Monday, August 30, 2004

Moving & the Hurricane

Guess what... We're moving.. Yep mom found a place with a yard & great view in a grea community. It is a very nice place. I do like it.. I think this will be a great place for mom to live forever. It is 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage & it over looks a lake. It is a gated community. It was built with the Hurricaine shutters. We will be closing at the end of September, if everything survives Hurricane Frances. She is a catagory 3 hurricane  located in the Atlantic Ocean scheduled to hit somewhere in florida by this weekend. The current path puts it 35 miles off the coast of Melbourne by 2pm Saturday. GREAT... So moving will be decided on both houses make it through Hurricane Frances.. Lets wait & see...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

My 10 year class reunion

Well, last night was my 10 year class reunion. It was good to see everyone but it was still all the clicks. Some have done well with their lives, you know gotten married, children, good jobs. Oh well. It was still interesting to see how they have changed.

Monday, August 16, 2004

It's way too early.

It is bearly 4am & I am wide awake. I woke about about 3am with my mind wondering again. It is worried about the book ituation. I purchase a Textbook on Ebay Wednesday. Wrote the seller quickly giving him my address & zip code so he could hopefull get the book out on Thurday even Friday. Requested a total again Thursday, No reply. On Friday I receive an E-mail stating he had been evaquated from school du to the approaching Hurricaine & has had problems locating someone with a computer to reply. Took my information & stated he would package it up & get a total soon. I sent him an E-mail telling him I could meet him to pick it up & the first time the E-mail was returned, but I resent the E-mail & it has seemed to go through fine. Well class starts this am & I have not even started to read any of the required reading. Now I am stuck required to purchase this book when i have one in the trunk of the I could be reading but can't because I plan to return it since the one I bid on was less & it would allow me to get the other books. Ordering it from him saved me about $60 but may cost me to fail my first test... Oh the frustration. I have decided if I do not hear from him by Tuesday or Wednesday I will go ahead & open the one I have & contact Ebay to get out of the this.  I need to study!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

It's Raining

Well Charley has come & gone. He really put a hurting on this state. Not much is left in Charlotte County where he came ashore. They have found 15 dead so far & expect a lot more as they go door to door in the wreckage of homes & business'. The picture are heart breaking. Orlando took a pretty bad hit. They reported wind gust of 105 mph. The news teams are showing pictures from the airport & how the Charley moved the planes like toys. They estimate it may take up to 2 wks to restore power to the Orlando area. There are lots of trees down & roofs & shingles to replaced. Cory & Tracy lost power for about 24 hrs. Malabar reported a tornado around midnight. It will return to normal soon. It has been raining off & on today. Some times it was very hard. The winds have been pretty calm.

here are some links to local news stations that will show you the latests. (at least for a few days)

Friday, August 13, 2004

Were going to get it...

Well he is on his way & he can not make up his mind which way is coming.. Hurricaine Charley is now a Catagory 4 hurricaine with wind speeds of 145. He has take an easterly turn  into sarasota, making him come right through central Florida. Which means we are going to take a pounding. All these people moved to orlando to get away from this storm & now they are right in the path. Charley is going to eat florida for a snack. munch, munch munch.... It is starting to cloud up & it is sprinkling. Keep yeah posted..  

Thursday, August 12, 2004

1 .. 2.. Punch

Well, Florida is getting a 1.. 2.. punch. Tropical Storm Bonnie & Hurricaine Charley. Bonnie has come ashore in the panhandle & has been causing tornados in Jacksonville. Tomorrow, August 13th we will get the second punch, Charley.. The whole east coast is under Hurricaine & Tornado warnings. A few of the supervisors are going in early to see if the patients are coing in for their appointments. So they may closed the office.. Are they trying to drain me of PTO hours... I only have 6 hours left.... Why it is not going to start really affeting this area until later tomorrow afternoon. Let us keep our PTO. We have to use our PTO because of the storm. I would enjoy the day off but I need the money & PTO. Oh well, It may be long journal entry since I will home all weekend & the house will probably be pretty clean. Hey I might even get something done on Dr. Inserillo's retirement book.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

late night & sleep deprived

do you know what it is like to be tired but your body will not sleep. I am extremely tired but My mind is wondering & thinking away that it will not sleep. I have to get some sleep so I can work but it will not come. Yikes...... mind quit thinking. I keep thinking in my head that I should have purchase the year long pass for Kennedy Space center so I can complete my Elongated penny set since a few of the machines were out of operation & i just have this feeling that there are more hidden within. I also have indigestion on top of this also.... Come on sleep.....If I sit upright I feel so sleepy but my mind is in full steam ahead when I lay down....

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The adventure of trying to register for school.

I now know why kids drop out of college. It is truly a pain in the butt & almost impossible to get registered for classes. I have spend more time trying to register for classes this week then I have been home. I spend 2 hours friday re-registering into Brevard Community college only to be told to come back Wednesday so my paperwork can get into the computer & become an active student. I was instructed to sign into talk to an advisor on Wednesday. Well I leave work a little earlier then I usually leave so I can get there & get home farly quickly. Driving home I realise I am not sure that I have enough gas to make to BCC, so I pull in to a HUGE gas station named Sunco. Put my card in to the pump. It says "Pay inside". I is daylight out why do we need to go inside to pay. I waddle my shrinking butt into the store, pick up a drink & go the registers (Yes 2 of them). There is a line with the total of about 8 to 9 people in them. The 2 bimbos behind the bullet (riot) proof glass are aguing because one of the idiots (the cashier at the head of the line I am in) register will not ring up gas. Of course everyone is trying to get gas. I just give up & return my Sierra Mist back to the cooler & waddle back to the truck. Now I am praying that I do not have to push my litte SUV to the the next gas station. By some luck I make to the next station & fill up. Pull out & guess what..... The Railroad gates goes down. Why must I always catch the train when I am in a hurry (Yup, caught this morning as I rushed to work, my luck 2 in 1 day). Finally on my way again. I make & sign in a 5:45pm. Sit & read until my name was called at 6:15pm only to find out I AM STILL NOT ACTIVE IN THE SYSTEM. The advisor tells me she can not help advise me which classes I need until I pick a major (more specific then General AA or AS) & become active in the system. So I am sent back to registration (Yeah were I dropped my paperwork off at on friday) to have this sorted out. Sign in at 6:35pm. Finally make it to a registration clerk, who pulls my paperwork from Friday & states "we are finding that is has been taking a little longer then 3 dayto get the students active in the system. I now 5 minutes earlier tell a student 3 days, poor boy you will be wondering around like me on Friday.... Well by now it is almost 7pm. The she tells me that I am registered for A&P 2 online BUT I need to call the community education branch to register for EMT Refresher. Great... This means more time running around BCC to get this class also... I am half register, I have not paid for my classes or picked up my books, none of which I can do because it is now after 7pm and those departments are closed. This means I have to try & register for EMT refresher tomorrow & spend Friday (again) trying to finish registering. I never had this much trouble trying to register at the Palm Bay campus. So very frustrating. Yikes..... My head is still aching for this evening. well I am going to take something for my head & get some shut eye.