Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lift off....

Today Disney will send one of it most famous characters into space. Belived it or not Buzz Lightyear is leaving his fried Woody behind and heading into space to aid in education. Now what little boy is not going to want to tune into to see what adventures Buzz Lightyear will have to say. Supposably there WKMG Local 6 out of Orlando will post a link tomorrow so kids can see his adventure and play some games. The site even says Buzz will have his own blog. Can't wait to check that out. Here is the site that is suppose to post the information
Buzz Lightyear will be the latest crew member to join the crew on the international space station. Video of Buzz Lightyear going through astronaut training. This is pretty funny to watch.

This is one of the advantages to living in Brevard county Florida, You can walk out your front door and watch a piece of history head to space. And to feel the rumble as it roars into spcae. These were taken with my new camera. Man it has a great zoom. if you look close enough you can actually see the shuttle. The glow as it heads upward. It is hard to get a picture too close because it moves so fast and just too fast to track. Enjoy..

Friday, May 30, 2008

Total sweetness.

I watch two of the most wonderful little boys in the world. I have been their babysitter since they were 19 months old. It was an easier time to watch them because I could still pick them both up at the same time and carry them up the steps. Now they are 5 year little gentlemen. And they know how to make my heart feel warm inside. They are heading to Marco Island tomorrow for a short vacation. Well I am putting the little men to bed. Gino asks if I will be babysitting them while they are in Marco Island so their mommy and daddy could go out to dinner. Then Dominic pipes up and say you can ride in our car Miss Christy. I explained that I was not going. They asked why not. I explained that I was not asked to come along. They both said can we ask mommy and daddy. I explained that I could probably not be able to go because I have to go back to work. They said you can come with us. Man if Karla was not on vacation I would be jumpin' on the chance to go to Marco Island. For 3 reasons.. 1.) to make the boys happy. 2.) I need a Vacation. 3.) I have a friend who now lives in the area of Marco Island and Sanibel Island. And I would love to get a chance to see him since it has been about 6 years since I last saw Joe.. What a great way to end a long, stressful week. I could just gobble these little boys up..

Blog Challenge 5/30/08

Find a quotation that moves you and write it down. Why does it move you?

Hummmm..I need to ponder this one for a little while...

Okay I know this is probably one of the stupidest answer to this question but if you think about it, it does makes sense.

Where has all the Rum gone.. Why the Rum.. ( yes Pirates of the Caribbean - All three movies)

When you think about it the rum could be anything - Trees, animals, landmarks, a loved one. This can disappear from our lives in a heartbeat and how would we replace it. Well Rum is quite easy to replace, just find a liquor store. But other things are not as easy to replace. In the blink of an eye you can lose a family member. Then you are left wondering. Why??? We see it all the time on the evening and national news - tragedy - a drowning, a fatal accident, a house fire etc.. then you begin to think "why that family". Then it is "think god it is not my family". It makes you realize life it sooo short. Cherish every minute, everything and especially everyone.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Esurance Warning....

We if you have read in prior post you will see that my baby (my 2006 Rav4) had a little while honda shoved up her tailpipe.. This spoiled twit from Lake Worth Smashed my baby to the point she was undrivable. She should had been totaled. Well neither my insurance nor his insurance wanted to total her.

This car was worth :
-Prior to Wreck $19,000
-Damage to the Vehicle $8,700 (including storage fees)
-Cost of the rental car $2,300
-Deminished value of Vehicle $1,716 (according to Esurance)
-Deminished value of vehicle $4,000 (according to any Dealership)
-The value of the vehicle after repair $12,500
-Which means I am VERY upside down on my car loan.

So after 67 days in a rental car, 500 calls to Esurance and lawyer and multiple treats to the insruance commisionor of Florida. I am still being screwed. This puts me $8,000 upside down in my trade. I can not replace my vehicle without being total fucked. The worst part is that this little Jerk got a brand new car, a ticket and defensive driving class out of the deal. Oh yeah he pissed off a Brevard County Judge for not showing up for court to dispute the ticket for the accident he caused.

My vent with Esurance is - They rarely return your calls. They do not get the claim agent out in a timely manner. They think if they cut one check that the car is fixed. They take their time to pay for stuff. They leave you with a vehicle that is not worth anything. And they Lie to you. They are echo friendly because they do not have paper to keep track of their claims. I so hate them..

stepping off soap box..

Blog Challenge 5/29/08

Share with us something you collect and what got you started collecting these items...

Well here to start...
I collect spotted monsters. (see pictures below..)

I started with stuffed ones and some days wish that I had said here. These two monsters run the house and hog the bed. But they are too darn cute.. And their kisses are sooo sweet. They are vacuums on 4 feet. Especially the monster with the black ear.. She is also the best time clock because you will always know when it is 8pm. That is treat time..

I collect elongated pennies and Quarters (also known as Smashed pennies..)
They are the easiest thing next to matchbooks. There is also a museum in Washington DC..

And my most expensive collection is my Quickutz obsession.. Yeppers.. . I collect them because they are toooo cute.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blog Challenge 5/28/08

One thing you must accomplish today is...

That is not a hard one. I did not mame or kill any of my co-workers. I know that sounds awful. I have to admit I have a very whiny co-worker. She never feels good. She is always taking some type of medication. She had an IUD put in for bleeding and she constantly fusses about cramping and bleeding. She always is wanting someone to buy something for her or she wants something free. My other co-worker has more family drama the all the soap operas on daytime TV. Her 18 y/o daughter just had a baby with and abuse jerk who is a deadbeat drugie, Her oldest is a lesbian and she is not dealing with it very well. Hey she is Happy let it be. Her son is a little child in a big boys body. Her hubby can not keep a job again. Everyone lives under one roof and she moved another kid in to this madness because he has an unstable home. And I could keep on going. She spends most of her day texting and play ref for the family. It gets frustrating because I work so hard and RARELY use my cellphone. I have texted 4 times and 2 of them were for info my practitioner requested. I am just very proud that they are both still alive..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My mother and her lover..

This is my mother's lover. You always hear about children obsessed with video games. Well my mother is ALWAYS playing her Nintendo DS Lite. I have watched her play for over 6 hrs. She comes home from work and will start playing before she even eats. She is also beginning to fuss at the dogs if they block her playing. She is addicted to playing Virus Busters on Brain Age 2. Evil game.. It is like Tetris. It is suppose to help with inproving her brain function. I can not see any improvement. In fact I am see a lot of Grandma in her. I am noticing her telling the same story over again and again. Yes mother I am glad you found so and so a rental house. Yes I know she is 8 months pregnant and she was having contactions. Well mom we live in florida and she ws going from house to house and not drinking enough water. That will cause contractions. I know the one house looked disgusting. Tell the other realator. I don't care... You just need to get things closing. I don't care if you put them in a doghouse as long as you get the money. We have to pay for the house so we can stay under the roof. I do not know what caused things to start this way. I do not know if it is related with the surgery last February or the accident in October. I just notice it is getting progressively worse. I knew one day I would have to start caring more for my mother, but not this early. She is still very young and I have not had a chance to raise my own family first.

Blog Challenge 5/27/08

Did you do something special to honor those Men & Women who have lost their lives to serve our country? If so how...

We put our flag out. I know it is not a lot. Gas is too expensive to drive up to Fellsmere or down to Malabar. to put flowers on Family members graves. Anyway Palm Bay and Malabar are still quite smokey. That is one of my asthma triggers. I do not want to end up in the ER or on my Nebulizer.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Well Since I last wrote a lot has happened. I have been to England and Scotland. That country is so beautiful. I would move there if it was possible. I am not sure what I would do to pay the bills. I felt like I belonged there. Here I just feel like I am suppose serve my coworkers. I feel like people just expect me to do it for them. I am tired of waiting on everyone else. I get tired of hearing " I was going to do that". No you were not. Quit lying... But anyways.. I watched the boys on Saturday night. They were sweet as usual. I watched them at a birthday party. There was about a dozen kids there. At one time about 1/2 of them I currently watch. I was upstairs reading with Dom and the father came and told me to keep the kids out of the bedrooms. He made me feel like it was my job to watch everyone else's kids which it is not. I knew where my kids where and what they were up to. One of my kids was sitting with me reading and the other was watching TV down stairs. My children were behaving. You need to talk to your daughter who said it was fine for everyone to play in the other bedrooms. I have never felt like that watching the children I watch. My parents are nice and treat me with respect. I am glad I am not their nanny.

Okay back to travel. I have been working on a blog for my trip. It is on This is a cool site. You can meet people who are either traveling to the same place you are going or need help planning their trip. You can create blogs, write reviews on locations. Love this site..

Next vent. Clothing vent.. Designers listen up. We fluffy ladies are upset. I wear a size 16. It is so hard to find stuff that truly fits. Us women want a size 16 to fit a 16. I have been to places where a 16 in women's was too tight but when I go to the Positively Plus section and get 16 it is way too big. I HATE shopping it makes me cry. There are 2 stores that I have found that Carry stylist clothes that fit the fluffy set. A size 16 should be a size 16 not a 14 or 18 labeled as a 16. Do designers realize that 30somethings in the plus size want stylish clothes not Granny style clothes. And just because we a fluffy does not mean we have a crotch that goes to our knees. I wanna wear cute clothing. Mom's vent is about shoes. People with small feet do not want shoes that look like they belong on a child or teen. Well that is all I can think if right now,

And a lot has happened.. So here is all the drama.. October started off with a BANG. Yep.. I was rear-ended on Interstate Highway 95. He broke my baby and my mom. I will live.. I hurt but I will Live.. The rear-end of my baby was smashed in to the point I could not open the back door. If you want to see pictures you can go to my photos on here. Mom lost consciousness 3 time. We were taken to the worse hospital in the county by the paramedic with a god complex. He was a Prick.. The guy that hit me... Oh he was a gem too. He did not think he deserved a ticket. Hello idiot.. You run into someone you do deserve it. So now Mom & I have had to add a whole bunch of new men to our lives - A Chiropractor, Dr. Slattery, A Neurologist, an Orthopedic and Psychologist.. And we are not done yet. Six months later my hip still hurts and now I have tremors in my hands (worse on the left). Mom’s headaches have gotten better but she still has numbness from the waist down. So lets move into November.. At the beginning the November my 21 year old cousin died. Well she had sleep apnea and was on a machine to sleep with. Well she went to her boyfriend’s house and did not take her machine and passed away during the night. So I have lost 3 generations of my family in 2 years. So we a slowly moving through the month of November.. On November 23rd a guy not pay attention hit Cory on his motorcycle. So he broke his leg and ended up with a plate in. Not the plate he wanted for Thanksgiving. He spent 3 days in the hospital with the alias Echo Trauma.. Well.. The hospital now knows he is not allowed to have Morphine. It makes him crazy and paranoid. A few days later and he is walking with a new little limp and has some road rash.. He is on the road to recovery.. Christmas is coming fast.. then it is here and gone.. I have a emotional breakdown at work.. I get sent to a psychologist. We meet for the first time mid-December. It is great when a trained professional tells you have every right to be depressed. Yeah.. I am not crazy.. The thoughts going through my head are not what I really needed but it was great to have someone listen to you and not want to interrupt and talk about themselves.. So I leave with a script for Wellbutrin and try to get my life back in order. Well after over 2 months I am finally getting rid of this horrible rental car and back into a real car. Yep. it took 67 days for his insurance company to get things in order.. oh that is not it.. They thought the car was already done. Hello.. No it is not... After some threats to go the state insurance commissioner and we get my car back. Then Christmas comes and goes.. A few days later I receive a summons from the courts of Brevard County. The dickhead is fighting his ticket. So on January 9th I go to court and he does not show up. So we have to go back to court February 28th. This time he does show and has to pay the fine along with the 8hrs of defensive driving school. So other then that I have been trying to go to the gym. The Wellbutrin is help with the weight loss.. I am down about 22pounds. I am fitting in regular women's clothes.. Yeah.. Bad this is it is not good for the budget.Even the shorts I bought 2 months ago now ae getting too loose.. Oh okay family drama.. My grandfather is seeing a woman the age of 58.. He is 80.... He apparently has gone through $60,000 since grandmother passed away. He has a car financed (that is not BJ’s). I have also found out that he gave Elizabeth and BJ $5,000 each. Do you know what I could do with $5,000. I could almost pay off all my credit cards. It is always the oldest that get jipped.. I have always been shafted when it comes to the family... I am the only one who has not robbed him blind in my 32 years of life. Oh well family dramas..

Some thing that I have also been doing is reading and going to the Gym where it is my MP3 and me..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I hate this time of year

Well this is one of the few times of year when being single woman sucks. I am not married and do not have kids. When people start to wish you a happy mothers day then go Oops I forgot your not a mother. Boy that feels like your heart being ripped out and smashed. The only other day harder then mothers day is valentine's day. It is hard to watch others get beautiful flowers and candy. Leaving work as soon as possible because they have dinner plans. It sucks.. It just reminds me of what a failure in the love department I am. What a fool I was not to say yes to the one man who did want to marry me. I was young then and wanted to complete so much. Yeah I have not completed any of it. My goal was to married by the time I was 26 and then start a family. I am now 32 and have nothing.

Today I am a broken hearted sad panda. :(