also a muck fire burning underground in Palm Bay that is making Palm Bay a smelly mess.
THE ARM - This damn brace is driving me insane. It itches, gets hot. It is just a pain. There is this area where it curves to form the brace that keeps my holds my thumb inplace. That put pressure on the joint, burns the skin. When I take the brace off my hand & arm is starting to look deformed. Today is one month since they did surgery. Just 2 weeks until I see Dr. Woodward and might be able to remove this thing. I am hoping I well get a new brace to wear. But I have to face the truth that I will have to keep it on until I see Sandra the Therapist. Then Hell Begins...

May 20,2006
I have a problem Current mood: frustrated
I have a problem saying the word "NO". Which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The reason it can be a bad thing is because I continue to watch this little boy which has some emotion problems. He can go from being a sweet heart to screaming mad man. He was doing so well yesterday then he just started acting out. His sister's swim coach came over and it started off good. The he started testing the boundaries with her until she had to ask him to get out of the pool. Then the water works and drama began. He stormed off and was blaming everyone else and making excusses for him being put on time out. She does not see how his actions cause what the consiquences. He can be very abusive when he wants. He truly does not understand that you can not have everything you want. He is now five and throws a tempertantrum like a 2 or 3 year old. He freaks out when his parents leave. I think a lot of this comes because his parents travel or leave the house frequently. He has learned that he can get attention this way. Now back to the "no" problem. I told myself that after I would cut back one watching these kids and only watch the twins (extreme joy to watch) but then I had my hand surgery and that has co-pays. Now they have asked me to watch them from Friday after my Dr's appointment until their her parents come back into town (Lord, please let them catch an ealier flight or a great tailwind). That means I will have these children for almost 26hrs. Now if it was the boys would not be a problem. The little girl has really opened up to me and did not want me to leave yesterday. I just do not understand why the grandparents or siblings will not watch them for the weekend. Could it because someone will not listen. Make you wonder.He also wants me to watch them the following Tuesday, in my mind it hears that would pay for the new Quickutz dies I want. What to do, what to do. I need to meet a man and start my own family and not do this anymore.

May 29, 2006
Weekends go way too fast
I can not believe this long weekend is already over. And what do I have to show for it. Not a whole hell of a lot.. Friday I went to the hand specialist and was freed from that horrible brace. At 6pm I started My time with monster boy and his sister. For a five year old he truly behaves like a 3 year old. Everything is a battle with him. He still wears a pull up and it is full by morning. He does not want you to look at him without his clothes on but he wants you to wipe his behind. Totally do not get that one. He is constantly holding onto his sister, grabbing her, pulling her and just about smothering her. For the ages they are they say butt, hinney & penis, that is not what a 5 & 3 yr old should say. We had a HUGE fight about clothes. She wanted to wear something that did not match, which is not a big deal we compramized. Him... well that was a battle. He hates everything, it's scratchy, it does not fit, I don't like it and why can't I wear my soccer uniform and crocs. Because that is not something to you wear to a resturant. It was an hour long battle. You know it is truly something when the grandparents of these children feel dread when the discussion of watching them comes up. This was grandmas reaction to possibly having to watch them tomorrow night (May 30th) "I guess they are going to ask us to watch them" me- "Scott has already asked me & I agreed" Grandma-"oh wonderful I am not sure I could do it, he is such a handful" Lady he is not a handful he is a terror to the community. We removed 2 toads from the pool and he tried to smash him with a rock. I stopped him then as we release one he quickly throws a rock ontop of the other just landing on the frog. When we release the second one he keeps chasing it and pushing it with a stick trying to hurt it. He truly has a few screws loose. And on top of watching them for 23hrs the father jips me $30 dollars. I truly think they should have paid me more as hazard pay. I think this all stems because the parents are NEVER home with them. If you can make the kids you need to care for the kids. She went to georgia for 6 days and he headed for the bahamas for 4 days. People Spend time with your kids and people will want to be around them. June 1st and that is it. I am only watching them once a month. It is not worth it. Freedom. I am only watching the boys and Reagan. That is it. The rest of the weekend was uneventfull. But now it is time for bed because I have a long day and night tomorrow (My last tour of duty)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Brevard is burning again

Well I must thank goodness that this time it is not across the street. This time it is the center of the county. North Cocoa & Port St. John is burning. It started yesterday when the Brevard County Fire Fighters could not get control of a 15 acre fire. The wind seemed to take it running from there. It quickly grew from those 15 acres to a monster that jumped Interstate 95, closing it for over 6 hours then it grew to over 850 acres. Well the daytime winds whipped it up again. Then some stupid fool playing in the woods on an ATV started another fire that grew just as fast. It jump highway 528 (the Bee/Beachline) closing it and Interstate 95 for several hours. That is one of the few rodes that lead out of Brevard County. This one sprinted across the land even faster and by 6pm it was well over 1600 acres between the 2 fires. The fire fighters have decide to let it burn itself to the St. John's River. The area it is burning to does not have many rode . Well there is a rode that runs from 520 north along the river.. I have a co-worker who lives out there.. I did check on her tonight to see if she needed a help getting stuff out. Poor Thing I know what it is like with the fire so close.. Long sleepless nights, worrying about things you may have left behind. One other problem is that I am planning to go to Disney tomorrow and 528 is the quickest way to get there. The other 2 roads are under major construction to make easier to evacuate to space coast. it is said when you wish there was a tropical storm to drop a lot of rain on the area. Sad isn't it. My goodness it is now up to 2300 acres. WOW.. scary.. You can check out pictures and video on these links below.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


April 21, 2006
Why is curling an Olympic sport??? sweeping a broom in front of a weight on ice.. Not Athletic at all...

I think Team paintball would be a great Olympic sport. I was flipping through the channels and wondered across the Championship being held in Miami on ESPN this afternoon. It is truly a trip to watch. It will also be on Saturday from 2pm to 4pm, 11pm on ESPN. This is truly a sport to watch.. Refs Limping, a shot to the face shield and the beam to the head.. Ouch. Can they get the other teams shot in 4 minutes? The race is on.. Paintballs flying at 200mph. Now that is team work.. Maybe we could get this into the 2008 Olympics..

Next topic*************
- I have to say at a week & a half in this pest of a brace, I am over it. It is itchy and hot. my arm is broke out in a rash, I have a a blister starting on my thumb. It can come off now.. I miss my black on.

April 22, 2006
For some silly reason they were saying this show was going to be a week long show. Someone did not plan it right. 9 stars, 3 stars per episode, 1 cook off with the home viewers voting, & then the reveal show. For some reason they did not air the Thursday episode and it was not because Ashley Parker Angel cut his pinky pretty bad. Because he is a trooper and is cooking away, bandaged finger and all. I like this show. Because it is not staged or dramatic with some rich princess whinning because they have to do something where they may break a sweat.

Next topic********** The hand
It is still there.. This Dang brace is getting on my last nerve. The heat is causing a heat rash an blister areas on my thumb and palm. I went friday and had my thumb evaluated for the slight blister appearring on my thumb. They put a thumb sock on it that was suppose to help. Well my dear it has not because my thumb is still sore. It could be that I just need tobe patient and let that tender area heal. Just over 4 weeks left. The blue "yes" that they wrote on my wrist on surgery day are still hanging on..

Next Topic*************** Gas prices
They are outragous... They oil jerks are forcing their prices up because they got caught raising prices after the hurricanes. The government caught on they they were raising prices saying they were so hurt from the hurricanes then they posted a huge profit at the end of the year. For someone who lost sooooo much in august you made still pocketed a lot. Quite being greedy boys, you wife can wear last years mink again this year it will not kill her and your mistress can get off her back and pay her own rent for once.

Next topic ****** Rain
Rain drops fell around Brevard today. Yes they wet stuff. Unfortunately it did include some lightening but it was a good rain. It will help some with the fires but it will not last. We need a little more then what we go.. We need a day or two of rain to get out of the fire funk.

Next topic ************** Disney
On May 7th our annual passes expire. Things have been a little tight and we can not renew them at this time. So next weekend I am going to get my disney fix for a little while.. I am going to go and play at the Epcot Flower & Garden festival. Than may go and play at MGM. I am going to add some character photos to my collection. I need to work on my books some. I just need to go play and have some fun. Withdraws are going to be hard to deal with.

I think that is it for now..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Well I had my surgery Tuesday.. I did pretty good.. Pain level -- Depends what I have been up to. Lying around it is usually a 2 -- When I am up and around it can be bad. I felt so good after surgery and I did way too much. I was sitting up and ate Chinese. The next day my pain level got to a 13 and at that high my body just does not do well. Nausea & dizzyness take over. Life got better after I got that partial cast off. It just took a little while to get back to a normal me. When they took that partial cast off I got to check out out my hand. I have a 1 1/2 to 2 inch incision in my palm & on my thumb. I am not in a hard brace with my thumb in this stable setting. I can only move the tip of my thumb. I go on Wednesday to have the stitches out. I can not wait. This thing is driving me nuts. I must say I have enjoyed the week off. I am not wanting to go back on Monday. I truly hate going in. My babies have enjoyed every minute of me being home. They do not leave my side. They tell me when I need to rest.
I did get to work on Dees daughter's album. I did about 8 pages. I am almost done. About 12 more pages and I will be done.I did do some scrapbook shoppping.. I went to Michaels and Crafts-n-stuff. I must say that I did not do too bad spending wise... I spent under $50 between the two... Very good for me.. Even better I only spent $12 at Scrapbook Cottage on Thursday, which is totally unlike me.. I will change that next paycheck.. I am purchasing the new Quickutz font Sunshine set ($99) and the new Dog die ($12)... It is a treat for me.. I deserve it for my surgery..

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fire arises from the park again

Yesterday I was getting ready to leave the house to go watch Mason & Piper. I pull out on the main road out of the development and notice that traffice is backed up, bumper to bumper. I look up and see smoke coming once again. Big thick black cloud of smoke. Yep Wickham park is burning again. It started as a small fire on the west side of wickham road. Due to the lack of water the fire just spead. It threatened a vet clinic, a tile store, multiple homes and a gas station. The fire melted the siding off the side of the Tile store. The fire quickly jumped the 4 lane road to start the east side of wickham road and quickly surrounded a the church. The fire quickly raced accross wickham park. The came close to the BCC wickham pavilion and burning down one of the storage sheds. It all the fire burnt 250 acres. There is truly not much of this park left that is unburnt. They have closed the park because parts of the park is still smoldering. Last night we got a nice taste of draught releif that may help cut the fire risk for a few days.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do you ever have one of those days that you really do not want to go to work. Well it has been this whole week. It has been spring break and everyone with kids are taking time off. And what erks me is that last week my boss made the comment "when is your trip? you need to get it in because you may not get it." Excuss me???? A - I need to pay off the trip before I ask for the time off. & B -With as much crap I have been with my lasy ass co-workers and my late hours your going to say "NO" & C - Do you really think if you told me "NO" that I am going to stay here??? Is she kidding herself. She gave sharon off time for spring break when she only put in the time 3 weeks before hand. I am putting in my request over 3 months early. I was looking when I found this job and I can look again. Why does she not lay off the hard workers and get on the slackers, the ones who only do the minamal and the drunk in the office. She wants me to get prices from other companies for medical supplies. Like I have the time to do that. You got me working my ass off and you want to pile on more crap you could be doing. But no it is better to spend 3 days trying to figuire out if out paychecks.. All I know it I can not do this tooo much more...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

As a Floridian, we don't have normal seasons like summer, winter and so on. We have Rainy, Fire, Hurricane and Tourist. Well is it Fire Season right now. We have not had to much in the rain depatment lately and we arwe now on fire. There has been fires in brevard county almost everyday. And yesterday was the biggest and it was right across the street from the housing development I live in. Very scary. imagine being at work and our doggies are at home. There is only one enterance in and out of the development and the fire is near the enterence. Very concerning. As you are sitting trying to complete you work and finish out your work day you are hearing on the radio that the fire has grown from 20 acres to 40 acres. It is just so hard to concentrate. I finally came home, I just could take it.. When night fell the smoke settled around the houses and by morning it was very bad. We really need some RAIN!!!!!!!!!!! At around 10pm I started smelling smoke in the house. Soon afterwards I couls hear the faint sound of sirens. There was a flair up and they were out there fighting the fire again. On the 11pm news they announce the fire burned over 100 acres. Yikes.. too close for comfort. After a very sleepless night the sun arose to a smoke blanketed neighborhood. The smell was very bad. This is one of the reasons we moved from Palm Bay to Melbourne is to get away from the fires. All this is because 3 fools thought it would be FUN to start a fire for spring break. Real smart jerks

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Where is the time going??? Well it is now Mid-march. Last weekend I went to Ocala for Camp Gotta Crop. This is the fifth year. I had a blast. I finished about 24 pages after I sat down and counted. I went away feeling that I had not complete too much. I must say the time just went too fast. On the way up to the camp I passed this beautiful abandoned railroad track. This beautiful track is covered in old vines and it is stretching over a creek. At the time I passed it the sun was setting and it was truly breathe taking. Well I stopped on Sunday around noon on my way home and it was not as beautiful as with sunset but it made for a beautiful picture.

Other things ticking away is that it is less then a month until my hand surgery. It is just over 4 months until I leave for my trip to England.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I got to experince something really fun.. You got it from the title, Tumbleweeds.. Tumbleweeds it gymnastics for little ones and it is so fun. The kids just enjoy it. They run and play and wear their parents down. I had so much fun. I am so glad they asked me to join them.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Here we go again...

Yep.. Where is this year going? It just feels like yesterday I was falling and busting my butt & back on the steps at dad's house when in fact it has been a month. I can not believe it. And yes I am still in pain from it. I went to a massage therapist on sunday and she worked my muscles until they were bruised. OUCH!!!!. This also means I am just under 6 months until I leave for my trip to london and 3 months to finish paying for it. Time is going toooo fast and I still have a lot to pay still. I have some money to put on it but just have not made it over there. I have been working sooo much that I am extremely tired.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The First 14 days of this year

I guess it is time to update you on the first fourteen days of this year. Well, the first day started out off with a bang.. Yep a bang right on to the steps of my father step right on to my back. Just a short few hours prior to flying home and I hurt my back, hip and ankle. Fourteen days later and my back and ribs still hurts. It hurts to lay flat, lay on my side, to breath, cough and even carry anything. Work is still a pain in the ass. They keep piling on the work and there is just not enough tile to do it in. Task, who has time to work on task because we are trying to keep up with the phone calls and the daily patients. I can not do this much longer. My brain is very tired. One good thing is that I traded in my 2002 Rav4 for a 2006 Rav4. It is carefully parked in the garage at this chilly moment. Is this the way my year is going to be. My trip balance is slowly going down.

On the up side mom's new office is open and slowly gaining ground. She had a rough friday the 13th but things are going to rebound.