Sunday, November 30, 2008


Do you ever wonder why people come in and out of your life. I do. I do all the time. I have a group of male friends who come in and out of my life. I talk to them and then they disappear. Just drop off the face of the earth. Tony, Colin and Joe. They drive me bonkers. Colin right now has been talking to me and even came to visit me while he was in town for Thanksgiving. He has had a rough last few years. But I think his life maybe on the better road. I hope. Hell if he can survive at least 3 motorcycle accidents he can make it though this. Like I said I hope. Joe, my sweet Joe. He is the worst. 10 years ago he up and disappeared, no goodbye not even a screw you. He was in love with another woman but he was still playing me. And me the stupid fool I am I fell for it. Then he is gone. The a few years later I hear from him and find out they have a daughter. Then he is gone again. Then he pops back into my life again and out before I know it. He has weaseled his way back in again. I am so tired of the ones who got away coming back and saying they want me. Dumb ass you had me and you walked away. Not me. I was there for you and you abandoned me. You can not even have lunch with me - a friend. Because she might get mad that you are having lunch with another woman. Hello, there is no reason to worry. You chose her over me. Good god it is only lunch. I am not going to jump and rape you in the middle of a restaurant. Now I have not heard from in a week. Tony.. He just pops up and sends me an instant message and then he is gone. Nothing, Nada. Tony has held my heart for a long time but our relationship has never gone anywhere. One day when we were laying in one of the beds at the station talking, he asked a question as he entered that area between awake and asleep. He asked what we never got together. I told him because he never asked. When I asked him about it he does not remember it (Of Course). But nothing went from there. Now he talks to me every once in a while. His mother always ask why I have not gone out with him. I told her that it is a 2 way street and there is only one driver going down it. She says she will work on it. Oh good heavens. We have know each other since 1996 and nada. We did make a pact that if we are not married by the time I turn 35 we will get married. Well that is only a few years from now. I doubt that will happen. Hell we even went to Orlando together and stayed in a hotel together. Nada. I thought that is when things would take a turn. Nope. He has been my Knight in shining armor when a stranger come to my door and I was home alone. Damn him.. What is it that I do to these guys. what??? I am a great person as most say but I am alone. I am so tired of hearing that I would make a great mother. Well obviously not by the men's standards. Damn them... What am I doing wrong???

Friday, November 28, 2008

I know this is late.. but

Happy Turkey day. Hope all of you filled your tummy with some great food. And since today is Black Friday. I hope all of you got the gifts you set out for. I must say I kept my butt in bed cuddling a puppy who was not letting me get out of bed. But my body agreed with Cody. I am still sore from putting up the Christmas lights. This is my holiday display. My zoo has been set out for this season. My blow up snowman, 2 bears, 2 penguins, 3 geese, 4 deer and a over sized card. I am pretty proud of it. I did 95% of it myself along with trimming the trees. Thing to remember trim the trees the weekend before. Our holiday tradition is on Thanksgiving I stay outside and put up the holiday decorations and mom watches the parades, cooks and comes out and holds the ladder when I do the crest of the front of the roof line.

These two are my favorite. My little helpers. The first is Cody watching me. The second is I.V. Grace seeing what mommy is doing on in the cold and dark. Silly Mommy.
Today a friend from High school who I talk on-line to all the time stopped by. He lives in Pennsylvania and is down for the holiday. If you know my dogs, you know I.V. Grace is the flirt and cody is usually outside barking at the guest. Not with Colin, Cody walked right over and sat his furry little but on his lap. He just sat down right next to him and let him pet him. Cody is never like that. He is afraid of everyone. Nope he likes Colin. What a change in that little man. It was great to see Colin. I hope I get to see him before he heads back up north.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Challenge

With the holiday around the corner.
Let's share on of our families Thanksgiving tradation....

Our family tradition is that my Mother cooks. I spend the say outside putting up christmas decorations. Then we eat about 4 or 5. then go out and look at the lights.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am proud of myself..

I am proud of myself. I figured out how to take the cover off of my back tire and put air in it to get that damn low tire pressure like off of my dashboard. I put air on all my tires all by my girly self. I also filled my gas tank up for right at $25 dollars. Just over 2 months ago it would have cost me over $50 to fill may tank. I can not believe the gas prices. It is so nice not to go broke fill up the tank.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A little of everything..

So an update on my uncle Bobby. He is not doing well. His transplant went well. Did you know that if you receive a bone marrow transplant and your donor has a different blood type, your blood type changes to match the donor? So he was doing well for a little over a week. Then he started retaining fluid and running a fever of 104.7 (brain frying temp). Now his blood pressure keeps dropping. They had to cardiovert him the other night and last night they think he might have had a heart attack. He is delirious - folding towels and shooting things (He is a police officer). He is having problems reconizing people. So hopefully things will start getting better for him and Frances.

I got my new phone and have already put a ding on the case. Oops.I can not wait for my case and clip comes in soon. This is the coolest phone. I really like it.

As you notice on the right side of my blog the Twilight widget has run out. Yes the movie is now in theaters. First off there is a Harry Potter 6 movie trailer in it... Second it was a great movie. It really followed the book and I am glad for that. I really did enjoy it. Alice is still my favorite. I think they could have changed to some of the characters a little. Like Jasper.. he is almost Edward scissor like. Just very stiff. Totally freaky. And what was with Edward's hair. That kinda makes him stand out. Otherwise they are pretty much what I saw the characters as when I read the books.

The federal switch over with cable. Hello news stations we are tired of the tests that you are running with almost every newscast. And the commercials are getting as bad as political ads. If you do not know about the switch you have to be one of the following - a.) living under a rock, b.) living in another county, c.) living on another PLANET, d.) do not own a TV (but I think they are running the ads on the radio also) or e.) have been a coma for at least 8 months. We are tired of it. Government we get the point so stop with the ads.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

palm centro 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
Looky what I am getting. Well almost. I am getting this in Metallic Blue.. About 6 months ago I broke my phone. My little phone had a smashed front screen (Keep phone out of pocket with pens in them). And lately I have been doing a lot more texting. I have Nokia 6102. Man has it taken a beating. When I got it part of the antenna would pull off. Then broke the front screen. Then I dropped it and the top part of the phone was loosened enough that it pops of frequently. Oops. Now I can not wait to get it here. I am ready to play. It has a touch screen and will be so fun to play with. I purchased some cases to help protect it and a screen guard. I got a clip and a car and travel charger. The poor mail man is going to be crazy by the time I get this thing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why do we pay so much for insurance????

So why do we pay so much for insurance when you keep dishing out more money. We got notice that our prescription costs are going up. We are on a 5 tier system - $2, $15, $30, $50 and pray you do no have to mortgage the house. Well now it has been changed to $2, $15, $50, $150 and pray you do no have to mortgage the house. So my Crestor that was costing me $30 a month will now be $50 a month. Worst of all the Wellbutrin XL 300mg that was $50 a month (The generic does not work for me, it is like taking half the brand. I have tried twice to take it and feel like crap) will now be $150 a MONTH. So my prescriptions will go from $80 a month to $200 a month. That is not including the Zyrtec I take on top of everything else. They also raised the amount we pay and added a $250 deductible. I can't believe this.. And this all goes into effect December 1st.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Somewhere I belong..

I must say this quiz was right on. If I was able to I would move over there now.

You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.

And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!

No I am not against the US. It is for my health. I am beginning to get the feeling that all my allergy problems stem from the food we eat here. Someday I will go back and visit.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Etched creations

I made this yesterday morning while fixing breakfast. This is a $3.50 mug from Wal-mart. I used the Martha Stewart Dripping Goo punch to punch a border out of vinyl. I used the Archiver's spiderwed border and seperated the webs. I also cut out spiders and hung them from a strip of vinyl. The spiderwebs are the hardest to get them to stay down. I am still pleased with it. I love the dripping goo around the rim of the cup. You can do this yourself. I cut the shapes out of vinyl on my revolution machine. Important to remember - Vinyl side down. Adhear the vinyl to a clean glass surface and make sure the edges of the vinyl are secure to the surface. Coat the surface with etching cream. Rinse off any they gets on your skin. 15mins later remove the excess and put back into the jar. Under the tap rinse the glass until all the chemical is off. Peel off the vinyl and you have your etched design. I also picked up some glass mugs at a local thrift shop and plan to play with those in coming days. These will make great personalized gifts.

Blog Challenge

Challenge: Have you started to make your Christmas cards? If not are you planning on making your own?

I am planning to make may own cards. I have bought all the papers and elemants. Now I just need to cute them out and put them together. I got some happy holiday ribbon from JoAnn's and will be using my new sante die from Quickutz. I will post them when they are done..

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge: Let's share a blog or site you get alot of ideas/inspiration from other then 2peas.

I think I get a lot of my ideas from the Quickutz site. I love looking for everyone's ideas.

Things going on in my life. Humm. Trying to become a foster parent. We have been cleaning out the spare room to help house a little one. A couple of weekends ago we found a killer deal on a Crib, Craddle, Changing table, Mattress and Glider. All for $140. Today we went to the CITA thrift shop and found 9 4oz drop-in bottles for $0.90. Yep you read that right. I also got 5 glass coffee mugs for $1.25. Last weekend I went to a Make & Take at my LSS and learned how to clemically etch stuff. Sorry it is hard to see. I did a halloween themed cup this morning. I will post photos tomorrow.

Humm. What else.. I am still not very far in the book. I have been goofing off online. I got in touch with a friend. We have been doing a lot of talking. I have also been babysitting a little more lately. I also did some free lanch house cleaning for the family I babysit for. Tomorrow I need to take down the Halloween decorations. I know but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I went to my LSS and picked up some dies at half off. They are in their final days of being open. That is going to be a sad day. Very sad day. I am going to miss all my friends I have developed over the years. My pocket book with be a lot lighter. I say this after I just spent too much to purchase some exclusive dies and some other things from an on-line Scrapbook store. They should arrive sometime the week before Thanksgiving. I now have to figure out how I am going to store them. My little red books are full and I have not found them on line. I would like to find a hard case to put them in but just have not found what I want for a reasonable price.
I know I have not spoke out about the election. I must say I am comfident in the president elect. The vice-president elect is another thing. I would have preferred Gov. Palin. But you can not get everything you want.
I must say I am extremely happy that gas is not costing a mint to fill up your tank anymore. Here it is back down to $2.29 a gallon. I filled up my tank (unfortunately for $2.36) for under $35.00. It had at one time cost over $55.00. Yikes.. That was cutting into my scrapbooking budget.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blog Challenge

Challenge: Why do you write/blog?

This is kinda funny. I was on another board discussing blogs and finding the time to blog. I blog because I am trying to improve my writing. I am a shy person and have never been much of a writter. I truly hated english as I worked my way thru school. I never had a good grades in english. Those are also subjects in which I have not finished my college degree. Like I said in college they want you to preform speeches infront of the class. Not me.. I did start to take communications 101 and my professor was an ass. He gave us an assignment to write about something we know, ie hobbies etc.. I think he must have drained a dozen red markers grading out papers. He called us all stupid and that we should go back to the prep classes. I think only one or two people passed that assignment. I am also betting those are the only 2 people he had at the next class. So the moral of the story is I write in the blogs to improve my writing (and in different blog I work on my photography).

Speaking of photography the photo I posted the yesterday is one of the 20 finalist for the Brevard calendar contest. So please vote..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I need your help....

I have entered a photography contest. I submitted several photos but only one is available to vote on. Now I am looking for you vote. I would love to win but I am not sure I have a chance because they did not pick my best on. Maybe it will make it as October or November.

Vote for my picture ..

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The my Meez..

I'm krissynae


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!