Thursday, October 27, 2005

The storm..

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After spending the morning preparing the house for the visit from Hurricane Wilma. We put up the shutters in the front and closed the shutters on the back of the housee, we removed all of the fall decorations and brought in the bird feeders. After cleaning up we decided to go spend the afternoon at Epcot. We toured the world sampling wines from the different countries. On our way home we hit one of Wilma's bands and it was a nasty one at that. It had spawned tornados throughout brevard. Yeppers I was driving right through it all. As the sun arose the next day, Wilma had started her attach on the Florida coast. We awoke to the winds a howling and the rain pounding the house and a tornao warning with as many as 10 possible tornado systems within the area. Wilma stemroller her way across the state until mid afternoon. It was said that Wilma strengthed after coming ashore.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

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Hours are ticking away. She is due to strike the Florida coast (around Marco Island) about 7am. Which means a whole day of winds and rain. We spent this morning preparing. We closed the shutters and picking up yard decorations. Then we headed off to play at Epcot. It is Food & Wine Festival. Time to wash your worries of Wilma away with wine. I must say Australia has some mighty taste wine. We then decide to leave about 7pm and go pick up the wine we sent to the front. Well of course it is not there. So we decided we would ride the monorail until the wine is made it to the front. On our approch to the monorail station at Epcot it starts pouring. So we got soaked running to the package pick area where we still have to wait because they still have not found our stuff. When she finnally appears it starts pouring again. We make it to the car with the lightning flashing above us. On the way home we end up driving throught a storm severe enough to casue the Weather service to issue a torando warning, right in the area I am driving toward. Yikes.. I think I may have broke the stearing wheel gripping it so tight. We finnally made it home safely.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blood spots

I not only have Dalmatian spot but now have blood spots. Yep you guessed it Graceful Gracie has injured herself again. She is truly her mothers child. Some time during the night she cut her pinky toe open and dropped blood all over the tile and on the carpet in my half of the house. I awake this morning and noticed the little spots all over the hall. Little Goof ball. We later found spots on one of the front window seals aparently where she looked out the window. What is funny is that she did not limp until she had the wound cleaned and antibiotics on it. Boy is she milking it now.... she is too cute. she has truly learned from her brother.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back to a normal routine..

Tonight it was back to my normal polite little men. They are too cute for words. We are working on potty training. Now that is a trip. Dom finds it more fun to play in the putty then go in the potty. Gino has no interest in the potty, I think he is still a little scared of it. It is just one step at a time. Thier mom bought them big boy undies and apparently they decided to throw them all over thier bedroom. Mom has been sick so things have gotten away with some things that they normally would not get away with. These little guys are toooo fun and polite I wish the two I watched yesterday was like that.


Why do they like to push that nerve. I watched 2 new kids last night (Age 4 & 2 3/4). I must say these children have never heard the word "NO". We were working on crafts and I took the glue because she was using most of the glue and getting it all over the place. She had total meltdown. I tried to explain that she needed to share and not use all the bottle at once. "I want my daddy". When they did leave they both had meltdown. She was very easy to calm down and get back into the living room to watch TV. He made a huge production. It lasted 20 to 30 mins. You could truly see it was an act. No Tears at all. So he runs back to the front window and crying again. So I swoop him up and take him kicking & screaming to his bedroom. We sit down and I try to talk to him and he just is not going through. He wants to fuss and so I will let him. So I return to the little girl who is calm watching TV and he soon follows and make the production at the end of the pull out couch.I told him to give it up that I knew it was an act. He continued for a few more minutes and then curled up in a chair and fell asleep. I truly love watching the boys because they never act like that. These 2 kids enjoy telling people that they "Hate You". How could you let your child get away with that. A 4 y/o should never say that. My boys say please & thank you. Why can't they all be like them.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Guess were I'm going!!!!!!

LONDON baby.... <~~~~ Check it out

Yeppers it is a Harry Potter Tour of London. 9 days (2 of which is travel) 8 nights touring the sites of the harry potter books. Wow. To be able to show my children pictures of what is in the books. I can not wait. I am ready to go now. I don't want to work but I have to so I can pay for the trip. Come lotto number.. I need a winner... I would be happy with 5 grand just to pay for the trip & pay off the credit cards and not have to worry about it. I am afraid I am not going to get it done. I wanna go sooooo bad...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why I do not need Children?

That is a question I ask myself when I look at these two pups of mine. I have 2 of them that are eternal toddlers. I.V. Grace is starting to feel better. She still seems to be moving slowly. Except Sunday night at 11:40 pm (that is right almost midnight) I.V. Grace & Cody decided to take on a possum (you got it that nasty, ugly animal that usually plays dead, This one did not know to dot that) There was growling & hissing coming for the backyard. I go out and see teeth showing and claws flying. I grab Gracie, gently, and continually yell for Cody who is going after the possum who is now after me. These children know how to drive you nuts and make your heart skip. She is currently asleep in the couch dreaming away. My little possum warriors.