Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rings and jewels are not gifts but apologies for gifts . The only true gift
is a portion of yourself.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, December 15, 2008

Look what I caught..

I caught these just after the front moved through the area last Thursday. This was over the Indian River. It was so pretty in person. The photos just do not do it justice.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend...

I must say I have complete a lot this weekend. I finished the coffee mugs for the girls I work with. Then I realized I forgot one of them. Yeah but I can fix that tomorrow. I just will not give them out right away. I will do that on Friday when we do the Secret Santa reveal. Speaking of Secret Santa. I got purchased all my gifts and got them all ready for delivery. I found these Chinese takeout boxes in a woodland print at Target. So I stuffed all her Items into those. I etched her initial on the wine glasses. They are all packages and ready for delivery during this week. Mom needed an award for her work so found a beautiful vase. I etched the Top sales agent on it for her. It came out pretty good. I almost dropped it but luckily only chipped it. I was able to buff it out to the point that it is hard to see. What else... Saturday I got a call from my co-workers. They were looking to find out where I was. Well the truth behind it. They needed me to get show them how to move the photos from disks so they could make the slide show. So I got them all situated. Had a couple of glasses of wine. I also made an anklet for the person I work under. All I need is to get her an iTunes gift card. I still have to get the boys their gift, a gift for the Chinese gift exchange. I did order mom some Northern Nights wrinkle defense sheets and extra pillow cases. Things are a little tight so I can not get her everything I want to. Especially since I am driving north just after Christmas. I also got the pups washed. My bed is clean. What a great combination.

I did learn something cool.. If you order your pizza online with domino's you can watch the progress of your pizza. Yep, it is a little meter that changes as your pizza. I know the littlest things amuse me.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why is Christmas coming so FAST...

It seemed so long ago but now it is here. We start out Secret Santa next week. How did it come up on us sooooo fast. Then it hits me. I am heading to North Carolina in a little over 2 weeks. I am driving there. That was even stupider suggestion. My body is killing me to drive to Orlando and that is only an hour away. If I can walk when I get there it will be a miracle. Note to self.. Pack muscle relaxers and pain meds. So people ask me why are you only going for a few days. There is only so much family drama one person can take. And I am almost maxed out on my anti-depressant. There is a reason I live 10 hrs away. Sanity.. I love my dad and stepmother and step brother and his family but the rest are nuts.. Yes we are like brownies.. full of nuts. So I must head north and eat my brownie and deal with it. My stepmother's mother (My grandmother) is an innocent bystander. She has crazy people all around her. Her children constantly fight and point fingers. Her grandchildren rarely send her cards or spoil her. My dad has welcomes her with open arms. He totally picks on her just to make her feel welcome. He says yeah on your way up pick up grandma because I need some wood chopped for winter. But there is no way grandma can do that because the ax is as tall as she is. Yesterday my dad and stepmother celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. And the slacker I am I did not get their card out until Monday. Man I really need to listen to my phone more often.. Well off to bed. Happy Tuesday..