Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006 - Elections

I have one thing to say.... Thank goodness these are almost over I can not take these commersials too much longer. They are overwheling. They are nasty and rude. Now one stupid lady in Olando sent out a mailer stating the guy she ran against was the key speaker at a party that was only about sex. Now how would you feel if your child was home after school and pick that piece of mail out of your mailbox. That piece of mail does not need to printed or mailed. I do not know who gave her the advice to mail that out lost her that race. If she was the one that thought up that idea she does not belong in office. Very stupid move.. Very Stupid.. On her interview that aired on 11pm news she did not seem to think anything was wrong with that she did. Duhhh... Conseed now because you lost... Some people have no clue... Sorry tried to find a link to it so you could read for yourself.. No Luck..

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