Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crazy People

There are some crazy *** fouls in this world. Kelly & I were heading to the hospital to pick up lunch. We walk out the office door and hear this loud screaming and whaling. We walk about the office and see cars stopped and people getting out of their cars. There was this Mid aged black women standing on the sidewalk just whailing and cried. We run out to the cars. It turns out that some Damn homeless fool who was probably just released from the hospital for probably the same stupid STUNT. He had been trying to get someone to hit them with their vehicle. Witness state he had tried to jump infront of at least 4 other vehicles before she came along. This nice hard working woman probably on her lunch hour or heading back to work had her life come to s stand still and just fall to pieces in the blink of the eye. This woman how now go it in her head that she hit this man how she probably did not even touch just so he could get a dry place to sleep. When I walked he had no visable signs of an injury. I have worked accidents and stuff like that and he just looked like he had put himself there. He looked too uninjuryed. I you wer hit by a car you are going to have some damage to yourself or the vehicle. We did not see either. This poor woman will be tramatized for a long time. She is going to keep seeing this fool. Why I think he was just released from the hospital was because he had a belongings bag from the hospital and he had fresh stitches about his right eye. Our local forcast say scattered showers for the next 5 days. Homeles, desperate people will do anything to keep dry or warm. Their minds think that if they can get into the hospital for a few days they will be warm, dry and feed. This little stunt to keep dry has seriously crashed a womans life. She will never be the same. My heart goes out to here..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Snow in Central Florida

There was a weather warning that just scrolled acroos the screen. It was warning about the fridged weather and winds. Well somewhere in the middle of the weather warning it mentions a light snow mixed with light rain.. can you believe that. Of course I can not find it on the news channels website. We are under a wind chill warning. Burrrrrrr....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ordering food

Why is it is so hard to get food order right???? Last thursday I went to Jason's Deli and ordered a Baked Potato with Cheese & butter ONLY... I get the food home and It has SOUR CREAM on it. YUCK!!!! Well tonight I go to Wendy's.. Man did they screw that order up. I even took it back and asked for my money back. I ordered a Number 1 with cheese and lettece with a Dr. Pepper and a Crispy chicken sandwich. I got a Spicy Chicken sandwich plan, a Spicy chicken combo, cold fries and a soda that was all carbination. I was not happy at all. I ended up eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Why is it so hard to follow directions. The one place I have gotten my food order right is a Chinese Take-Out. It is so hard for people to understand that some people don't like all that Crap on there food. No I do not want stuff on my burger or salad.
-- Today I started my first 24hr Urine.. What a FUN test.. You try aiming for a urine hat. it is not as easy as it seems.. Men have it easy to just aim it into the jug. Otherwise we put up the Christmas tree. It is not decorated it is just setting there partially lite. Yep some of the lights are dim.. I can not for the life of me find that one missing plug to light some of those missing strands. I will be adding some lights to our tree when we unbox the strands I bought last year. It is not the strand that was out last year. things that make you go Hummm. I worked on the lighted figuires for the front yard. This year we will have 3 deer, 2 polar bears and 2 penquins.. A real artic wonderland. We have added 2 small trees to the entryway that may last all year long. So next Thursday I just have to figuire our how to keep everything lite without blowing a fuse. The fuse attached to my bathroom. It is not like I use my hair dryer or curling iron..

Today was possibly the day that Cory and Tracy got married. We have not heard anything. She has not posted on her blog since last monday. I worry about them getting married. She has no ambition to do anything with her life. She is a sponge. I still do not 100% believe Daniel is Corys. The timing does not add up. They had split because she was hanging out with this guy and lying about what she was doing. They say all they do is fight.. Why get married then. It will only get worse.. Silliness.... She was only doing this to tie him down. She says she was pressured by co-workers.. I don't think so.. They was not saving money for their wedding so she got them one for FREE.... I must think something has changed because her IM settings have changed from the Angry woman to Breast Cancer Awareness.. Hello was last month...

November 18, 2006

Good news..
Went to see the Kidney specialist today. He was very nice. And he says this maybe something I just do. He says I do not need to worry unless I start spilling Protein.. Then it is a problem. I have to do 2 24hr urines.. Yippeeee. This measures my output and look with for other things. Otherwise there is not much else to talk about. I truly do not think I completed a single thing.

November 16, 2006

I went to JoAnn's craft store to get a few things after work. I went to Jason's Deli and ordered 2 of their potatoes on steriods. I got my order home and My potatoe has sour cream on it. So I pick as much sour cream off the potatoe and eat most of my potatoe and then preceed to fall asleep sitting here with the computer on my lap. I still can not keep my eyes open. I guess it is the weather. It has been gloomy and overcast all day. Well tomorrow I go to the nephrologist. It looks like the only men in my life have an MD behind their names. And the men they hang out with at anceint or they have problems with their plumbing.. I think I am going to go to bed..

Monday, November 13, 2006

10 days and counting -- Black Friday

Black Friday is in 10 days... Now here is the delema.. In know friday is suppose to be the day you purchase christmas gifts.. Well Problem number 1) I don't know what to buy people... They don't communicate what they want or they have everything... 2) the scrapbook store is having a sell on Saturday on something that I really want,,, well 2 somethings I really want. at a VERY good price. I know I am a Quickutz Addict and I ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!. They are having a great sell on 2 alphabets I want.. Once again a VERY GOOD PRICE. I am doing some babysitting jobs between now and then and I will use most of that money towards that.. I have Ideas for possible gifts but I just can not fiquire our what to buy... The pressure.. I found something great for my dad but they do not make it in his sports team so I have to switch to something else. Did you know they make steak branding irons with your favoriate college team.. but NO WAKE FOREST. athough they make Florida State. Speaking of Florida State Seminoles.. WHAT was with that game saturday night. You guys lost to Wake Forest. And I do not just lost, they walked all over you. 30 to 0. And 20 of those points in the first half.. Oh Come one boys.. What is with you boys. I would rather lose to U of F then Wake Forest. I had to call my father at half time to conseed because I know it was not going to be a good second half. Oh now that was painful. Very painful.. I am only use to hearing the ribbing during basketball season... NOT FOOTBALL... If you were going to lose to them a 1 point loss would have been great but 30 points are you KIDDING.. Okay that felt better..

Work post -- Oh Sharon and the Back drama.... She is on the floor 5 minutes and she can not take. "Oh my back" "This is stupid" "Why did I come in" yada yada yada...It is not her drama it is Dee drama. Amanda is sick, Kelly is hurt.. I spoke.. Your family needs vitamins and bubble wrap. She is going to put AFLAC out of business. They are constantly getting hurt and filing a claim. She constantly takes them to the ER for BS reasons and if they do not walk out with wither stitches or and antibiotic she is having a FIT. She thinks every illness needs an antibiotic, if she does not have one when she or her child leaves the doctor's office she is fussing. She has a daughter with scolieosis and she is convenced that she needs back surgery.. Hello she is 17 y/o and that will screw her up... Before I went on vacation her daughter amanda was scheduled for the same surgery I had. She thought that she would be back to work in a day or two. I told her that it is a very tough surgery and she is kidding herself about beginning back to normal in a few days.. I told her that this is a bear and rehab is a bitch. When I came back she said that amanda had a reaction to the nerve block.. Hello it was not the block she had a reaction too.. It was the PAIN she was reacting to. I was sick after my surgery too from my hand.. IT HURT and my body thought it would be fun to make me sick as a dog.. She is asking me all about weither I could move may are this way and that way.. Hello No but I did my excersices and worked at it every day and pushed myself. I made it.. If I could do it at 29 she could do it at 19. It is the days of our Hibiscus Lives..

Novemember 10th, 2006

Playing in Orlando
Well this day off has been planned for months but it was great to get AWAY.. This last 2 weeks have been rough..Cystoscopy last week, IVP wednesday. I kept my scheduled day off to go to the Scrapbooking expo. That was kinda disappointing. It was very hard to walk in the booths. Most of the booths where either stamps or pre-made page kits. I did purchase some of the things I wanted. I am a HUGE 7 gypsies paper company fan. There were not many diplays with their products. I did get the tags I wanted. I almost purchased the stamp I wanted. I was really hoping to find more of the wax to get some more colors to use in my book. Did not find them.. Only 2 kits in the booths. I did purchase some stencils from Rusty Pickle.. I spent most of my money at the Florida Mall where I went afterwards. I bought Mumble from Build-a-Bear. He is too soft and couddly. He has a heart that lights up and I purchased a sound box. I went to Old navy and purchased something for the pups.. I went to the Disney store and purchased a shirt and just roamed around.. As I mentioned earlier I had an IVP wednesday. On the way home I got a call that Dr. Fields is referring me to a Nephrologist next friday. I do not know what to think. When I had my CT it took almost a week to get the result. This was less then 48hrs. Hummm... Now it is a wait and see game. Yes I still have the pain, no it did not change when I took the Bowel prep (YummY). The only thing that did was hurt my stomach.. Keep you posted...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Sorry there are a lot of posts for today but I have not been updating this like I should.. Since this is an auther only blog.. I vant vent about work. We have been made to take a series of classes to make us work better as a time. I feel like the person who needs it most is not making an effort to change. She (our BOSS) still seem cold and very short and demeaning.... She walks in and say "HI"or "Good Morning" and Silence.. Crickets..

Other News -- Sharon hurt her back and has been out most of the week.. Dee is planning to make anouther 30 claims to aflac. She is limping on her ankle again. She is going to wither get us dropped from aflac or make them bankrupt.. So far this year she has had 2 surgeries to claim, Physical therapy, about 10 injuries between the girls. Now one on Tyler for a burn on his hip, and I am not sure how many claims for her & her husband.. She waits until November to submit them all for Christmas money.

Oh and Dr. Zylman is getting a divorce.. I was shocked when she came out and just spilled the beans.. Very shocked.. ..

well must go to bed..

The Uriologist

They are the Mens equivalent of a GYN.. They like to poke and prode with little camera and stuff.. Do you know strange it feels to be a woman in a man's Doctor.. And to be under the age of 60.. They look at you weird... My co-worker has to see a Uriologist because she had blood in her urine. She then found out that she had Bladder Cancer (YO Smokers... Smoking causes Bladder Cancer.. Wake Up Call...) Her Uriologist calls her his young patient.. Makes her feel better but does not make things easier..I am my uriologist's problem Child.. Last week I had a Cystoscopy.. Yuck.. That is were they side a camera up your urethrea and look around while you are wide awake.. Of course he only finds some irritation at the top of my bladders.. No true cause found for the bleeding.. Good news No Bladder cancer.. Bad news more test and referral to have my Kidney beans check out.. Another specialist.. He then called me a strange little creature.. That is me.. I am scientific puzzle.. Well today I had an IVP with CT cuts.. Which means liquid diet for 24 hr (Fudged a little there.. don't tell), 3 dulcolax pills (not that is hard on the tushy) and because I am allergic to so many things I have to be pre-medicated.. No that does not mean Valium.. I have to take predinsone 20mg every 6hrs, tagament 300mg every 6hrs and 50mg of benadryl (1hr before procedure) . Of course every resturant had to run a TV commercial last night when I was starving.. Oh well.. I survived.. Now we have to wait for the results. I have to call and make an appointment for the results..

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Florida Landmark Lost
Today a Florida Landmark burnt to the ground. Gatorland in Orlando was on fire at 555am. The gift shop and a few attached buildings were a total loss. There were a few reptiles and insects that were housed in the gift shop that were tragicly lost. There was a fire fighter who was cleaning up the debris whi will need a clean psir of short. He lifted a piece of wood out of the one of the pens (swamp with alligators) came face to pace with an Alligator that they had feared to have been killed. Gatorland has been a florida landmark for 57 years and gone in a few hours. They Say they are hoping to be reopened by this weekend.

Sunday, November 05, 2006 - Elections

I have one thing to say.... Thank goodness these are almost over I can not take these commersials too much longer. They are overwheling. They are nasty and rude. Now one stupid lady in Olando sent out a mailer stating the guy she ran against was the key speaker at a party that was only about sex. Now how would you feel if your child was home after school and pick that piece of mail out of your mailbox. That piece of mail does not need to printed or mailed. I do not know who gave her the advice to mail that out lost her that race. If she was the one that thought up that idea she does not belong in office. Very stupid move.. Very Stupid.. On her interview that aired on 11pm news she did not seem to think anything was wrong with that she did. Duhhh... Conseed now because you lost... Some people have no clue... Sorry tried to find a link to it so you could read for yourself.. No Luck..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 - Happy Halloween

Well it seems like every one is in a better mood / attitude when costumes are involved. Not as much bickoring around the office today. My boys came and visited me today and they were so happy to see me. They are so sweet. I would love to have children. I wanna be a mommy.. I need to get out of this funk.. My favorite time of the year and I am sitting here sad.

Sunday, October 29, 2006 - Update

She is doing well. She is in the Psych ward for evaluation. She spent about 3 days in ICU then down to a PCU room then friday to the Psych unit. She may be discharged tomorrow. She is feeling better in many ways. She has been stablized on meds and is very nervious about coming home. Her got the hospital soon enough that her liver and kidney damage was kept to a minamiun and they think what damage was done will probably repair over time.
Friday night we went to Disney's Not so scary Halloween party. We had a blast. We rode all the mountain, thunder mountain and splash mountain. We even rode the updated pirates ride with Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. We watched the Parade and the Fireworks. They had the headless Horseman ride through the streets. That was soo cool to see. In the parade they had a the Caretaker from the Haunted Mansion with a real blood hound.

Monday, October 23, 2006 - A lot to think about

Well as you know when I wrote Saturday night I was at the Gaylord Palms. Mom came back from her party a little after 11pm. We watched Tv for a a little while then went to bed. At about 130am mom's cell phone rang. On the other end of the phone it was a friend of my mom's asking how long it takes someone to die from taking 100 tylenol. If that does not wake you from a dead sleep. We quickly packed and left the hotel. I had the chance to wake up on the 9th floor of a 5star hotel and I had to leave in the middle of the night.. Oh now that breaks your heart. Mom pleads with her friend to tell us where she is. And she would keep hanging up. I meanwhile am driving down 417 at 80mph to make it back to the coast quickly to try and talk her into revialing her location to get her treamtment. The longer the medication stays in her system the more damage it does to her liver and kidneys. Well we find out where she is and she is taken by ambulance to Wuesthoff hospital where she is currently sitting ICU and is being monitored for organ failure. Just as we were pulling into Wuesthoff a little white car almost sideswipes me at 3am. Yikes... What a night..

Saturday, October 21, 2006 - Guess Where I am

No I am not back in engand. Although I wish I was. I am sitting in a ninth floor hotel room at the Gayord Palms hotel in Orlando. This place it amazing. There are alligators here in the hotel. They are just 9 floors below our room. Mom is at a confrence over here and I came over to check out the hotel. This place is an adventure park on it's own. I must say it is the coolest. I wil post pictures soon. well back to my movie. Yes I am watching Harry Potter, it is currently playing on Channel 9 andI have look for places I visited while in England.