Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It has come & gone in a flash

Another christmas has come & gone. It just seems like yesterday they were putting out the holiday decorations in the stores & we were starting to prepare for the hurricanes. Now we are preparing to close out the year of 2004 & welcome 2005. Where are these years going so fast.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Creeping up on christmas

It is now 5 days left until christmas. I of course spent a little too much money on other items that I should have not bought. I was expecting to get a gift card from work for Wal-mart but things are tight there so we were not able to get them. Oh the frustration. I feel bad purchasing the other items now.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

The thought of christmas

Well it is only 13 days until we open presents. Mom's jewelry box mirror still have not arrived. I went Wednesday to JCPenny's to purchase her 2 pair of flannel pajamas. Got them home & noticed she was wearing the miss-matched set that makes my skin crawl, so she ended up with one pair early. I want to purchase her the OC season 1 DVD set & the coffee maker she wants. If I run out of money or don't get the yearly walmart GC I will just get the coffee maker. We purchased Daniel a Leapfrog activity thing with 2 books to help him with this reading & talking. We are still undecided on what to get Cory & Tracy. I have not fiquired what I am going to get my father & carolyn. I bought him a cookbook for diabetics. I am going to look for his kabuta hat & them maybe a Gift card for somewhere.

The outside of the house is mostly decorated. Gary (Our not so handy handyman) did not correctly hook up the outlet in the lightpole so that those lights do not light up yet. The tree is up & lite, we still have not put the decorations on it.

Friday was I.V. Grace's 5th birthday. I was fixing her Birthday cupcake & she stole the wrapper & ate it. Boy has she been whinny & snippy over the last 2 days. I guess she is PMSing.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Oh this house thing is a mess

Well I am not sure where we are going with this. The house my mom wants the guys has totally overpriced it. So now she looking elsewhere at houses. I really like the development & want to move in there. I like the house we are origionally looking at. I like the gated community. I like the house she wants but this Stubborn Northern transplant thinks he can turn a huge buck from this house in a development that is not there yet. I want to move somewhere soon or I am putting up the gosh darn christmas decorations. If there is no offer by Sunday morning I am putting up the damn tree & out side decorations... Sorry about the vent


Sunday, November 21, 2004

Change of plans

Things can go bad in a short time. The brain children that was suppose to purchase & close on our house did not do as they were directed by their lending company told them to do. So in other words, THEY ARE OVER EXTENDED ON THEIR CREDIT- NO HOUSE. We find this hours before our origional closing date & just days before we are to finally close & move. So we now have to quickly finsomeon to purchase this place & now we will not get to move in to the new place until midway through December. This is heartbreaking. We had everything lined up to move & get the house we are buying ready to move in in 3 days from today. The house is almost completely packed in boxes. The house is in total disarry. I had to unpack a few items so I could complete some items for a swap due at the end of December & I do not want to get that in late. Total frustration & disapointment. I am also late on a few bills because I was hoping to get some money since I used some of mine to pay house bills & get things needed to fix up this place. Now it catch up time & now no money for christmas presents. More depressing.....

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Moving day is approaching

Well it seems like we may have a FINALLY final closing date if Novemeber 23, 2004. We were suppose to be oving tomorrow but the Fool that is representing the buyers has very poor follow through skills. She never returns phone calls & does not have all the items needed to close on the house. Her excuse is that she had family in town. Wake up lady just because family isvisiting does not mean you stop working.. You are realitor 24/7/325. The hurricanes could not even stop realestate calls from coming. So the we are now being made to make a lot of changes. Now I have to hope to be granted on day off of work to get things done. Oh my...I will keep you posted.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


We are MOVING!!!!!!!!! In less then 2 weeks. We sold the house. It sold mid monday afternoon just after putting it in MLS although the people found it driving through the development. Now we just need to finish fixing the stuff the hurricanes destroyed. We started packing today. Making headway on the upstairs. Today I took down the leaves on the wall & painted over the trees & leaves on the wall. My trees are no longer there.. It is saddening to enter the room.

It is a nice place in a gated community. Bigger rooms & fenced yard. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath, a garden tub in the master suite, huge kitchen, a front yard I can really decorate for the holidays & a garage I may someday park in. It is located over looking a lake & has a great cross breeze. I am excited. The only thing I dread is I am suppose to have one of my wisdom teeth is to be pulled on closing day the day before moving day, YUCK....

Mom's business is starting to pick back up like it was before the storms. This just means we can pull this move off & not be tooooo tight.. I am truly hoping the pups will enjoy their new yard. I think they will but we just need to get the bird feeder set up for I.V. Grace. It will be nice to not have to climb stairs with laundry or carry the scrapbook stuff down the steps. 12 days to be exact, MOVING DAY.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Oh I forgot to tell ya'll about the Water Heater Breaking & flooding the garage. Not good. All of our boxes are soaked. We spent today priceing water heaters & mom is going to call the gas company to see if it will be cheaper to get one through them. So it will be a cold shower in the morning for me. Burrrr...

See the president.!NEWSROOM/localstoryN1024BUSHMAIN0.htm!NEWSROOM/localstoryN1024AIRPLANE.htm

Yesterday President George W. Bush made a campaign stop at the Space Coast Stadium. It was really neat to see. I have seen Jeb Bush (Florida Governor) at a prior event. They flew in & landed on the baseball field. Him, His wife Laura & Jeb stepped of the helicopter to a cheering crowd of about 14,000 people. They had a guy in a vintage plane trying to fly from Georgia to Boca Ruton, Florida end up flying over the stadium. This man was almost shot down by a military fighter jet (second article web site). I must say it must be a requirement for the Government police be good looking to be hired bacause all of those boy where worth watching. I ended up really sunburnt on my face & neck. OUCH.

this is a heart felt site I thought I would post.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Guess what Cory did..

You will not believe what Cory did yesterday... He cut his thumb off just above the knuckle using the table saw. He ended up going to the hospital by ambulance. His neighbor thought quickly & put the stub in a bag of ice & send it with Cory. He got to the hospital & they did not seem to want to do anything with his finger. They were going to send him home with pain medications & an oozing stub. When Vanessa (a friend & Rockledge police officer) started taking pictures of the finger, the staff decided to do something with it. So off to surgery  about 10:00pm, Cory goes where they try & make a working finger out of his new shorted thumb. He called us about midnight to tells us he was out of surgery & awake. They kept him over night because of the pain management issue. He went home late afternoon. Here is the funny thing, his father has a toe missing a nail because it was cut off by a lawnmower. I guess it is something in their gene power to lose at least one nail by a sharp metal blade. Poor Tracy, has a cold on top of this adventure. It so unfortunate that Cory did not sign up for the AFLAC accident policy because they would have helped out with his bills & missed work. Why do men not listen.

Desperate Housewives: This show is a trip. These wives are the closest to real life in a close neighborhood. The Divorcee, The single guy, neighbirhood slut, the prefectionist, the cheating wife & Stressed SAHM who misses the corperate world. The 3 little brats are in desperate need of a "Coming to god" meeting.

The weight loss journey: Well I am trying to get back on track. These storms has messed with my progress. Liposuction would greatly help get rid og this belly that will not leave. I would also love to have skinny ankles & legs to look cute in shorts. I am beginning to think I will always be a big fat slob. I know the reason I have been eating more is truely because of depresson over recent events & work. Always lonely. Very Frustrating & Depressing.

School: Very way behind. I am beginning to wonder if I can pass. I just can not seem to get into reading the book. Everytime I start reading I get drowsy & can not focus on it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Stop Lights return to normal

   Well things are starting to return to normal. Most of the Stop lights are returning to guide the traffic in the right direction.The blue traps still grace local roofs. Tree clips that broke free are slowly being picked.Even work has returned to the normal Bullsh*t, way too long to explain.

Mom is back on the quest for a new hurricane safer home.. We will see how this works out..

Monday, September 27, 2004

When will we return to normal????

Well Hurricane Jeanne has  come & gone. And she has put a hurting on this area. There are about 207,000 people back out without power. Shingles once again little the streets. Street light on the side of the road, missing from their usually hanging place. Blue tarps are becoming an everyday sight especially since there is even more roof damage. There is a one lane section missing out of US hwy 1 in Melbourne & huge sections missing between Malabar & Barefoot Bay that was washed out by the Indian River. The Communities of Sebastian, Barefoot Bay & Vero Beach took a second very hard beating. One of the schools serving as a shelter lots it's roof in the middle of the storm. They had to move all of the occupants to the college to ride out the rest of the storm safely. It is still 2 months until Hurricane season is over for this year. Will it ever end?????

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Round 4

Guess who is coming to visit.... Hurricane Jeanne.. She is set to strike the same area as Hurricane Frances..  This is becoming insane...  4 storms in 5 weeks. Total craziness.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Florida has been hit by 3 hurricane (1 of which has hit the state 2 times), Charley, Frances & Ivan.Ivan has made the tour of Florida. He came ashore in the panhandle with across the US and came back around the Atlantic ocean to visit the eastern coast of Florida. We currently have 3 more Hurricanes & a tropical depression lined up to pound Florida & the US. Jeanne has finally moved off of Haiti where she took the lives of over 600 people & she is going to kiss Florida's coast. Karl is just moving through the ocean & may miss Florida & continue out through the ocean. Lisa is right on Karl's healsbut heading to Florida. They say this is a 100 year treand. The water is one degree warmer. Craziness... These storms are going to drive people mad...

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Things are returning to normal

Stop lights are returning to their positions, fallen trees are disappearing from curbside & roofs are becoming whole again. All the power has been restored to brevard county residences. All the power & tree crews have moved on to the panhandle where Hurricane Ivan decided to pound Thursday. There are some places that will take a while to rebuild like the Fun Attic which lost half of it's store front & my treasured smoothie place, Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It lost it's entire roof. No more Chicken Cordon Bleu wrap with a Paradise Point Smoothie until they rebuild. Oh they are sooooo good & worth every penny. I hope they rebuild soon.

Outside the wind is blowing the soffit against the house. It sounds like someone is knocking on the wall really hard. It was a nice fall-type of a day. There was a great cool breeze & we were able to open the windows for a while. It was great to air out the house. The curtins blowing & puppy ears flapping in the breeze.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

It is raining again

It has been raining off & on today. Just enough to disturb the people trying to clean up & repair their properties. Things seem back to normal until you step outside or when the winds start to blow. The soffiet russles against the house as the wind blows. Hope the winds do not pick up too much to dislodge it from it's place.

Little miss I.V. Grace seems to have fallen into a depression when I had to go back to work. She is better today but I know she will fal back into the depression monday when I go back to work. Poor little sweetheart.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Oh the heat

Oh the heat. It is so hard to got to work with the A/C out. Most of the OB patients have been understanding, then others are nasty about it. You should try to be there all day in it lady, we are melting.. It was nice that today was a half a day. when I finished patients I left. So person gave attitude because 2 of us left, but I worked all day yesterday sweating while she was in the A/C. Get over it chicky. They tell us it could be September 18th before we get full power back. I should melt off alot of pounds before then.. Ivan you need to go to Mexico not Florida.. We've had enough. There are waves of orange through out the office. The are supplying the office with the the closest thing to a breeze. I am suprised the office has not caught fire due the way they have things hooked.

When I went to the grocery store, they have started getting in more food. I got milk, eggs (very limited supply), a few cold cuts from the deli & fresh fruits. There still are no cheeses, meats, frozen entrees, waffles, & bacon. The highlight of the day was one of the managers had his young son there with him. He had his son at the register checking customers out. He was a cute polite little guy. It was great to see them together. I must say the dogs enjoyed their eggs for dinner.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Recovery continues. On the way to work yesterday, I saw a site that I thought I would never see. At Sarno & US1, was a set of National Guard members armed with M-16's. As you drive around you see even more damage. The Playplace on US1 is demolished a huge chunk missing from the building. The office was insane. Only half of the office had power & the A/C is out. The way the building was built it received no breezes. Well. I must return to the hot box.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Home at last

We have finally arrived back in Florida. It took us about 18 hours to get home. We left Kernersville, North Carolina about 7am on Monday towards home. About 1 1/2 down the I-40 highway Cody did something to his paw & would not put weight on it. The night before he took on Carolyn's kitty Shelby & she got in a little claw action. That morning he walked fine. We think he may have twisted his wrist or IV Grace sat on it. We took him to an Emergency Vet in Durham, North Carolina. Exam & X-rays showed lots of inflammation but no fractures. The Vet stays it could be a sprain or infection for the cat scratch. So we started back on the road with X-rays, Medications & bandaged puppy back on the road home. We did really well weather wise until we hit South Carolina & the rain started. The winds & rains from Frances were strong & relentless. It was hard to control the car. We decided to stop in Brunswick, Georgia for some gas & decided to check on a room. Boy did we get lucky, the second to last sweet. It had a king-size bed & a juccuzi tub (great for those tired driving leg).. If you come across a Guest suites & cottages it is worth the money. We started back on the road at about 7:30am this morning. The ride was pretty smooth & at a steady a steady pace. We made it our of the rain around St. Augustine. We made in home just after noon. As we drove done wickham road we noticed long lines of cars at the gas stations supervised by local sheriff officers. Trees littered the medians & sidewalks. Once home we saw what our neighbors had loss. The unit that our house faces had a lot of damage. Every unit has roof damage further complicated by water damage. Outside they had piles of roof shingles, furniture, carpet and padding. Sounds of hammers & chainsaws echoed throughout the neighborhood. To add insult to injury a feeder ban brought more rain to the area. Our house looks like it survived pretty well. We are missing some soffiets, torn screen & some water damage to the back porch. Per my office manager the office has partial power now, no a/c & water damage in the front from who knows were. We are all pretty lucky it was not worse..

here are some pictures I took today:

Travel with the puppies... They did pretty well. Sleep the whole time we were on the highway. I highly recommend a book call The AAA guide for traveling with pets 2004. It helped greatly. Worth the $15.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Visit to North Carolina.

We have made an unplanned trip to North Carolina. Hurricane Frances has chased us out of the state of Florida. She spent several days heading right at our area at a catagory 4 & that was enough to get us to leave. We packed up & we left with the puppies. We are not far from my dad in Kernersville. We have spent the last few days wondering what we are going to go back to. Well, today she has dropped down down to a Catagory 2. She is now coming into florida just below Vero Beach. I have been trying to track in on the Melbourne Airport Weatherbug tracking station but it is not tracking. I wanna go home. I wanna have a home to go home to. I want my bed. The pictures they are showing are heartbreaking, watching the shore get beaten. Oh well we will see..

Monday, August 30, 2004

Moving & the Hurricane

Guess what... We're moving.. Yep mom found a place with a yard & great view in a grea community. It is a very nice place. I do like it.. I think this will be a great place for mom to live forever. It is 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage & it over looks a lake. It is a gated community. It was built with the Hurricaine shutters. We will be closing at the end of September, if everything survives Hurricane Frances. She is a catagory 3 hurricane  located in the Atlantic Ocean scheduled to hit somewhere in florida by this weekend. The current path puts it 35 miles off the coast of Melbourne by 2pm Saturday. GREAT... So moving will be decided on both houses make it through Hurricane Frances.. Lets wait & see...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

My 10 year class reunion

Well, last night was my 10 year class reunion. It was good to see everyone but it was still all the clicks. Some have done well with their lives, you know gotten married, children, good jobs. Oh well. It was still interesting to see how they have changed.

Monday, August 16, 2004

It's way too early.

It is bearly 4am & I am wide awake. I woke about about 3am with my mind wondering again. It is worried about the book ituation. I purchase a Textbook on Ebay Wednesday. Wrote the seller quickly giving him my address & zip code so he could hopefull get the book out on Thurday even Friday. Requested a total again Thursday, No reply. On Friday I receive an E-mail stating he had been evaquated from school du to the approaching Hurricaine & has had problems locating someone with a computer to reply. Took my information & stated he would package it up & get a total soon. I sent him an E-mail telling him I could meet him to pick it up & the first time the E-mail was returned, but I resent the E-mail & it has seemed to go through fine. Well class starts this am & I have not even started to read any of the required reading. Now I am stuck required to purchase this book when i have one in the trunk of the I could be reading but can't because I plan to return it since the one I bid on was less & it would allow me to get the other books. Ordering it from him saved me about $60 but may cost me to fail my first test... Oh the frustration. I have decided if I do not hear from him by Tuesday or Wednesday I will go ahead & open the one I have & contact Ebay to get out of the this.  I need to study!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

It's Raining

Well Charley has come & gone. He really put a hurting on this state. Not much is left in Charlotte County where he came ashore. They have found 15 dead so far & expect a lot more as they go door to door in the wreckage of homes & business'. The picture are heart breaking. Orlando took a pretty bad hit. They reported wind gust of 105 mph. The news teams are showing pictures from the airport & how the Charley moved the planes like toys. They estimate it may take up to 2 wks to restore power to the Orlando area. There are lots of trees down & roofs & shingles to replaced. Cory & Tracy lost power for about 24 hrs. Malabar reported a tornado around midnight. It will return to normal soon. It has been raining off & on today. Some times it was very hard. The winds have been pretty calm.

here are some links to local news stations that will show you the latests. (at least for a few days)

Friday, August 13, 2004

Were going to get it...

Well he is on his way & he can not make up his mind which way is coming.. Hurricaine Charley is now a Catagory 4 hurricaine with wind speeds of 145. He has take an easterly turn  into sarasota, making him come right through central Florida. Which means we are going to take a pounding. All these people moved to orlando to get away from this storm & now they are right in the path. Charley is going to eat florida for a snack. munch, munch munch.... It is starting to cloud up & it is sprinkling. Keep yeah posted..  

Thursday, August 12, 2004

1 .. 2.. Punch

Well, Florida is getting a 1.. 2.. punch. Tropical Storm Bonnie & Hurricaine Charley. Bonnie has come ashore in the panhandle & has been causing tornados in Jacksonville. Tomorrow, August 13th we will get the second punch, Charley.. The whole east coast is under Hurricaine & Tornado warnings. A few of the supervisors are going in early to see if the patients are coing in for their appointments. So they may closed the office.. Are they trying to drain me of PTO hours... I only have 6 hours left.... Why it is not going to start really affeting this area until later tomorrow afternoon. Let us keep our PTO. We have to use our PTO because of the storm. I would enjoy the day off but I need the money & PTO. Oh well, It may be long journal entry since I will home all weekend & the house will probably be pretty clean. Hey I might even get something done on Dr. Inserillo's retirement book.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

late night & sleep deprived

do you know what it is like to be tired but your body will not sleep. I am extremely tired but My mind is wondering & thinking away that it will not sleep. I have to get some sleep so I can work but it will not come. Yikes...... mind quit thinking. I keep thinking in my head that I should have purchase the year long pass for Kennedy Space center so I can complete my Elongated penny set since a few of the machines were out of operation & i just have this feeling that there are more hidden within. I also have indigestion on top of this also.... Come on sleep.....If I sit upright I feel so sleepy but my mind is in full steam ahead when I lay down....

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The adventure of trying to register for school.

I now know why kids drop out of college. It is truly a pain in the butt & almost impossible to get registered for classes. I have spend more time trying to register for classes this week then I have been home. I spend 2 hours friday re-registering into Brevard Community college only to be told to come back Wednesday so my paperwork can get into the computer & become an active student. I was instructed to sign into talk to an advisor on Wednesday. Well I leave work a little earlier then I usually leave so I can get there & get home farly quickly. Driving home I realise I am not sure that I have enough gas to make to BCC, so I pull in to a HUGE gas station named Sunco. Put my card in to the pump. It says "Pay inside". I is daylight out why do we need to go inside to pay. I waddle my shrinking butt into the store, pick up a drink & go the registers (Yes 2 of them). There is a line with the total of about 8 to 9 people in them. The 2 bimbos behind the bullet (riot) proof glass are aguing because one of the idiots (the cashier at the head of the line I am in) register will not ring up gas. Of course everyone is trying to get gas. I just give up & return my Sierra Mist back to the cooler & waddle back to the truck. Now I am praying that I do not have to push my litte SUV to the the next gas station. By some luck I make to the next station & fill up. Pull out & guess what..... The Railroad gates goes down. Why must I always catch the train when I am in a hurry (Yup, caught this morning as I rushed to work, my luck 2 in 1 day). Finally on my way again. I make & sign in a 5:45pm. Sit & read until my name was called at 6:15pm only to find out I AM STILL NOT ACTIVE IN THE SYSTEM. The advisor tells me she can not help advise me which classes I need until I pick a major (more specific then General AA or AS) & become active in the system. So I am sent back to registration (Yeah were I dropped my paperwork off at on friday) to have this sorted out. Sign in at 6:35pm. Finally make it to a registration clerk, who pulls my paperwork from Friday & states "we are finding that is has been taking a little longer then 3 dayto get the students active in the system. I now 5 minutes earlier tell a student 3 days, poor boy you will be wondering around like me on Friday.... Well by now it is almost 7pm. The she tells me that I am registered for A&P 2 online BUT I need to call the community education branch to register for EMT Refresher. Great... This means more time running around BCC to get this class also... I am half register, I have not paid for my classes or picked up my books, none of which I can do because it is now after 7pm and those departments are closed. This means I have to try & register for EMT refresher tomorrow & spend Friday (again) trying to finish registering. I never had this much trouble trying to register at the Palm Bay campus. So very frustrating. Yikes..... My head is still aching for this evening. well I am going to take something for my head & get some shut eye.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Okay Just saw the neated thing on TV. It is a commercial for the Glade Whisp.. It is this little device that release a POOF or fragrance into the air.. What a trip....It is too funny.. Cody would have too much fun with that.. He would beat it up.. Too funny.

The rain seems to have slowed & now the frogs sing this joyous song. The soft frog song across the breeze. The lightening has seemed to move past.


I am sitting here listening to it rain. The rain drops splashing in the concret & pounding on the patio roof. There is an occasional glimmer across the sky. Sometimes there is a shutter of the windows as thunder shakes the house. It would be great to have a swing out on the porch with a fire pit, reading my Harry Potter book. Just swinging in the breeze.

The weight loss issue is driving me nuts. Wednesday I was sent back to week 1 menu with nothing but fish & chicken. I am about to go nuts with the chicken. I am tired of eating chicken. I eat is almost 6 freakin days a week. I'm going to turn into a chicken..... I don't like fish that much. I will eat shimp but do not feel like cooking 2 different meals for us. Mom barely eats chicken & only eats fish sticks. I guess I will be eating a lot of salads with shrimp or chicken...... YUCK....

Good news: My father called to ask if I had vacation time. I told him not much but if I needed off I would take it. SO..... My dad may come down next weekend & spend a day with me... Not with carolyn's family & me to drive up there.. But with Me Alone...... To do something fun with me. We may go up to the space center & goof around. I can not wait..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Frustrated with the world

Well I will say that the family is doing the same.

Work is beyond venting. I work with some blind idiots as a management team. I have a co-worker who is has a very bad drinking problem. Management is aware of the problem & has done nothing about this problem. One of our so called management members, states she use to work in a drug & alcohol rehab center. Nothing has been done about it. The last few weeks she has been complaining of chest pain. She goes to the hospital but checks herself out before they have determined what happening inside her. So what does she do, goes on a cruise & comes back married. now she has been out the last 3 days with a varity of excuses. You should not call in sick without telling you husband not to call you work. She can not concentrate, she has the shakes, she is making serious mistakes & you can smell the alcohol on her breath. She is either on a binge or her new hubby has put his foot down & she is going through detox. What she going to have to do hurt someone or drop a baby before she is sent for help?????????? My supervisor is trying to get into nursing school. She worries me because she just can not think out of the box, so to speak. She does not have the people skills to treat patients well & do it at a low speaking level so that the whole office does not hear. She may do well in a medical office or a nursing home but she will fail in a hospital (L&D or ER) setting. God please do not let me or any of my family members fall in to her hands for care.

Weight------- It has completely stalled out. No weight or inches loss since surgery. I am not sure what my body is up to anymore. It is firming up but no loss. I want it gone. Do I have to go back to week 1 of the diet & starve for 4 weeks. Just totally frustrating........

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Family update

Well here is the status of my family members as of this evening.

Grandpa - Trying to everything he did prior to the Heart cath against the Doctor's advice. he does get tired easily & does go and rest.

Evelyn - Well as you know she went home after a doctors appointment which she was told to go straight to the hospital for treatment. She went home, took her phone off of the hook & hide from the reality that she needs medical help. Luckily her doctor is ordering her a psyhic evaluation while she is in the hospital.

Otherwise the family is losing their minds by the frustration of the stituations with in the family.

My birthday :-(

Well yesterday was my 29th birthday & all I did was sit around. We had plans of going to Orlando & goof around over there on International Drive. Well by the time mom had finished talking to her hopefully future clients, she did not feel well enough to go. She felt perfectly well before handbut yuck!!!!. Now it is Sunday & she has the energy to go to the movies. Well I have laundry to finish & a few earns to run. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIES. You did not want to go any other time I suggested. Well I want Chinese food but she does not feel like that either. So we are going to Cracker Barrel instead. So I sit here watching the rain fall outside waiting for her to get ready.

Oh yeah grandpal is doing well at home. Now Evelyn was admitted on Friday to the hospital because she has Congestive Heart Failure and they want to do further testing. Carolyn called to wish me a Happy Birthday, & she told me about how she was kind enough to help my grandmother while he was in the hospital & to even clean their kitchen (Which could have been condemmed by the health department because it is so bad.) I think when I was there in Decemeber the food was trying to escape from the kitchen out of the back door for a better life. Run food Run!!!!! Of course Evelyn or Edwin never called or went to visit grandpa while he was in the hospital. Evelyn would not even answer the phone when they called to tell her how he was doing after surgery. I am beginning to wonder what kind of drugs grandma was on or did she drop the middle 2 children on their heads as babies. They are worthless pieces of skin. It must be a gene because Evelyn's daughter Marie is just as he mom is.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Out of the hospital

Grandpa has been release from the hospital. So he better be home resting. Which I know he is not doing. Hopefully he will doing well & listen to the doctors.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The sunburn that will not stop

It is a week later since my entry about my sunburn I got on July 3rd. Well it is still Pink in the center. I has peeled completely once & in the middle it for a second time. It is now driving me crazy with the constant itching. The areas that tanned really did not tan, it looks like old dark tea color. It is not brown it is yucky brown. That is my indian heritage coming out. No golden tan for me..... Except from a bottle.... At least  I am not the sickly transparent white anymore...

My Family gives me Chest pain

My father's side of the family truely gives me CHEST PAINS. I just got off the the phone with my father. He is at Duke University Hospital were my grandfather just had 6 stints put in, 3 of which was located in his Carotid artery which was 95% blocked. Last year, My grandmother fell walking into a surgery suite to have her cataracts taken care of so she could see better prior to having her knees repaired. Well her fall was bad enough to break her ankle pretty bad requiring surgery & possibly broke a few ribs. She has not been able to get out of a wheelchair since this happened. Well this is going to be extremely interesting. After this he is not going to be able to push her around, up & down the ramp & put her chair into the van. And let me get started on their middle children. Edwin- useless redneck who does nothing to help his mother or father out with ANYTHING. He just sits around the house living off them, hunting, working on cars & watches them raise (which they have done his whole life-20 years now) his free-loading redneck son. When I was up there in December their house was a disgrace. There was barely enough room to walk around. There was no place to sit anything down on the kitchen cabinets. There was a Tool box still sitting in the living room from 2 christmas's ago. I don't know how they could think this is NORMAL TO LIVE IN THIS!!!! Evelyn- she does nothing but eat & breathe. She has never done anything with her life but raise her 3 children (1 normal, 1 semi-normal & 1 really messed up) & spouge off my grandparents & spend their life savings. A few years ago she was place in the hospital after she had a heart attack secondary to her high blood sugar level. They had declaired her brain dead, they did not realize there was not too much activity up there to start with. She has been on disablity ever since, just an excuse to not get a real job & do real work. I do not know how these 2 adults who either live in or close by could not help clean up this household???? My father (The oldest) & my uncle Bobby (the youngest) live to far away & have stable jobs, but have helped with the house repairs & clean up. Where to middle 2 born with a gene that prevents them from using the brain god gave them?????????? More chest pains & now a headache to add to it !!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

A little burnt..

It was a warm July day here. The normal threat of rain off & on today. However I did somehow find an hours worth of sun to get myself a little sun burnt. I caught about 2 hours in the sun between the black clouds. My back has a good pink glow & a nice tingle. I usually do not like to lay out in the sun but it is a pain in the tush listening to family member pick on me becuase I live in Florida & have no tan. Well DUH, I do work daily, in doors. Oh well...

The men issue: I have a friend how I dated in Junior High school. He is in the process of getting a divorce. I love him as a friend but that is about as far as I want to take it. He keeps pressuring to go on dates, to the movies & other places. I want to be friends but that is about it. He has it set in his head that he wants a relationship more then friends. Like tonight he wants to come over & work on the jet ski. But he did not call until 8:30pm & he said I have to take a shower & get something to eat. It is now 10:15pm just a little late to start up the jet ski's motor. It has not been started since September. It needs a little more then gas to start it up. We will see. I am going to turn the lights off in a little while because it is getting a little too late. My neighbors will have a cow if we work on it this late. Men & time.. They just don't get it......

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Well I am proud to write that Tobey has returned home to him mommy. He was spotted wondering out by the lake at Wickham park. He is now happy to see his mommy is alive & recovering.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tobey's Missing

Well there has been a lot going on in the neighborhood. Last night just after I left to watch Dr. Segina's baby boys, One of my neighbors was walking her dog Tobey when she was hit by a drunkin cocaine using fool. Shelley is currently at home with 3 broken bones in her left ankle, road rash on her elbow & right knee & staples in her head. He biggest heart ache is that her little Tobey took off because he was scared & hurt. We think Tobey is hiding in a densely wooded 400 acre park. Mom contacted a pet psychic to locate Tobey. She said his back end hurts but it is not life threating. He is extremely worried about his mommy & is afraid she is very badly hurt. Tobey has been missing for about 28 hours now. Tobey's Aunt & my mom spent this morning looking for him in the park. When I got home from work we went to the park & looked over the park for him with no luck. Tobey's Aunt was going over also looking for him tonight. His mommy is very worried about him & his health.

Lord please help Elizabeth contact Tobey & talk him into showing his hiding place so we can take him to his mommy & to get him the help he needs. He is a sweet little puppy & his mommy really needs him home. Please do not take him or let him get hurt anymore. Please let him be found alive soon. Thank You...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The twin experiance

This evening I helped one of the Doctors I work for enjoy an evening with her husband. I watched their 2 adorable 15 month old twin boys, Gino & Dominic. They are the sweetest little things. The perfect end to a rough day.

Monday, June 28, 2004

A work VENT!!!!

Work... My co-workers are totally frustrating. We have Maria, who wants the title but does not do the work. She constant say they she is busy but you never see it. You walk into the room & she is constantly on her cell phone. She constantly complains that it is unjust that we have to work a total of so many hours a week to build time off & if we average below that for a quarter we lose our ablitiy to bank vacation hours. Well I hate to break it to that if you take a long weekend every three months plus come in late, leave early & take extra long lunches everyday you are never going to meet the average. It is just not possible. I & everyone eles gets tired of you pawning off stuff on us. Like today I sat up the rooms, you strolled in late, I broke down the rooms & wash the instruments, you talked on your cell phone & left early. It was 6pm when I left. Manager DJ vent.. When you see that your employees are behind, jump in & help a little more, not run back to your office. Then to act dumb when we page you repeatively for help. Don't tell someone that this whole switch on one thing while you tell other something different & follow through on nothing. If your employee needs to do something don't get mad & ignore them, that is not real mature. I feel like some of the management choices could have been made differently. It's a job, It pays the bills, gotta do it for a little while longer. Come on Lotto Number...... Give me some winners please......

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Weekend report

Well, not too much going on around here. Went over to Orlando to see my step-brother & his family on Friday after work. We played at the resort's pool for about an hour & half. Got a little pink in the face but nothing else. We went to dinner at Tony Roma's. It was a very good meal. Then we went to play Put-put golf. We were dong well until the storm moved in. The lightening was fierce & the rain extremely heavy.We sat around watching it rain for about an hour. It finally lightened up a little so we could get to the car. The ride home from Orlando was beutiful also. The way the the lightening crawled across the sky and in & out of the clouds. It was like a beautiful white natural firework show. Very breathe taking & relaxing.

The retirement party was very nice. Lots of high carbohyrate foods. The food was great. It seemed like everyone was having a good time. People were learning how to swing dance. Dr. Wagaman is a pretty good dance. Dr. Inserillo is an extremely talented dancer. Lynn & her husband were having a blast cutting a rug.

Monday, June 21, 2004


Well, I gues it is time for an update since I have been extremely lazy. Well the truth is I have been very busy. I have lost a total of 13 pounds & 23 inches since I have started on the Inches-A-Weigh program. I am in about a size 10-12 from a 18. Yeah, that just means there will be less of me to attend the class reunion in August.

On May 27th, I had a bone spur removed from my left shoulder. Which means they have been working to get my shoulder back into shape & strong again. It is a good time to do it because it was starting to get difficult to hold even a newborn for any length of time. It is healing very nicely. Dr. Woodward did an awesome job in the surgery department. I must think Julie, Linda & Dennis for ever thing they have been in the rehabilitation department.

In the guy department, Same stuff different year. The single ones do not want to commit to a relationship. The married ones only want to run around on their wives. Why can they not get it through there head that I do not mess with married men. If you wanted me then why did you not make a move then???? your loss..

Other then that I have not been up to much. Just going to the circus I call a job. It is changes & more changes. People leaving, new positions being created & the normal Drama. That is another nights entry.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

April 21, 2004

Weight Update

This weeks weigh in: 3 pounds down. 31.5 pounds to go. 7 inches gone. Next monday is measure day.


Work.. I am so tired of work. I am tired of the click. I am extremely tired of the whispering between my (so called) supervisor & the Dr. I work with everyday. She needs to start watching her butt because she is starting to make a lot of mistakes. They are in the process trying to make working up patients in a new way. She is going to have to change several of her ways. For one is how loud she is when she is with patients. When she is do an intake with a new OB you can hear her in the waiting room. When she is working up these patients she is going to need to start documenting the labs she pulls or calls for. I am tired of going back & fixing her work. I called her yesterday about a labs & her reply was let me think about it... That is not an answer. I am tired of hearing her try & show off or impress the doctors. I (& probably the other MA's) are not impressed by a $2000 Nordstroms bill.. to me that shows me you spend to much money at a store you can not afford just so you can impress other... News Flash**** Not Impress****... Come back to your true income range...

Sunday, April 04, 2004

April 4 2004

Well, went shopping last night & bought my first pair of pants in a size 14. Also an early weight in at the doctor's office.

That means a total loss of:

Pounds: 8.5 (as of friday 4/2/04)

Inches: 7 total (as of 3/15/004)

Clothing sizes: 2 sizes (now a 14)

I can not wait to get off all this fat so i can get into these cute little outfits. The offical weigh in it tomorrow. We'll see what it says & i will post the final results.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Monday weigh in


Well 1 more pound gone. 7.5 pounds lost & 40 pounds to go. I can not wait to be thin & to be able to by stylish clothes. To go out o clubs & turn heads because how good i look not how bad I look in the outfit. I want to stop being a clumbsy ox. I have got to keep up the good work... Lose it, Lose it, Lose it...

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

weigh in

March 23, 2004

well yesterday was weigh in & measuring day. In 4 weeks I have lost 6.5 lbs & 7 inches. This means 41 lbs to go. I am slowly getting to my goal.

The vacation weekend went great. Completed a lot of pages. The only problem was that it went by toooo quickly. They are talking about doing it again next year.. Yeahh.... I wish they did it twice a year. oh well...

Thursday, March 18, 2004


Well, in 12 hours I will be on my way to Ocala for a scrapbook weekend. It is a weekend of just using a time away from distractions to work on and complete your scrapbooks. Last year I completed 26 pages. I hope to complete a lot this year. This year will not be the same with Major Parker there. Patty Parker had her life cut short by complications from the flu. She was only in her mid forties. She will be greatly missed this year.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A New start to a new me

Well, it has been a few months since I last wrote. Things have been extremely busy. Christmas, vacation to Dad's in North Carolina, my shoulder, work & now a new weight loss program.

**** Christmas was nice. New years the same as always, spent alone with the puppies.

**** North Carolina trip. It was nice see my dad & all the family, but is was also upseting. My grandparents are being robbed by 2 of their own children. My uncle Edwin & his son are live with them rent free and not helping clean up. Their house was almost unlivable. Then my aunt Evelyn is pretty much living off grandma & grandpa's life savings. She does not have a job, will not get a job & is totally content on sitting her big butt on the couch allowing her butt just get bigger. And the worst is she is send her middle child Maria down her same path. Evelyn just like her brother does not help grandma & grandpa with household chores. My grandparents are not is good health to do it all for them. My grandmother spends her days still working 5-6 days a week at the library working & the rest of the time in bed because her legs bother her so much. I feel like calling the house dept to turn them in so they will get help. On top of that my stepmother is continually pressuring me for grandchildren. I am not ready for children because I have not found Mr. Right yet.

**** Work is the same old pain in the neck. Not enough people, too many things to do.

**** My shoulder. I am still having a lot of shoulder pain. Therapy was stopped because they only allow 10 sessions at a time. They tired a cortisone injection which sent me to the ER with chest pain for 4 days. Which is leading to me changing primary care physicians because she says it was a panic attack. She also said my last asthma attack was a panic attack.

**** New weight loss program. Well I started a program called Inches-a-Weigh on Febuary 14th and after completing 3 weeks I have lost of 4 pounds. I go on monday March 22nd to be weighed & measured. The ladies are nice, really supportive and we have fun. I will keep you posted on my progress.. 43.5 pounds to go... :-)

Cody & I.V. Grace are in obedience classes. Cody is doing great. I.V. Grace misses Cody too much & wants to come home to him. She is learning but still misses him.