Sunday, January 15, 2006

The First 14 days of this year

I guess it is time to update you on the first fourteen days of this year. Well, the first day started out off with a bang.. Yep a bang right on to the steps of my father step right on to my back. Just a short few hours prior to flying home and I hurt my back, hip and ankle. Fourteen days later and my back and ribs still hurts. It hurts to lay flat, lay on my side, to breath, cough and even carry anything. Work is still a pain in the ass. They keep piling on the work and there is just not enough tile to do it in. Task, who has time to work on task because we are trying to keep up with the phone calls and the daily patients. I can not do this much longer. My brain is very tired. One good thing is that I traded in my 2002 Rav4 for a 2006 Rav4. It is carefully parked in the garage at this chilly moment. Is this the way my year is going to be. My trip balance is slowly going down.

On the up side mom's new office is open and slowly gaining ground. She had a rough friday the 13th but things are going to rebound.