Friday, May 30, 2008

Total sweetness.

I watch two of the most wonderful little boys in the world. I have been their babysitter since they were 19 months old. It was an easier time to watch them because I could still pick them both up at the same time and carry them up the steps. Now they are 5 year little gentlemen. And they know how to make my heart feel warm inside. They are heading to Marco Island tomorrow for a short vacation. Well I am putting the little men to bed. Gino asks if I will be babysitting them while they are in Marco Island so their mommy and daddy could go out to dinner. Then Dominic pipes up and say you can ride in our car Miss Christy. I explained that I was not going. They asked why not. I explained that I was not asked to come along. They both said can we ask mommy and daddy. I explained that I could probably not be able to go because I have to go back to work. They said you can come with us. Man if Karla was not on vacation I would be jumpin' on the chance to go to Marco Island. For 3 reasons.. 1.) to make the boys happy. 2.) I need a Vacation. 3.) I have a friend who now lives in the area of Marco Island and Sanibel Island. And I would love to get a chance to see him since it has been about 6 years since I last saw Joe.. What a great way to end a long, stressful week. I could just gobble these little boys up..

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