Saturday, December 31, 2005

Family Time

You always worry about the family you marry into... I truly have nothing to worry about there, I have the family my Father married into... In 1983, My father married a divorced mother of two with a lot of baggage that would later come.. The saying family should not work together... This is the model family. But here is the thing.. Family should not try to operate two of the same types of business' in the same area is more like it. My Step-mothers brothers (are you lost yet..) Ron & Dave decided to produce the same type of local publication. Then Dave was in a life altering vehicle accident (the man is lucky to be alive & now has some problems associated from the accident, yep mental). The money issues come up, accusations arose, one brother now in total distrust (side effect from accident) of the other, Just a total bunch of CRAP. Many years later and they (Dave) can not be in the same room with the other. My step-mother plans this Birthday party for my (Step) Grandmother's 80th Birthday and invites the whole family. Ron with his family & his children families all come and Dave and his children, My Fathers family and so one (sorry big family).. Yep you got it, I climb my broke butt on a plane after maxing out my credit card to get her and be warm... The Brothers decide they can put this in the past and for their moms 80th birthday be ADULTS and come to the party. Well that lasted max 10 minutes. Dave the immature ass he is sends his oldest daughter into the house to retrieve his youngest child because he can not stand to be even close to his brother. The youngest is seating at the table eating lunch (she had only had 2 or 3 bites). They leave... Well just after we ate lunch the next drama starts.. Here is were the he said, she said starts.. Carolyn had planned for us to eat dinner about 6pm so that most of the guest could arrive because of work schedules. Some how in the communication between the siblings either a time was not communicated or it was not absorbed.. Ron and his huge family had set a leaving time of about 6pm because they had a several hour trip to their mountain cabin ahead of them and some of the drivers have trouble seeing to drive in the dark. Well that hurt carolyn's feelings because they are ruining her plans. So people start taking walks (all of the kids and Ron), Rons wife starts saying "it is always about her".. Yada, yada, yada.. Tears are shed and sedatives are taken.. And in the middle of this the poor birthday girl is really feeling bad and it is truly breaking my heart for her to see her family this way. When everything had died down, I noticed her setting on the couch just staring at the Christmas tree and you could just see the pain in her face.

I have decided that the next time they come to Florida to see the "family" that I will only drive to daytona on the condition that we see neither of the brothers because I do not want to deal with the childishness. I did not spend almost $300 to see grandmas heart broken..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Frustrating... very frustrating

Where to start.. Work.. that is extremely frustrating. They keep adding office hours for the physicians which means less time out our desk. Then they complain that we don't get our tasks completed. Then when you put for them to stop adding patients, they just keep adding patients which the dr's think we are the ones adding the patients. When you mention it to someone they just state that "they need somewhere to put patient's" then we get fussed at from the MD's because they are tired and they have a full schedule. Well they will do something when I leave because I can not keep this up. In the last pay check it says I only have 1.6hrs of over time but I know I worked a lot more then that. I mentally can not do it anymore. Our boss has been physically out of the office (working from home) for the last 2 weeks then today she came in today and work just the morning.. Hello you are the boss, spend some more time in the office.

My upcoming trip... Yes I am foolish enough to go to North Carolina. Yep they begged me to come up for Carolyn's mother's 80th birthday. Well now that is $275 that could be going toward my trip plus the $150 that I am putting back on my credit card because that is how I paid for my airline tickets. Because my credit card balance is now $1500 between the tickets and some clothes so I will be warm up there and because I can not fit my fat butt in any of my other clothes. Well when I made my ticket reservations 2 weeks ago I chose my seats. When I opened my mail I got a comfirmation and it asked me to pick my seats. Yes AGAIN. That is because when I chose my seats it was just a request. I want the god blessed seats I CHOOSE. I do not want to be penned between to heafty men like my flight and the old farts on the previous flight. That guy was almost on his death bed. I do not want that I want to have the seats I pick damnit. They only thing is I did get the Delta miles added to my new card.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why are men such @^%$#^$

Why can men never find it in themselves to be honest and tell woman that they are in a relationship. Mr. Dave who states he is just to busy for a relationship is now married. And I mean Just married in the last week or so. Laying sack of shit. Boy he will hear it if he ever calls here again. Mom & I decide to stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner and guess who is sitting a few tables away with a young lady by his side. I noticed that she is wearing a wedding set and it took me until we were leaving to see that he was also wearing a wedding band. Fucking prick. Why do I keep attraching this types of assholes. I am truly tired of it. He did not mention when he came over here is September that he was getting married. I quess it was just use the doormat one more time before tieing the knot. I can not believe that I let him walk all over me for over 5 years.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just an update.

We time is ticking away toward Christmas. They say it is only 50 days until Christmas. Carolyn, John, Angie and the kids came down for the week. We went to Mickey's not so scary Halloween party. This was so fun. There was no real lines for the rides. The fireworks for the celabration were breath taking. The fireworks went off all around the park. They had a villians show and I got may picture taken with a couple of the villians, Captian hook & Jafar. The woman villians had huge lines. Other wise I had a very fun time.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The storm..

---- Some how this got deleted----

After spending the morning preparing the house for the visit from Hurricane Wilma. We put up the shutters in the front and closed the shutters on the back of the housee, we removed all of the fall decorations and brought in the bird feeders. After cleaning up we decided to go spend the afternoon at Epcot. We toured the world sampling wines from the different countries. On our way home we hit one of Wilma's bands and it was a nasty one at that. It had spawned tornados throughout brevard. Yeppers I was driving right through it all. As the sun arose the next day, Wilma had started her attach on the Florida coast. We awoke to the winds a howling and the rain pounding the house and a tornao warning with as many as 10 possible tornado systems within the area. Wilma stemroller her way across the state until mid afternoon. It was said that Wilma strengthed after coming ashore.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Picture complements of Picture of the day

Hours are ticking away. She is due to strike the Florida coast (around Marco Island) about 7am. Which means a whole day of winds and rain. We spent this morning preparing. We closed the shutters and picking up yard decorations. Then we headed off to play at Epcot. It is Food & Wine Festival. Time to wash your worries of Wilma away with wine. I must say Australia has some mighty taste wine. We then decide to leave about 7pm and go pick up the wine we sent to the front. Well of course it is not there. So we decided we would ride the monorail until the wine is made it to the front. On our approch to the monorail station at Epcot it starts pouring. So we got soaked running to the package pick area where we still have to wait because they still have not found our stuff. When she finnally appears it starts pouring again. We make it to the car with the lightning flashing above us. On the way home we end up driving throught a storm severe enough to casue the Weather service to issue a torando warning, right in the area I am driving toward. Yikes.. I think I may have broke the stearing wheel gripping it so tight. We finnally made it home safely.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blood spots

I not only have Dalmatian spot but now have blood spots. Yep you guessed it Graceful Gracie has injured herself again. She is truly her mothers child. Some time during the night she cut her pinky toe open and dropped blood all over the tile and on the carpet in my half of the house. I awake this morning and noticed the little spots all over the hall. Little Goof ball. We later found spots on one of the front window seals aparently where she looked out the window. What is funny is that she did not limp until she had the wound cleaned and antibiotics on it. Boy is she milking it now.... she is too cute. she has truly learned from her brother.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back to a normal routine..

Tonight it was back to my normal polite little men. They are too cute for words. We are working on potty training. Now that is a trip. Dom finds it more fun to play in the putty then go in the potty. Gino has no interest in the potty, I think he is still a little scared of it. It is just one step at a time. Thier mom bought them big boy undies and apparently they decided to throw them all over thier bedroom. Mom has been sick so things have gotten away with some things that they normally would not get away with. These little guys are toooo fun and polite I wish the two I watched yesterday was like that.


Why do they like to push that nerve. I watched 2 new kids last night (Age 4 & 2 3/4). I must say these children have never heard the word "NO". We were working on crafts and I took the glue because she was using most of the glue and getting it all over the place. She had total meltdown. I tried to explain that she needed to share and not use all the bottle at once. "I want my daddy". When they did leave they both had meltdown. She was very easy to calm down and get back into the living room to watch TV. He made a huge production. It lasted 20 to 30 mins. You could truly see it was an act. No Tears at all. So he runs back to the front window and crying again. So I swoop him up and take him kicking & screaming to his bedroom. We sit down and I try to talk to him and he just is not going through. He wants to fuss and so I will let him. So I return to the little girl who is calm watching TV and he soon follows and make the production at the end of the pull out couch.I told him to give it up that I knew it was an act. He continued for a few more minutes and then curled up in a chair and fell asleep. I truly love watching the boys because they never act like that. These 2 kids enjoy telling people that they "Hate You". How could you let your child get away with that. A 4 y/o should never say that. My boys say please & thank you. Why can't they all be like them.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Guess were I'm going!!!!!!

LONDON baby.... <~~~~ Check it out

Yeppers it is a Harry Potter Tour of London. 9 days (2 of which is travel) 8 nights touring the sites of the harry potter books. Wow. To be able to show my children pictures of what is in the books. I can not wait. I am ready to go now. I don't want to work but I have to so I can pay for the trip. Come lotto number.. I need a winner... I would be happy with 5 grand just to pay for the trip & pay off the credit cards and not have to worry about it. I am afraid I am not going to get it done. I wanna go sooooo bad...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why I do not need Children?

That is a question I ask myself when I look at these two pups of mine. I have 2 of them that are eternal toddlers. I.V. Grace is starting to feel better. She still seems to be moving slowly. Except Sunday night at 11:40 pm (that is right almost midnight) I.V. Grace & Cody decided to take on a possum (you got it that nasty, ugly animal that usually plays dead, This one did not know to dot that) There was growling & hissing coming for the backyard. I go out and see teeth showing and claws flying. I grab Gracie, gently, and continually yell for Cody who is going after the possum who is now after me. These children know how to drive you nuts and make your heart skip. She is currently asleep in the couch dreaming away. My little possum warriors.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My sweet little girl is hurt....

My sweet little baby may have a slipped disc in her back. She woke me up whinning like she usually does when she wants in bed but is afraid that she will jump on Cody. When I picked her up to put her in the bed and she started screaming. I put her in the bed and she was still whinning & screaming. Moved her a little and she screamed some more. I fussed at her for being a drama queen. She still screamed so I went & woke mom up and we moved her to mom'sbed and she just wimpered when ever she moved. A little after 3 am we packaged both of them up and off we slowly go to the ER Vet. 2 hours and $243 dollars later, little Miss Gracie has been through a set of X-rays and a shot in the tushie. We get her home and on the couch a little after 5am. I crawl in bed for a little more sleep prior to going to work. When I finally get out of bed and get a shower about 6:30am, Little gracie has shallow breaths at 24 breaths in 15 secs. Well that starts me worrying me, so we head back to the ER. This doctor does another exam and thinks that her disc has slipped out a little more and causing her more pain. She gets carried by a maale nurse & she just batted those big brown eyes and he melted. Well she got 2 more shots and the instructions that if she is not better the morning she is to come back for an I.V. of cortizone. We put her on the couch where she spent her whole day resting. I left work early so we both coud get her up and moving a little so she is not stiff. We carried her outside and she was like why did you make me come out her. She wondered back in and back to the couch. We took her out later and she went to the bathroom and walked down a few houses and back. Now she is dreaming away on the couch. Poor little sweetheart..

Little Cody. He has been by her side all day. When he heard her crying in the back of the ER, he would have given anything to find her and protect her. He does not like to hear her cry. My sweet little man.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why do they put that crap in their bodies? ? ? ?

Tell... Why do they put crap like Pot, Crack, Meth, LSD, (do I have to go on) in their bodies while they are pregnant? I found out one of my patients whom had a huge fear of having her blood taken and we had grown quite fond of during her many blood drawns throughout her 36 weeks of her pregnancy. On Sunday she delivered a 5lb 12.6 oz little boy who tested positive for cocaine in his little body. He starts off his little life to fighting an addictive substance then to have to go through withdraws alone. He was taken away from her at the hospital due to her addiction. Poor little guy, god bless his little soul. It is hard ion your heart because you worked so hard with her to conquer her fears throughout the pregnancy & she seemed to be doing well. Boy, We were fooled.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Well today Tropical Storm Rita has now evolved into a Category 5 Hurricane in the last 24 hours. She is a Monster at 300 miles wide and 160 mph winds. We have had horrible storms (feeder bands) here all day from her. There was a lightning strike so bad at the office today that it set my car alarm off and blew some of the wall jacks for our computers. The storm was truly terrifing. This storm is going to eat Texas alive.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wake me when November ends..

Well Ophelia has finally moved off of the US coast after she sat on the North Carolina coast for 2 days an pounded her coast. She dumped rain for days and caused some coast flooding. Such an interesting storm.

Here is her path.

Well let me introduce you to our new friend hanging off of the Florida coast heading right into the Gulf of Mexico. This is Rita. This is a picture of Rita passing over the Florida Keys. They are projecting Rita will head for the Houston Texas area. You guessed it again right where they sent a lot oft he evaccuees from Louisiana & Mississippi. And if she wobbles any she could head right back to New Orleans and dump the water they have been working so hard on getting out of city right back on the city. More flooding. It is like mother nature is just rubbing salt into the wound. They are worried that Hurricane Rita will hit Texas at a category 4 or even a 5.

What is with these ocean waters. Besides Hurricane Rita we have Tropical Storm Philippe wondering out in the Atlantic. In the Pacific we have Tropical Storm Kenneth & Hurricane Max and Hawaii just got clearance that Hurricane Jon has moved away. Yikes!!! Just 3 more named storms & we start using the Greek alphabet to name the storms. We have 2 months before hurricane season is through. To slightly change the words of Green Day "Wake me when November ends". When Hurricane season ends..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Family things

Well a lot of things have happened over the last week. Last weekend we started watching a little storm called Ophelia and wondered where she would go. She started off near Puerto Rico and started heeding toward us. She decided to park herself off of our coast for a whole week and just keep dropping rain on us. On Thursday morning I got a call from my dad at work telling me that my Aunt Evelyn had passed away sometime in the middle of the night. Now I had to decide if I need to leave my home with a Hurricane sitting off the coast and go to North Carolina where she may follow or even cross my path. Will I get up there and get stuck in North Carolina. After many conversations with my dad where she urged me to stay home beck he did not want to worry about me driving and trying to outrun Hurricane Ophelia. Well I talked to him again on Saturday night and he said everyone is doing well. He also said that grandpa said he would have paid for me to come up. Now I feel bad that I did not go up. Well here it is Sunday and now Ophelia is jumping between a hurricane and tropical storm just off the North Carolina coast where she is stalled once again. The weather people are still guessing where she may go and she just keeps them guessing. I think she will always be known at the Tourist storm, she like to visit places but does not leave to bad of a mark.

I did forget to mention that Louisiana & Mississippi where pounded by a Category 4/5 Hurricane by the name of Katrina. She has truly devastated the region. Parts of New Orleans was flooded after several levies broke from the rising waters. They are still searching homes for hold outs, abandoned pets and deceased individuals. It is truly sad that some of thesepeople lost their lives because they were foolish enough not to take weather reports seriously. If there is a high category 3 or above, I will be packed up and driving out of dodge. Not chancing it at all.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why do men do this..

Why is it that when you start to move on about a relationship you were in with them they have to pop back up and play with your heart strings? A guy from my past that I care about then he just up and disappeared with the girl he had supposable broke up with. (this was 6 years ago) the a year after he disappeared I get a call and he and her are expecting a baby... Than another phone call from him and she (the baby) is a year old.
Spring forward to Now. We have always talked when he is on shift at the fire department. I worried about him when Hurricane Charley hit his area. The thing that gets me is every time we take he has to make comments like "I still have feeling for you" I have always had feelings for you" and so on... Well if you really had feeling for me why did not take it one step further then just sex. You pretended to like me but used me then ran off with someone else and you wonder why I get defensive and snappy during our talks.
To be quite frank I have two guys like this. Both giving the same bullshit lines and excuses. I am tired of hearing "I still care about you.. Yeah what ever. You thought about that when you were using me. Don't pretend to care now because I know you are still full of Shit... The bad thing is they don't think that they did anything wrong. They did not realize that they hurt me.. Are you both that stupid? Wake up call I have shed enough tears and I am trying to move on. Why do you both have to keep bring up the past? Go run to your wives and leave me alone..... Men they are just so frustrating.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tired, Very tired...

I do not know what it is but right now I just can not get enough sleep. I have no energy. I don't feel like going to work. I can barely keep my eyes open this morning to make it to work. I would love just to stay cuddled in bed with my two sweet little pups. They are both sleeping, dreaming away. Cody is in his tight little ball & I.V. Grace is sprawled the length of the couch. I wish I could have their days, lounging around.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Puppy Pictures

Monday, August 15, 2005

Home from SDV

I have returned from SDV Orlando and boy am I tired. I accually returned yesterday but I am still tired. I think I got a whole 18hrs of sleep sine Thursday. I visited disney Friday morning to watch them open the park which was fun too see the chacters ride up on the train. I completed about 37 pages total. We had a fun time laughing and carrying on. We went and watched to Magic Kingdom fireworks from the ninth floor in the hotel, they were beautiful. well I have to go since I have to go back to work tomorrow. YUCK!!!!! I hate that place...

Monday, August 08, 2005

2 days to go.... SDV you are in my sights

SDV is just 2 days away. A time away from my insane job. Time away from a few of my insane co-workers & patients. Only two days of sharon's mood swings & dramatic productions. YEAH ! ! ! ! !... Time away to do some thinking of what I want to do next. Do I want to stay at my current job? Do I want to find a new one? In or out of the medical field?

Okay back to the title... SDV at Disney's Contemporary hotel. With my own room. Four days of scrapbooking at the mouse house. Think about it waking up and going straight to the magic kingdom. Run to epcot for lunch.. Smashing pennies at the hotels.. I CAN NOT WAIT.... Wait I still have to pack my clothes.. Oops guess I will need those.. Don't think they would like this chubby chick running around naked.. scary.... Gotta go pack..

Monday, August 01, 2005

Harry Potter & The Half-blooded Prince

****If you have not finished the book MOVE ON - Spoiler Post****

Well I have finally finished Year six of the Harry Potter series. In about 2 weeks I must add which is pretty good for me. This book was just totally wrong. The ending was just Horrible. One of the greatest characters was killed off. Yes Dumbledore was killed by one of his trusted members of staff, Severus Snape. I can not believe the way the book ended. There are a few pointsof the books that I tuly enjoyed. Harry finally going after Ginny then he pushes her away for search out and kill the person who took everyone Harry has loved away. Tonks confessing her love for Remus and it starting to head toward a direction for happiness & love. But the Death of Dumbledore is just so heart wrenching... I am so in mourning now.. Heart broken. And what is even worse it will probably be another 2 years before the next book comes out.. Oh frustrating.. Hurry Up J.K. Rowling and finish book 7!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

How dogs are like children..

It is so funny to seehow dogs are just children. Cody is truly the rotten little brother. He teases I.V. Grace. Today apparently Cody was trying to be his adventurous little self by attempting to dig out of the yard. We noticed they were out side for a long amount of time. When I called them inside I.V. Grace was acting like she knew he was up to something he was not suppose to be up to... You got it a planned escape. Went I looked at Cody's toes you could see that they were dirty. When I walked out to investigate she showed me exactly where he was digging. She was truly proud of what she had done by telling on him. I don't need children because I already have two of them. Well I must go see what mischief they are into now because he keeps running on to the porch and she is still outside..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Times they are a changing

The time of growing up and taking care of ones self is sweeping through Lumberton. Grandpa is putting hisfoot down and the children are being forced to take care of themselves. The other day dad & carolyn came home to find a message from grandpas cell phone. Yep he bumped the phone and it called dad. He had apparently just set BJ down and explained to him that he needed to start caring for himself,paying his own bills and keep money in his checking account to cover what he has written. He, grandpa, flat out said that he could cover his bills and BJ's also. Time to grow up biy!!!!. Saturday (July 23rd) Elizabeth had requested a metting between Grandpa, Kelly (Elizabeth's Fiancie) and herself to discuss what was going to happen now. Elizabeth purely expecting to get all of Grandmas jewelry, NOT!!! Grandpa flat out told her that she is off of his health insurace as of September 1st, she needed to transfer the cell phone bill into her name and start paying that bill and that Grandma had 2 other granddaughters that she was not going to be the only one getting Grandmas jewelry. Grandpa I am proud of you and stick to your guns and make them start paying for their stuff...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back from North Carolina -- part 2

Okay I guess I will pick up where I left off. We arrive at Grandpas house and he was suprised to see that I had made it up there. He looked very tired. Of course most of the family was munching away on food provided by people within the community. The funeral home had opened up at 2pm for the family to go up and view the body. We go back to the house and they start feeding us again. About 4 pm we go to Thomas and pa's home and get ready for the public veiwing at 7pm. There was a line out the front door until about 8:30pm when the visitors seemed to tapper off. Afterwards we go back to the house for, you guessed it, more food. Carolyn kept talking about a strawberry pie someone had brought by. We finally get home about 11pm. Wednesday (July 20th) we have the final few events to get threw. We have to be at the house by 10am because the limos will be there a little after that. Well almost all the family arrives. We get ready to loading the limos and Edwin's friend (B.S. Girlfriend) son wants to ride with the family while his mother and Edwin are riding in their own vehicle. They luckily decided to take him with them. We arrive at the chuch and the family files in an as we walk down the aisle we pass Elizabeth (evelyn's daughter) is sitting with her fiance with all the other guests. She did not even want to sit with the family. There are no problems with the grave side service. BJ hits the rode as soon as the pastor says this concludes the sevice. Elizabeth moves in to suck up to grandpa. Well we return to grandpas and change clothes since it is extremely hot and pack back into the vehicles to go back the chuch for lunch. The church provide a wonderful lunch. Meanwhile Elizabeth had returned to her mother's house and proceed to remove her items out the house. The rest of the afternoon was running to the library where he had to drop off some paperwork. While we were there a young lady and her friend found out that grandma had passed away. These 2 ladies were truly in shock. Well grandpa wanted to go out for chinese food. Most of the family went. BJ was being a total ass playing with his cellphone, trying out different ringtones in the middle of dinner. Well not long after we finished we left to come back to daadshouse and get some rest. Thirsday (July 21st) Time to come home... Yeah!!! back to my routine.. Well I get up at the same time I have all the time I have been there 6am. I do the normal stuff with getting ready. Go into dads office and go and try to check my flight information and his computer is beyond slow. can't get anywhere. As I am waiting for the site to load the news has breaking information from London saying there has been another bombing in the subway system. Well everyone gets up and moving. We get breakfast and head to the airport a little too early which was all my fault because I did not want to miss my plane like I almost did last time. So we arrived about 10:30am and sit so we leave and roam around Greensboro. About 12:15 I head to the gate and we stood around waiting to board until the time we were suppose take off and head to Atlanta. Were did not arrive at Atlanta until 2:33pm and I had less then 10 minutes to catch my flight to Melbourne. So here I have to sprint from gate 30 to gate 16. I just make it. And I am finally home. Thank goodness..

Friday, July 22, 2005

Back from North Carolina

I have returned from my unexpected trip to North Carolina. ~~~ This may be long post~~~
Saturday (July 16th) Mom & I spent looking for something to wear to the funeral. I also went and had my hair trimmed. That night I was asked to watch a co-workers granddaughter who is a whole 3 months old. She is truly a sweet little girl. I went to Palm Bay were they live. They have two of the biggest & cuddliest lab (1 chocolate & 1 black). Both boys have the biggest puppy dog eyes. Those 2 pups are truly in love with their new little sister. The family friends come home about 10:30 so I made my way home. Called dad to see what was planned in way of the services and stuff. Sunday (July 17th) was my birthday. We had planned to spend the day goofing off at the Disney parks. So we got up and headed to Orlando. Halfway there we got a call that they would be setting down a plan for all the funeral. So mom and I had a blast at the Magic Kingdom and Disney MGM. We came home about 7 pm and started making flight arrangements and pack. Monday (July 18th) I head to the office to tie up a few loose ends and head to the airport. Check in and head to the gate. As you know you have to have everything x-rayed and go through the metal detectors. Being in the state of mind I am in I forget to take off my wrist brace, I get tagged and have to be closer examined. What a pain in the ass. The lady waved the metal detecting wand over my body and go of in the chest area. What medal do you have there she asked - Duh underwire bra. Then it goes off at my abdomen. Duh the zipper in my pants. Okay make to the plane after that hassle. Everything is fine until we land in Greensboro, North Carolina. The pilot landed a little rough then hit the breaks pretty hard. I make it off the plane and I am picked up by Angie ( my stepsister-in-law) and their kids. We go and get something small to eat. We go back to their house and the kids start. Wanting to play games and run around. Well I am tired from being on a plane all day I just want to rest. Then John (my stepbrother) makes it home. He wants to go to an auction. Not a problem until Amanda starts throwing a fit. Total Drama.. She finally deals with it. We go and win a futon and it does not fit in the vehicle we arrive in. We return home and John & Angie go to pick up the item and leave me with the kids. We go out and play ball and while we were messing around I bumped Amanda's lip and made it bleed. You would have thought I took a limb off by her cries. The cut was less then a half an inch and stopped bleeding in less then a minute. So I gave her some ice in a paper towel and she was fine after that. Of course the little saint Michael wanted to call his mother. I told him there was no reason to because Amanda was not really hurt, it was a booboo and she will live. We come in to rehydrate and cool down. Mom & dad come home and they take me to Fudruckers for my birthday. The evening ends with us all getting cleaned up and into bed. Amanda wants to sleep in my room. I get the futon and she gets this foldout little foam couch. Well my routine is I read while I read. The show Medium is on and I leave the channel where it is. Amanda comes in after in after her mom gave her a bath and she starts asking to change the channel and I have to remind her that she is not suppose to be watching TV to close her eyes and go to sleep. Well Michael peeks in and sees that she is watching TV and runs to mom to rat out his sister. So I turn her little couch around so Amanda could not see the TV. The whole thing was a big drama act. For a 10 year old little boy he surely does not act it and his sister does not act 6 years old. Man I really like my Birth Control. Tuesday (July 19th) We get up, Angie runs the kids to her mothers house to spend the night and go to VBS. (Thank God). We load up our bags, ourselves and take off toward Lumberton, North Carolina. I think I will stop here because my hand it starting to get writers cramp. The rest of the trip will be even longer. Continue later..

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Late night

Well this day started out like any normal day... Crazy... Woke up early. Spill coffee on on my scrubs. Get to work and start setting up the rooms and get a call from my physician and she is going to be late. Get a call from Dr. Segina and she needs a babysitter twice today. So watch the boys after work then again at 7:30pm. Truly had fun there, they are the sweetiest little boys ever created. The aroung 8:15pm I started feeling really bad ( Nausea, dizzy, waves of sick feeling). They arrived home about 11:30 and I came home. (I did drive through the parking lot of Books-a-million to see how packed it was. The only other time I have se that parking lot is on or near a holiday.) Anyway I got home and was greeted by my mom and she told me that grandmother curry had passed away tonight. So finally got ahold of my dad. He was going to drive to Morgantown and pick up Bobby. Then they were going to drive to Durham and then probably drive onto Lumberton. That is a lot of driving very late at night. Now I am worried about him drive so late, him being tired since he has probably been up since 4am and him being emotionally drained. I worry about his health and his sugars dropping.. Doubt I will sleep tonight..

Friday, July 15, 2005


Well yesterday I recieved a check in the mail from my dad & Stepmother. I was very surprised because all of the things they have been going through with my grandmother. They have been spending alot of time in Durham at hotels. I was not expecting anything. Also Dr. Zylman gave me a Michael's gift card for $50 dollars. On My..Will talk more later when I get off of work.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


What is this world coming too. Yesterday London was celebrating being named the host city of the 2012 Olympics. Today their citizens were attacked by terrorist on their way to work in subways and on buses. Are these terrorist just going to keep bombing countries until they piss everyone off and the fights back. The terrorist though they would change things in London but Londoner showed then that they will not surcome to their attacks. Well guess what you fools. The buses were back up and running by the afternoon and they were full of passagers. They even plan to have the trains up and running by tomorrow. The people of the world is getting tired of this crap and they will show you that you will not shake up.. I know, I know. You think it is going to make you closer to god by blowing up innocent people. I hate to break it to you, but THAT IS A BUNCH OF CRAP.... It doesn't it just pisses him off... Give it up... Live life, Get a Hobby... Cross stitch, paint, build things.. Anything other then kill people...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Out of the mouth of Babes..

A little about my part time job. I watch a set of 2 year old twin boys for one of the doctors I work with. They are 2 very bright boys and they truly amaze me. It has been almost 2 weeks since I last watched them due to them going on vacation and me having my wisdom teeth removed. Tonight I was asked to watch them while Mom & Dad went out to dinner. Well they were just going down to bed when mom & dad left. I always leave the baby monitor on to listen for any problems. Bedtime is about 8pm. Of course they are not really ready for sleep. So you hear the two of them just talking away to each other. Usually it is Gino who is up and talking away at night. Well tonight Domonic decided to join in and talk the night away. They babble and talked off and on until about 8:45pm. Out of the blue one of them says "where mommy and daddy, will you be quiet and trying to sleep". I truly though I was going to fall of the couch laughing at them. It was priceless. I will have to start taping them it to share their cuteness. The about 9:15pm I heard fireworks being set off outside and decided to go up and check on them and make sure they are in bed and sleep. I walk in the room and peek in on Dominic on the left hand side of the room and see him wiggle. then tip toe over to Gino and can hear him snorning away. As I head back to the door I notice the Domonic move some and see that he is still away. I ask him why he is still awake and he asks "Mommy, Daddy". I tell him it is Miss Christy and he asks "where mommy & daddy?". I tell him they went out to dinner. So the little thinker he is he ask "Mommy & daddy hungry". How sweet is that. I tel them that will be back soon and he will see them when he wakes up then rub his little back as he curls up to go to sleep. Could you just not eat them up? They are truly 2 bright little sweethearts. I could truly give up my give up my day job and watch them all day and not feel one bit bad about leaving work..

Update on Grandma - She has had most of her tubing (endtracheal tube, NG Tube and so on) removed and is still hanging in the condition she was prior to removing the tubes. There has not been any improvement. She just wants to sleep all the time and her heart is not putting the output they were expecting. We will see how it goes from here. She has been the Hospital since June 13th and has only spent one night out of the ICU unit. Her Iron over the weekend was 7.2 and 9.4 so they are worried about internal bleeding. Only time will tell.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Do I really have to go back to work!!!!

After four days away from work tomorrow I have to return to the nut house. Even with those days being pain filled and a lot of time sleeping, I truly enjoyed being away. No Sharon phone smashing melt downs, No whinny patients & NO RINGING PHONE OR MESSAGES. I really and truly hate my job. I enjoyed being home before six pm and waking up at 7:30 am. Working there is just getting to the point that I hate thinking about it. There is nothing like cuddling up on the couch with a spotted pup and finishing off a few chapters in a good book watching the rain fall outside. Why oh Why do I have to go back. Can't I call in sick, I have enough time saved up... I truly do not like this place....

Friday, June 24, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

It was raining about 1am this morning before I finally feel asleep. Then I woke up this morning to it raining again. From the radar it looks like it will be raining all day.. YUCK!!! Very overcast and now it is a drizzle. ....

Well my jaw is very sore today. I think I might have clenched my teeth during the night. The swelling is starting to go down and the numbness is almost totally go out of my lip. Okay I must go see if I can eat something.. bye for now

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Teeth are out!!!

Yeppers!!!!!! My 3 wisdom teeth are out.. And I think I will survive. I think he had a hard time getting some of them out because of their position. It has been since 11am since I had pain medications. The bleeding has slowed down to an ooze and my cheeks are swollen and I look like a chipmunk. I have been able to keep down Boost, chicken broth with soggy cracker and now some ice cream. My 2 spotted nurses have been really great, they are asleep right now.

The North Carolina side of my family....

Their health is totally frustrating. Around mothe's day grandpa was taken to Duke University hospital because of chest pain, abdominal pain and abnormal blood levels. After almost a week they find that his gallbladder has a few stones in it and must be removed. Well, two weeks ago they admit Grandma to do a heart cath (it was origionally scheduled around mother's day). They found that she had three blocked arteries that were too narrow to stent so she was scheduled for a triple bypass. On June 13th she had her surgery and she seemed to be back on track. The about Thursday of last week she started taking a turn for the worse. She just seemed to only want to sleep. Saturday started getting worse, would not wake up, they found that her heart was not working like they had hope. She now back on most of the tubes she was one after surgery. Last night dad said she would respond to question. Also while this is going on dad's sugars are going wacky. Grandpa's leg is bothering him. The lumberton branch are too lazy or scared to go visit her in the hospital (Great bunch)... And I must go because I am scheduled to have my 3 remain wisdom teeth pulled.. YUCK!!!!!!! & OUCH!!!!!. Time to go

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The miss adventures of a spotted pup.

I must say when people say Dalmatians are dumb should live with my two. It is truly like living with 2 three year olds. I.V. Grace is not as bad as Cody is. Gracie is my Snob, Princess, scaried cat and most of all she is the DRAMA QUEEN. If you brush her side she will scream like you are killing her. If she wants something Cody has she will constaintly whine like a big sigh. Cody is my thinker. She is constaintly thinkingof how to tease his sister, get what her wants and most of all cause trouble. At our other house we had to but a lock on the pantry to keep him out of the pantry. He will stick his head out of the doggie door and check the weather. When the sun comes out he will run out and sun himself. If the sun moves out of his normal sunning spots he will find a new location then come in and tell Gracie where the new sunny spot is. Tonight we were watching TV and the new Wendy's commercial with the odd shaped family and they fall into a rut and make these sound like tallking. Well Cody was extemely interested in it, watched the whole commercial then put his head back down. Last night the pups were given Benedryl because the storm, well he ate the bread off of the pill and spit it out when we were not looking. Crasy little guy.

Monday, May 23, 2005


The drama continues. Grandma acting like a spoiled 2 year old. Grandpa has been release from the hospital minus a gallbladder and a few gallstones. Their home could be considered a recycling collection center. It took dad 5 hours to clean a pathway from the back door to the porch door. Per dad that did not make a dent in the crap on the porch. He through away an empty prescription bottle from 1997. Church bulletins from 2002. They are truly collectors of crap. Grandma is just being her same old nasty self. She dislikes Carolyn for being civil with mom. I know have confirmed the real reason I never saw grandma go to the restroom while I was up their in in 2003. She uses Depends undergarments as her waste collection device. Grandma does not do anything for herself besides shovel food into her mouth & dish out insults and orders to others. Oh why does she just not pass on and let others live a normal life instead of having them wait hand and foot on her. She can not even test her own blood, give herself an insulin shot or clean herself after she messed her depends. She really needs some help. It makes me feel like I am not wanted by her. That I am not loved as her grandchild. That I am just something that should not have happened. Just like the baby that evelyn gave away almost 30 years ago. That poor little guy is luck to not know what he got away from.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

A good weekend

Saturday we sent the day at Epcot at the Flower & Garden festival. It was simply beautiful. They had an amazing butterfly garden. It was an amazing day. Not too hot, not too crowded, it was a perfect day. Although I miss placed my wrist brace somewhere in the park. The new ride Soarin' is amazing. There was an amazing artist who did artwork containing disney icons somewhere in it. We purchased 2 prints for my bathroom. I bought 2 hand towels with a classy mickey on it to place in the bathroom. I just need to get frames & antique crackle them. Today I watched the boys for a few hours then we went to Lowe's and urchased more border stones to put around the front yard. We also purchased some new plants to for the yard also. Friday I purchased some mulch for the yard also. We also purchased some solar lights for the back yard. The yards are coming together.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Whine, Whine, Whine

Why is it that some people can only whine?... Why should sharon be able to go home because she is sick when others work through their illness because there is no one to cover their doctor.. If she calls in sick tomorrow I am going to come & jerk her tush out of bed.. I take her into work. She can work sick just like I did.

Monday, May 02, 2005

This is my new planter.

the new planter Posted by Hello
Yes.. This was done in about 30mins. And mom & I did it ourselves..

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A weekend with some progress

This weekend was a great weekend. I did seem to get several things completed. Friday night I went to a co-workers house and worked on a few stamping project. Aslo before I left for Cindy's house my new Quickutz Ginger font arrived. Then Saturday morning we went to Panera for breakfast then to Rockledge Gardens. We wondered around & ended up purchasing some impatient for around the front tree. Well we arrived home about 12:45, just enough time to catch my breathe before going to watch the boys so they could go to their daytime babysitter's wedding. Well eleven hours later (more money for my dental work or SDV). Today I worked on a scrapbooking project, worked a little on re-organizing the scrapbook room/stuff. After mom sold another home she just listed we went to Lowes and purchased some border bricks, potting soil, more plants & mulch to finish the planter under the tree. Then we went to Coldstone Creamery for some ice cream. We got home about 6pm and 30 minutes later we had a completed planter. It turned out great. I will post a picture as soon as I upload it from the digital camera.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It is just another day..

I probably pissed Sharon off but oh well... I have grown very tired of doing everyone elses work. Sharon had about 7-10 labs & her rooms left to do when I left work at 5:45pm. I was rebelling.. I am not going to help her keep up.. She is a big girl she can do it. She does not help anyone else.. I did my part to help her but inputting information in the computer & printing her labs for about 6-8 of her patients while I had a patient lag. That was a lot more then I should have. She needs to learn to do them as she sees the patient. I told Jane that I needed to go because I had a deadline to register for something & it opened at 6pm.. Well I registered a few minutes late but I got in.. SDV Disney Here I COME... Yeah.... I will probably hear the wrath of Hurricane Sharon tomorrow.. She will get over it.. Oh Well... I still get to go to SDV..

Monday, April 25, 2005

Just another crazy Monday

Today started out the way last week should have. Last week Dr. B. W. was being a butt head. He was not too nice to his nurse Janet. Well last Tuesday Janet called out sick which she did the rest of the week. Well just when things start to get in to a rhythm something or someone has to put a wrench into it. Not only was Janet out but Jane was out helping her daughter-in-law when her new babies. So we were essentially 2 people down.. Very tight staffing wise. Of course Sharon has to act like an drama queen and show her ass as normal. She was yelling, screaming and running to management fussing and demanding to sit in on an interview that has nothing to do with her situation. I have come to the conclusion as to why she does not get anything completed when she is at her desk. She does not do anything but talk (argue) with her family and fussing about everything that does not involve her. I can not see why anyone has not done anything about her. I have come to the conclusion, I can only get done what I can. Well to get down to it, Janet told the Cherie that this would be her last day. Great.. Now I have to train someone else in the time I need to be working on things for the physician I work under. I have a stack of labs I need to complete. I have phone calls I need to make. I have some of my own appointments I need to schedule. I was so sick last week that I should have been in bed asleep and resting. Nope not me.. I was at work everyday, sick as a dog. Craziness I say... total Craziness. I feel partially bad because she did not get all the training she needed. She was given 3 days with me (truly not enough time) to learn the computer then was thrown to the wolf when sharon & I both had scheduled time off. That is not fair for anyone.. & m was not giving my time off because I had scheduled it back in December. Well this is enough babbling for today..

Sunday, April 24, 2005

This weekend has really flown by. I spent a lot of time resting since I have been fighting an allergy attack all week. I have finally gotten over it. I can breath like a normal person again. I have accomplised many things this weekend also. Yesterday We went shopping & picked up some plants for the yard. I purchase 2 more rose bushes for the yard. I planted some Rain lily bulbs and some buttercup bulbs. I also worked on a scrapbooking swap project that I signed up for. Today I vacuumed out the SUV and inally put the seats back in from the moving process. I also brought a few items from the garage so now I can park in the garage.. I also went out and watered all the newly planted plants and blubs. But like I said before, this weekend has flown by. I truly do not want to go to work tomorrow. I want to sleep late with a sun kissed puppy. I don't want to have to deal with grumpy patients who think that the world it going to stop if they do not get thier prescription for hormones called in right now. Or Mrs. Shepper how thinks she is going to bleed to death if she stop the low dose birth control. Lady you are51, it is time to stop them. You are so concerned about the density in your breast, well news flash if there is something wrong with them they are going to take you of the pills faster then you can blink.. so get off your pill addiction. Okay..this is it for today.. Will come back tomorrow and complain about work & see if everyone shows up tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A good family tv show

I just watched a great show on discovery health. It was called 14 children and Pregnant again. It is about a story about love at first sight when he was 17 & she was 15. Their first date was to a senior dinner. They worked hard paid off all their debts. They never purchase anything they can not afford. Their first child was born after they were married 4 years. Then came the first set of twins (a boy & girl). Total including the new addition 10 boys & 5 girls. They were currently living in a with only 2 bathrooms. They (the oldest son & the father) are in the process of building a larger home with several bathrooms. Michelle (the mother) home schools the children & each child learns the violin & piano. The chidren work on the buddy system, one older child to one younger one. This show is one that people should watch.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Here we go again

Well the house is back on the market. Mom found another house she is in love with & has but a contract on it. We have had a lot of people parading through the house. We had a couple come through the house tonight who my purchase it for a loved on who is in the military and is moving back to the area & can not get base housing. Hopefully they will purchase this place & we can pack & get moving. I want to get this going I am tired of living out of boxes. I want to put my bedroom & scrapbook room back together. I want to get things together before I go to Ocala for the weekend.

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Wedding Date

Today a group from work decided to go see the movie The Wedding Date. It was a very good movie. It is a must see for women. I laughed & almost cried. Oh it is a very good movie. I can not wait until it comes out on DVD, it is a must buy...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Men are so frustrating

   Well about two weeks ago I started talking to this young man. He seemed nice at first. Then he started with the "I don't seem to have your full attention." Crap after a few days of talking. To me that is a little on the pushy side. We are not a couple and you are starting to freak me out. After 2 weeks you are talking about missing me when I am work. Dude you do not really know my life. It is not a pretty world. I am constantly working with life & death. I come here to unwind not be hounded by someing who can rattle off questions faster then I can type. Yikes... He is a nice guy but it is not a good feeling when the first night we talk you start talking about your Ex's. Dude that is truly not how you start off a conversation with someone. Big turn off.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Long days..

Today was such a long day that just added to the worst week. We had 4 patients lose there pregnancies. Yesterday we did a biopsy on a woman that did not like very hopeful for a positive outcome. Then today just never seemed to end. The patients just kept coming. My supervisor does not seem to get the staffing issues we have. They have this "wonderful" plan for a one on one plan. But we do not have enough medical staff (MA's) to set this plan in action. The doctors seem to think their assigned MA does nothing but sit around playing on the computer & eat chocolates. Their plan is to have us input their labs & call patients with results. They do not realize we are working with another practioner when they are away. If your physician is on call & out of the office in the afternoon you are probably working with the Nurse Practioners. Which means we are serving to Eileen's beck & call or patiently waiting for Lynn to finish. Oh the frustration........ 

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

why do I bother

why do I even bother to come to work each day. I am so unhappy here. The leadership is a joke. My co-workers are among the laziest I have ever seen. I do not want to work here anymore.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

one of those days

Who ever really wants to get up & go to work. Yesterday two of my co-workers got into a tiff over something totally stupid. Well of course one of the gets calls out with his lame excuse.... be back in a minutes.. gotta do something

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A new year.. already

Today is closing in on the close of the 5th day of the year 2005. Where is the days going. Today was a good day, I got to hold Jackson & Jason. We delivered them just after Hurricane Frances on Labor Day. Little chubber Jackson went home later that week. Little mighty might Jason was stuck in the hospital until fattened up until after Hurricane passed over Florida.  Oh what a wonderful feeling to cuddle one of those little guys against your chest. It sends you to heaven. They have grown so much. There mommy & grandma showed off pictures of them woth the slightly younger cousin Eva (about 6-7 wks younger) that were taken for Christmas. They are the cutest babies..