Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My sweet little girl is hurt....

My sweet little baby may have a slipped disc in her back. She woke me up whinning like she usually does when she wants in bed but is afraid that she will jump on Cody. When I picked her up to put her in the bed and she started screaming. I put her in the bed and she was still whinning & screaming. Moved her a little and she screamed some more. I fussed at her for being a drama queen. She still screamed so I went & woke mom up and we moved her to mom'sbed and she just wimpered when ever she moved. A little after 3 am we packaged both of them up and off we slowly go to the ER Vet. 2 hours and $243 dollars later, little Miss Gracie has been through a set of X-rays and a shot in the tushie. We get her home and on the couch a little after 5am. I crawl in bed for a little more sleep prior to going to work. When I finally get out of bed and get a shower about 6:30am, Little gracie has shallow breaths at 24 breaths in 15 secs. Well that starts me worrying me, so we head back to the ER. This doctor does another exam and thinks that her disc has slipped out a little more and causing her more pain. She gets carried by a maale nurse & she just batted those big brown eyes and he melted. Well she got 2 more shots and the instructions that if she is not better the morning she is to come back for an I.V. of cortizone. We put her on the couch where she spent her whole day resting. I left work early so we both coud get her up and moving a little so she is not stiff. We carried her outside and she was like why did you make me come out her. She wondered back in and back to the couch. We took her out later and she went to the bathroom and walked down a few houses and back. Now she is dreaming away on the couch. Poor little sweetheart..

Little Cody. He has been by her side all day. When he heard her crying in the back of the ER, he would have given anything to find her and protect her. He does not like to hear her cry. My sweet little man.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why do they put that crap in their bodies? ? ? ?

Tell... Why do they put crap like Pot, Crack, Meth, LSD, (do I have to go on) in their bodies while they are pregnant? I found out one of my patients whom had a huge fear of having her blood taken and we had grown quite fond of during her many blood drawns throughout her 36 weeks of her pregnancy. On Sunday she delivered a 5lb 12.6 oz little boy who tested positive for cocaine in his little body. He starts off his little life to fighting an addictive substance then to have to go through withdraws alone. He was taken away from her at the hospital due to her addiction. Poor little guy, god bless his little soul. It is hard ion your heart because you worked so hard with her to conquer her fears throughout the pregnancy & she seemed to be doing well. Boy, We were fooled.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Well today Tropical Storm Rita has now evolved into a Category 5 Hurricane in the last 24 hours. She is a Monster at 300 miles wide and 160 mph winds. We have had horrible storms (feeder bands) here all day from her. There was a lightning strike so bad at the office today that it set my car alarm off and blew some of the wall jacks for our computers. The storm was truly terrifing. This storm is going to eat Texas alive.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wake me when November ends..

Well Ophelia has finally moved off of the US coast after she sat on the North Carolina coast for 2 days an pounded her coast. She dumped rain for days and caused some coast flooding. Such an interesting storm.

Here is her path.

Well let me introduce you to our new friend hanging off of the Florida coast heading right into the Gulf of Mexico. This is Rita. This is a picture of Rita passing over the Florida Keys. They are projecting Rita will head for the Houston Texas area. You guessed it again right where they sent a lot oft he evaccuees from Louisiana & Mississippi. And if she wobbles any she could head right back to New Orleans and dump the water they have been working so hard on getting out of city right back on the city. More flooding. It is like mother nature is just rubbing salt into the wound. They are worried that Hurricane Rita will hit Texas at a category 4 or even a 5.

What is with these ocean waters. Besides Hurricane Rita we have Tropical Storm Philippe wondering out in the Atlantic. In the Pacific we have Tropical Storm Kenneth & Hurricane Max and Hawaii just got clearance that Hurricane Jon has moved away. Yikes!!! Just 3 more named storms & we start using the Greek alphabet to name the storms. We have 2 months before hurricane season is through. To slightly change the words of Green Day "Wake me when November ends". When Hurricane season ends..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Family things

Well a lot of things have happened over the last week. Last weekend we started watching a little storm called Ophelia and wondered where she would go. She started off near Puerto Rico and started heeding toward us. She decided to park herself off of our coast for a whole week and just keep dropping rain on us. On Thursday morning I got a call from my dad at work telling me that my Aunt Evelyn had passed away sometime in the middle of the night. Now I had to decide if I need to leave my home with a Hurricane sitting off the coast and go to North Carolina where she may follow or even cross my path. Will I get up there and get stuck in North Carolina. After many conversations with my dad where she urged me to stay home beck he did not want to worry about me driving and trying to outrun Hurricane Ophelia. Well I talked to him again on Saturday night and he said everyone is doing well. He also said that grandpa said he would have paid for me to come up. Now I feel bad that I did not go up. Well here it is Sunday and now Ophelia is jumping between a hurricane and tropical storm just off the North Carolina coast where she is stalled once again. The weather people are still guessing where she may go and she just keeps them guessing. I think she will always be known at the Tourist storm, she like to visit places but does not leave to bad of a mark.

I did forget to mention that Louisiana & Mississippi where pounded by a Category 4/5 Hurricane by the name of Katrina. She has truly devastated the region. Parts of New Orleans was flooded after several levies broke from the rising waters. They are still searching homes for hold outs, abandoned pets and deceased individuals. It is truly sad that some of thesepeople lost their lives because they were foolish enough not to take weather reports seriously. If there is a high category 3 or above, I will be packed up and driving out of dodge. Not chancing it at all.