Saturday, December 31, 2005

Family Time

You always worry about the family you marry into... I truly have nothing to worry about there, I have the family my Father married into... In 1983, My father married a divorced mother of two with a lot of baggage that would later come.. The saying family should not work together... This is the model family. But here is the thing.. Family should not try to operate two of the same types of business' in the same area is more like it. My Step-mothers brothers (are you lost yet..) Ron & Dave decided to produce the same type of local publication. Then Dave was in a life altering vehicle accident (the man is lucky to be alive & now has some problems associated from the accident, yep mental). The money issues come up, accusations arose, one brother now in total distrust (side effect from accident) of the other, Just a total bunch of CRAP. Many years later and they (Dave) can not be in the same room with the other. My step-mother plans this Birthday party for my (Step) Grandmother's 80th Birthday and invites the whole family. Ron with his family & his children families all come and Dave and his children, My Fathers family and so one (sorry big family).. Yep you got it, I climb my broke butt on a plane after maxing out my credit card to get her and be warm... The Brothers decide they can put this in the past and for their moms 80th birthday be ADULTS and come to the party. Well that lasted max 10 minutes. Dave the immature ass he is sends his oldest daughter into the house to retrieve his youngest child because he can not stand to be even close to his brother. The youngest is seating at the table eating lunch (she had only had 2 or 3 bites). They leave... Well just after we ate lunch the next drama starts.. Here is were the he said, she said starts.. Carolyn had planned for us to eat dinner about 6pm so that most of the guest could arrive because of work schedules. Some how in the communication between the siblings either a time was not communicated or it was not absorbed.. Ron and his huge family had set a leaving time of about 6pm because they had a several hour trip to their mountain cabin ahead of them and some of the drivers have trouble seeing to drive in the dark. Well that hurt carolyn's feelings because they are ruining her plans. So people start taking walks (all of the kids and Ron), Rons wife starts saying "it is always about her".. Yada, yada, yada.. Tears are shed and sedatives are taken.. And in the middle of this the poor birthday girl is really feeling bad and it is truly breaking my heart for her to see her family this way. When everything had died down, I noticed her setting on the couch just staring at the Christmas tree and you could just see the pain in her face.

I have decided that the next time they come to Florida to see the "family" that I will only drive to daytona on the condition that we see neither of the brothers because I do not want to deal with the childishness. I did not spend almost $300 to see grandmas heart broken..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Frustrating... very frustrating

Where to start.. Work.. that is extremely frustrating. They keep adding office hours for the physicians which means less time out our desk. Then they complain that we don't get our tasks completed. Then when you put for them to stop adding patients, they just keep adding patients which the dr's think we are the ones adding the patients. When you mention it to someone they just state that "they need somewhere to put patient's" then we get fussed at from the MD's because they are tired and they have a full schedule. Well they will do something when I leave because I can not keep this up. In the last pay check it says I only have 1.6hrs of over time but I know I worked a lot more then that. I mentally can not do it anymore. Our boss has been physically out of the office (working from home) for the last 2 weeks then today she came in today and work just the morning.. Hello you are the boss, spend some more time in the office.

My upcoming trip... Yes I am foolish enough to go to North Carolina. Yep they begged me to come up for Carolyn's mother's 80th birthday. Well now that is $275 that could be going toward my trip plus the $150 that I am putting back on my credit card because that is how I paid for my airline tickets. Because my credit card balance is now $1500 between the tickets and some clothes so I will be warm up there and because I can not fit my fat butt in any of my other clothes. Well when I made my ticket reservations 2 weeks ago I chose my seats. When I opened my mail I got a comfirmation and it asked me to pick my seats. Yes AGAIN. That is because when I chose my seats it was just a request. I want the god blessed seats I CHOOSE. I do not want to be penned between to heafty men like my flight and the old farts on the previous flight. That guy was almost on his death bed. I do not want that I want to have the seats I pick damnit. They only thing is I did get the Delta miles added to my new card.