Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blog Challenge

Challenge: Why do you write/blog?

This is kinda funny. I was on another board discussing blogs and finding the time to blog. I blog because I am trying to improve my writing. I am a shy person and have never been much of a writter. I truly hated english as I worked my way thru school. I never had a good grades in english. Those are also subjects in which I have not finished my college degree. Like I said in college they want you to preform speeches infront of the class. Not me.. I did start to take communications 101 and my professor was an ass. He gave us an assignment to write about something we know, ie hobbies etc.. I think he must have drained a dozen red markers grading out papers. He called us all stupid and that we should go back to the prep classes. I think only one or two people passed that assignment. I am also betting those are the only 2 people he had at the next class. So the moral of the story is I write in the blogs to improve my writing (and in different blog I work on my photography).

Speaking of photography the photo I posted the yesterday is one of the 20 finalist for the Brevard calendar contest. So please vote..

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