Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A good family tv show

I just watched a great show on discovery health. It was called 14 children and Pregnant again. It is about a story about love at first sight when he was 17 & she was 15. Their first date was to a senior dinner. They worked hard paid off all their debts. They never purchase anything they can not afford. Their first child was born after they were married 4 years. Then came the first set of twins (a boy & girl). Total including the new addition 10 boys & 5 girls. They were currently living in a with only 2 bathrooms. They (the oldest son & the father) are in the process of building a larger home with several bathrooms. Michelle (the mother) home schools the children & each child learns the violin & piano. The chidren work on the buddy system, one older child to one younger one. This show is one that people should watch.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Here we go again

Well the house is back on the market. Mom found another house she is in love with & has but a contract on it. We have had a lot of people parading through the house. We had a couple come through the house tonight who my purchase it for a loved on who is in the military and is moving back to the area & can not get base housing. Hopefully they will purchase this place & we can pack & get moving. I want to get this going I am tired of living out of boxes. I want to put my bedroom & scrapbook room back together. I want to get things together before I go to Ocala for the weekend.

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Wedding Date

Today a group from work decided to go see the movie The Wedding Date. It was a very good movie. It is a must see for women. I laughed & almost cried. Oh it is a very good movie. I can not wait until it comes out on DVD, it is a must buy...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Men are so frustrating

   Well about two weeks ago I started talking to this young man. He seemed nice at first. Then he started with the "I don't seem to have your full attention." Crap after a few days of talking. To me that is a little on the pushy side. We are not a couple and you are starting to freak me out. After 2 weeks you are talking about missing me when I am work. Dude you do not really know my life. It is not a pretty world. I am constantly working with life & death. I come here to unwind not be hounded by someing who can rattle off questions faster then I can type. Yikes... He is a nice guy but it is not a good feeling when the first night we talk you start talking about your Ex's. Dude that is truly not how you start off a conversation with someone. Big turn off.