Sunday, September 19, 2004

Things are returning to normal

Stop lights are returning to their positions, fallen trees are disappearing from curbside & roofs are becoming whole again. All the power has been restored to brevard county residences. All the power & tree crews have moved on to the panhandle where Hurricane Ivan decided to pound Thursday. There are some places that will take a while to rebuild like the Fun Attic which lost half of it's store front & my treasured smoothie place, Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It lost it's entire roof. No more Chicken Cordon Bleu wrap with a Paradise Point Smoothie until they rebuild. Oh they are sooooo good & worth every penny. I hope they rebuild soon.

Outside the wind is blowing the soffit against the house. It sounds like someone is knocking on the wall really hard. It was a nice fall-type of a day. There was a great cool breeze & we were able to open the windows for a while. It was great to air out the house. The curtins blowing & puppy ears flapping in the breeze.

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