Saturday, July 31, 2004

Okay Just saw the neated thing on TV. It is a commercial for the Glade Whisp.. It is this little device that release a POOF or fragrance into the air.. What a trip....It is too funny.. Cody would have too much fun with that.. He would beat it up.. Too funny.

The rain seems to have slowed & now the frogs sing this joyous song. The soft frog song across the breeze. The lightening has seemed to move past.


I am sitting here listening to it rain. The rain drops splashing in the concret & pounding on the patio roof. There is an occasional glimmer across the sky. Sometimes there is a shutter of the windows as thunder shakes the house. It would be great to have a swing out on the porch with a fire pit, reading my Harry Potter book. Just swinging in the breeze.

The weight loss issue is driving me nuts. Wednesday I was sent back to week 1 menu with nothing but fish & chicken. I am about to go nuts with the chicken. I am tired of eating chicken. I eat is almost 6 freakin days a week. I'm going to turn into a chicken..... I don't like fish that much. I will eat shimp but do not feel like cooking 2 different meals for us. Mom barely eats chicken & only eats fish sticks. I guess I will be eating a lot of salads with shrimp or chicken...... YUCK....

Good news: My father called to ask if I had vacation time. I told him not much but if I needed off I would take it. SO..... My dad may come down next weekend & spend a day with me... Not with carolyn's family & me to drive up there.. But with Me Alone...... To do something fun with me. We may go up to the space center & goof around. I can not wait..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Frustrated with the world

Well I will say that the family is doing the same.

Work is beyond venting. I work with some blind idiots as a management team. I have a co-worker who is has a very bad drinking problem. Management is aware of the problem & has done nothing about this problem. One of our so called management members, states she use to work in a drug & alcohol rehab center. Nothing has been done about it. The last few weeks she has been complaining of chest pain. She goes to the hospital but checks herself out before they have determined what happening inside her. So what does she do, goes on a cruise & comes back married. now she has been out the last 3 days with a varity of excuses. You should not call in sick without telling you husband not to call you work. She can not concentrate, she has the shakes, she is making serious mistakes & you can smell the alcohol on her breath. She is either on a binge or her new hubby has put his foot down & she is going through detox. What she going to have to do hurt someone or drop a baby before she is sent for help?????????? My supervisor is trying to get into nursing school. She worries me because she just can not think out of the box, so to speak. She does not have the people skills to treat patients well & do it at a low speaking level so that the whole office does not hear. She may do well in a medical office or a nursing home but she will fail in a hospital (L&D or ER) setting. God please do not let me or any of my family members fall in to her hands for care.

Weight------- It has completely stalled out. No weight or inches loss since surgery. I am not sure what my body is up to anymore. It is firming up but no loss. I want it gone. Do I have to go back to week 1 of the diet & starve for 4 weeks. Just totally frustrating........

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Family update

Well here is the status of my family members as of this evening.

Grandpa - Trying to everything he did prior to the Heart cath against the Doctor's advice. he does get tired easily & does go and rest.

Evelyn - Well as you know she went home after a doctors appointment which she was told to go straight to the hospital for treatment. She went home, took her phone off of the hook & hide from the reality that she needs medical help. Luckily her doctor is ordering her a psyhic evaluation while she is in the hospital.

Otherwise the family is losing their minds by the frustration of the stituations with in the family.

My birthday :-(

Well yesterday was my 29th birthday & all I did was sit around. We had plans of going to Orlando & goof around over there on International Drive. Well by the time mom had finished talking to her hopefully future clients, she did not feel well enough to go. She felt perfectly well before handbut yuck!!!!. Now it is Sunday & she has the energy to go to the movies. Well I have laundry to finish & a few earns to run. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIES. You did not want to go any other time I suggested. Well I want Chinese food but she does not feel like that either. So we are going to Cracker Barrel instead. So I sit here watching the rain fall outside waiting for her to get ready.

Oh yeah grandpal is doing well at home. Now Evelyn was admitted on Friday to the hospital because she has Congestive Heart Failure and they want to do further testing. Carolyn called to wish me a Happy Birthday, & she told me about how she was kind enough to help my grandmother while he was in the hospital & to even clean their kitchen (Which could have been condemmed by the health department because it is so bad.) I think when I was there in Decemeber the food was trying to escape from the kitchen out of the back door for a better life. Run food Run!!!!! Of course Evelyn or Edwin never called or went to visit grandpa while he was in the hospital. Evelyn would not even answer the phone when they called to tell her how he was doing after surgery. I am beginning to wonder what kind of drugs grandma was on or did she drop the middle 2 children on their heads as babies. They are worthless pieces of skin. It must be a gene because Evelyn's daughter Marie is just as he mom is.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Out of the hospital

Grandpa has been release from the hospital. So he better be home resting. Which I know he is not doing. Hopefully he will doing well & listen to the doctors.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The sunburn that will not stop

It is a week later since my entry about my sunburn I got on July 3rd. Well it is still Pink in the center. I has peeled completely once & in the middle it for a second time. It is now driving me crazy with the constant itching. The areas that tanned really did not tan, it looks like old dark tea color. It is not brown it is yucky brown. That is my indian heritage coming out. No golden tan for me..... Except from a bottle.... At least  I am not the sickly transparent white anymore...

My Family gives me Chest pain

My father's side of the family truely gives me CHEST PAINS. I just got off the the phone with my father. He is at Duke University Hospital were my grandfather just had 6 stints put in, 3 of which was located in his Carotid artery which was 95% blocked. Last year, My grandmother fell walking into a surgery suite to have her cataracts taken care of so she could see better prior to having her knees repaired. Well her fall was bad enough to break her ankle pretty bad requiring surgery & possibly broke a few ribs. She has not been able to get out of a wheelchair since this happened. Well this is going to be extremely interesting. After this he is not going to be able to push her around, up & down the ramp & put her chair into the van. And let me get started on their middle children. Edwin- useless redneck who does nothing to help his mother or father out with ANYTHING. He just sits around the house living off them, hunting, working on cars & watches them raise (which they have done his whole life-20 years now) his free-loading redneck son. When I was up there in December their house was a disgrace. There was barely enough room to walk around. There was no place to sit anything down on the kitchen cabinets. There was a Tool box still sitting in the living room from 2 christmas's ago. I don't know how they could think this is NORMAL TO LIVE IN THIS!!!! Evelyn- she does nothing but eat & breathe. She has never done anything with her life but raise her 3 children (1 normal, 1 semi-normal & 1 really messed up) & spouge off my grandparents & spend their life savings. A few years ago she was place in the hospital after she had a heart attack secondary to her high blood sugar level. They had declaired her brain dead, they did not realize there was not too much activity up there to start with. She has been on disablity ever since, just an excuse to not get a real job & do real work. I do not know how these 2 adults who either live in or close by could not help clean up this household???? My father (The oldest) & my uncle Bobby (the youngest) live to far away & have stable jobs, but have helped with the house repairs & clean up. Where to middle 2 born with a gene that prevents them from using the brain god gave them?????????? More chest pains & now a headache to add to it !!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

A little burnt..

It was a warm July day here. The normal threat of rain off & on today. However I did somehow find an hours worth of sun to get myself a little sun burnt. I caught about 2 hours in the sun between the black clouds. My back has a good pink glow & a nice tingle. I usually do not like to lay out in the sun but it is a pain in the tush listening to family member pick on me becuase I live in Florida & have no tan. Well DUH, I do work daily, in doors. Oh well...

The men issue: I have a friend how I dated in Junior High school. He is in the process of getting a divorce. I love him as a friend but that is about as far as I want to take it. He keeps pressuring to go on dates, to the movies & other places. I want to be friends but that is about it. He has it set in his head that he wants a relationship more then friends. Like tonight he wants to come over & work on the jet ski. But he did not call until 8:30pm & he said I have to take a shower & get something to eat. It is now 10:15pm just a little late to start up the jet ski's motor. It has not been started since September. It needs a little more then gas to start it up. We will see. I am going to turn the lights off in a little while because it is getting a little too late. My neighbors will have a cow if we work on it this late. Men & time.. They just don't get it......

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Well I am proud to write that Tobey has returned home to him mommy. He was spotted wondering out by the lake at Wickham park. He is now happy to see his mommy is alive & recovering.