Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rings and jewels are not gifts but apologies for gifts . The only true gift
is a portion of yourself.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, December 15, 2008

Look what I caught..

I caught these just after the front moved through the area last Thursday. This was over the Indian River. It was so pretty in person. The photos just do not do it justice.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend...

I must say I have complete a lot this weekend. I finished the coffee mugs for the girls I work with. Then I realized I forgot one of them. Yeah but I can fix that tomorrow. I just will not give them out right away. I will do that on Friday when we do the Secret Santa reveal. Speaking of Secret Santa. I got purchased all my gifts and got them all ready for delivery. I found these Chinese takeout boxes in a woodland print at Target. So I stuffed all her Items into those. I etched her initial on the wine glasses. They are all packages and ready for delivery during this week. Mom needed an award for her work so found a beautiful vase. I etched the Top sales agent on it for her. It came out pretty good. I almost dropped it but luckily only chipped it. I was able to buff it out to the point that it is hard to see. What else... Saturday I got a call from my co-workers. They were looking to find out where I was. Well the truth behind it. They needed me to get show them how to move the photos from disks so they could make the slide show. So I got them all situated. Had a couple of glasses of wine. I also made an anklet for the person I work under. All I need is to get her an iTunes gift card. I still have to get the boys their gift, a gift for the Chinese gift exchange. I did order mom some Northern Nights wrinkle defense sheets and extra pillow cases. Things are a little tight so I can not get her everything I want to. Especially since I am driving north just after Christmas. I also got the pups washed. My bed is clean. What a great combination.

I did learn something cool.. If you order your pizza online with domino's you can watch the progress of your pizza. Yep, it is a little meter that changes as your pizza. I know the littlest things amuse me.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why is Christmas coming so FAST...

It seemed so long ago but now it is here. We start out Secret Santa next week. How did it come up on us sooooo fast. Then it hits me. I am heading to North Carolina in a little over 2 weeks. I am driving there. That was even stupider suggestion. My body is killing me to drive to Orlando and that is only an hour away. If I can walk when I get there it will be a miracle. Note to self.. Pack muscle relaxers and pain meds. So people ask me why are you only going for a few days. There is only so much family drama one person can take. And I am almost maxed out on my anti-depressant. There is a reason I live 10 hrs away. Sanity.. I love my dad and stepmother and step brother and his family but the rest are nuts.. Yes we are like brownies.. full of nuts. So I must head north and eat my brownie and deal with it. My stepmother's mother (My grandmother) is an innocent bystander. She has crazy people all around her. Her children constantly fight and point fingers. Her grandchildren rarely send her cards or spoil her. My dad has welcomes her with open arms. He totally picks on her just to make her feel welcome. He says yeah on your way up pick up grandma because I need some wood chopped for winter. But there is no way grandma can do that because the ax is as tall as she is. Yesterday my dad and stepmother celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. And the slacker I am I did not get their card out until Monday. Man I really need to listen to my phone more often.. Well off to bed. Happy Tuesday..

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Do you ever wonder why people come in and out of your life. I do. I do all the time. I have a group of male friends who come in and out of my life. I talk to them and then they disappear. Just drop off the face of the earth. Tony, Colin and Joe. They drive me bonkers. Colin right now has been talking to me and even came to visit me while he was in town for Thanksgiving. He has had a rough last few years. But I think his life maybe on the better road. I hope. Hell if he can survive at least 3 motorcycle accidents he can make it though this. Like I said I hope. Joe, my sweet Joe. He is the worst. 10 years ago he up and disappeared, no goodbye not even a screw you. He was in love with another woman but he was still playing me. And me the stupid fool I am I fell for it. Then he is gone. The a few years later I hear from him and find out they have a daughter. Then he is gone again. Then he pops back into my life again and out before I know it. He has weaseled his way back in again. I am so tired of the ones who got away coming back and saying they want me. Dumb ass you had me and you walked away. Not me. I was there for you and you abandoned me. You can not even have lunch with me - a friend. Because she might get mad that you are having lunch with another woman. Hello, there is no reason to worry. You chose her over me. Good god it is only lunch. I am not going to jump and rape you in the middle of a restaurant. Now I have not heard from in a week. Tony.. He just pops up and sends me an instant message and then he is gone. Nothing, Nada. Tony has held my heart for a long time but our relationship has never gone anywhere. One day when we were laying in one of the beds at the station talking, he asked a question as he entered that area between awake and asleep. He asked what we never got together. I told him because he never asked. When I asked him about it he does not remember it (Of Course). But nothing went from there. Now he talks to me every once in a while. His mother always ask why I have not gone out with him. I told her that it is a 2 way street and there is only one driver going down it. She says she will work on it. Oh good heavens. We have know each other since 1996 and nada. We did make a pact that if we are not married by the time I turn 35 we will get married. Well that is only a few years from now. I doubt that will happen. Hell we even went to Orlando together and stayed in a hotel together. Nada. I thought that is when things would take a turn. Nope. He has been my Knight in shining armor when a stranger come to my door and I was home alone. Damn him.. What is it that I do to these guys. what??? I am a great person as most say but I am alone. I am so tired of hearing that I would make a great mother. Well obviously not by the men's standards. Damn them... What am I doing wrong???

Friday, November 28, 2008

I know this is late.. but

Happy Turkey day. Hope all of you filled your tummy with some great food. And since today is Black Friday. I hope all of you got the gifts you set out for. I must say I kept my butt in bed cuddling a puppy who was not letting me get out of bed. But my body agreed with Cody. I am still sore from putting up the Christmas lights. This is my holiday display. My zoo has been set out for this season. My blow up snowman, 2 bears, 2 penguins, 3 geese, 4 deer and a over sized card. I am pretty proud of it. I did 95% of it myself along with trimming the trees. Thing to remember trim the trees the weekend before. Our holiday tradition is on Thanksgiving I stay outside and put up the holiday decorations and mom watches the parades, cooks and comes out and holds the ladder when I do the crest of the front of the roof line.

These two are my favorite. My little helpers. The first is Cody watching me. The second is I.V. Grace seeing what mommy is doing on in the cold and dark. Silly Mommy.
Today a friend from High school who I talk on-line to all the time stopped by. He lives in Pennsylvania and is down for the holiday. If you know my dogs, you know I.V. Grace is the flirt and cody is usually outside barking at the guest. Not with Colin, Cody walked right over and sat his furry little but on his lap. He just sat down right next to him and let him pet him. Cody is never like that. He is afraid of everyone. Nope he likes Colin. What a change in that little man. It was great to see Colin. I hope I get to see him before he heads back up north.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Challenge

With the holiday around the corner.
Let's share on of our families Thanksgiving tradation....

Our family tradition is that my Mother cooks. I spend the say outside putting up christmas decorations. Then we eat about 4 or 5. then go out and look at the lights.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am proud of myself..

I am proud of myself. I figured out how to take the cover off of my back tire and put air in it to get that damn low tire pressure like off of my dashboard. I put air on all my tires all by my girly self. I also filled my gas tank up for right at $25 dollars. Just over 2 months ago it would have cost me over $50 to fill may tank. I can not believe the gas prices. It is so nice not to go broke fill up the tank.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A little of everything..

So an update on my uncle Bobby. He is not doing well. His transplant went well. Did you know that if you receive a bone marrow transplant and your donor has a different blood type, your blood type changes to match the donor? So he was doing well for a little over a week. Then he started retaining fluid and running a fever of 104.7 (brain frying temp). Now his blood pressure keeps dropping. They had to cardiovert him the other night and last night they think he might have had a heart attack. He is delirious - folding towels and shooting things (He is a police officer). He is having problems reconizing people. So hopefully things will start getting better for him and Frances.

I got my new phone and have already put a ding on the case. Oops.I can not wait for my case and clip comes in soon. This is the coolest phone. I really like it.

As you notice on the right side of my blog the Twilight widget has run out. Yes the movie is now in theaters. First off there is a Harry Potter 6 movie trailer in it... Second it was a great movie. It really followed the book and I am glad for that. I really did enjoy it. Alice is still my favorite. I think they could have changed to some of the characters a little. Like Jasper.. he is almost Edward scissor like. Just very stiff. Totally freaky. And what was with Edward's hair. That kinda makes him stand out. Otherwise they are pretty much what I saw the characters as when I read the books.

The federal switch over with cable. Hello news stations we are tired of the tests that you are running with almost every newscast. And the commercials are getting as bad as political ads. If you do not know about the switch you have to be one of the following - a.) living under a rock, b.) living in another county, c.) living on another PLANET, d.) do not own a TV (but I think they are running the ads on the radio also) or e.) have been a coma for at least 8 months. We are tired of it. Government we get the point so stop with the ads.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

palm centro 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
Looky what I am getting. Well almost. I am getting this in Metallic Blue.. About 6 months ago I broke my phone. My little phone had a smashed front screen (Keep phone out of pocket with pens in them). And lately I have been doing a lot more texting. I have Nokia 6102. Man has it taken a beating. When I got it part of the antenna would pull off. Then broke the front screen. Then I dropped it and the top part of the phone was loosened enough that it pops of frequently. Oops. Now I can not wait to get it here. I am ready to play. It has a touch screen and will be so fun to play with. I purchased some cases to help protect it and a screen guard. I got a clip and a car and travel charger. The poor mail man is going to be crazy by the time I get this thing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why do we pay so much for insurance????

So why do we pay so much for insurance when you keep dishing out more money. We got notice that our prescription costs are going up. We are on a 5 tier system - $2, $15, $30, $50 and pray you do no have to mortgage the house. Well now it has been changed to $2, $15, $50, $150 and pray you do no have to mortgage the house. So my Crestor that was costing me $30 a month will now be $50 a month. Worst of all the Wellbutrin XL 300mg that was $50 a month (The generic does not work for me, it is like taking half the brand. I have tried twice to take it and feel like crap) will now be $150 a MONTH. So my prescriptions will go from $80 a month to $200 a month. That is not including the Zyrtec I take on top of everything else. They also raised the amount we pay and added a $250 deductible. I can't believe this.. And this all goes into effect December 1st.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Somewhere I belong..

I must say this quiz was right on. If I was able to I would move over there now.

You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.

And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!

No I am not against the US. It is for my health. I am beginning to get the feeling that all my allergy problems stem from the food we eat here. Someday I will go back and visit.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Etched creations

I made this yesterday morning while fixing breakfast. This is a $3.50 mug from Wal-mart. I used the Martha Stewart Dripping Goo punch to punch a border out of vinyl. I used the Archiver's spiderwed border and seperated the webs. I also cut out spiders and hung them from a strip of vinyl. The spiderwebs are the hardest to get them to stay down. I am still pleased with it. I love the dripping goo around the rim of the cup. You can do this yourself. I cut the shapes out of vinyl on my revolution machine. Important to remember - Vinyl side down. Adhear the vinyl to a clean glass surface and make sure the edges of the vinyl are secure to the surface. Coat the surface with etching cream. Rinse off any they gets on your skin. 15mins later remove the excess and put back into the jar. Under the tap rinse the glass until all the chemical is off. Peel off the vinyl and you have your etched design. I also picked up some glass mugs at a local thrift shop and plan to play with those in coming days. These will make great personalized gifts.

Blog Challenge

Challenge: Have you started to make your Christmas cards? If not are you planning on making your own?

I am planning to make may own cards. I have bought all the papers and elemants. Now I just need to cute them out and put them together. I got some happy holiday ribbon from JoAnn's and will be using my new sante die from Quickutz. I will post them when they are done..

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge: Let's share a blog or site you get alot of ideas/inspiration from other then 2peas.

I think I get a lot of my ideas from the Quickutz site. I love looking for everyone's ideas.

Things going on in my life. Humm. Trying to become a foster parent. We have been cleaning out the spare room to help house a little one. A couple of weekends ago we found a killer deal on a Crib, Craddle, Changing table, Mattress and Glider. All for $140. Today we went to the CITA thrift shop and found 9 4oz drop-in bottles for $0.90. Yep you read that right. I also got 5 glass coffee mugs for $1.25. Last weekend I went to a Make & Take at my LSS and learned how to clemically etch stuff. Sorry it is hard to see. I did a halloween themed cup this morning. I will post photos tomorrow.

Humm. What else.. I am still not very far in the book. I have been goofing off online. I got in touch with a friend. We have been doing a lot of talking. I have also been babysitting a little more lately. I also did some free lanch house cleaning for the family I babysit for. Tomorrow I need to take down the Halloween decorations. I know but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I went to my LSS and picked up some dies at half off. They are in their final days of being open. That is going to be a sad day. Very sad day. I am going to miss all my friends I have developed over the years. My pocket book with be a lot lighter. I say this after I just spent too much to purchase some exclusive dies and some other things from an on-line Scrapbook store. They should arrive sometime the week before Thanksgiving. I now have to figure out how I am going to store them. My little red books are full and I have not found them on line. I would like to find a hard case to put them in but just have not found what I want for a reasonable price.
I know I have not spoke out about the election. I must say I am comfident in the president elect. The vice-president elect is another thing. I would have preferred Gov. Palin. But you can not get everything you want.
I must say I am extremely happy that gas is not costing a mint to fill up your tank anymore. Here it is back down to $2.29 a gallon. I filled up my tank (unfortunately for $2.36) for under $35.00. It had at one time cost over $55.00. Yikes.. That was cutting into my scrapbooking budget.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blog Challenge

Challenge: Why do you write/blog?

This is kinda funny. I was on another board discussing blogs and finding the time to blog. I blog because I am trying to improve my writing. I am a shy person and have never been much of a writter. I truly hated english as I worked my way thru school. I never had a good grades in english. Those are also subjects in which I have not finished my college degree. Like I said in college they want you to preform speeches infront of the class. Not me.. I did start to take communications 101 and my professor was an ass. He gave us an assignment to write about something we know, ie hobbies etc.. I think he must have drained a dozen red markers grading out papers. He called us all stupid and that we should go back to the prep classes. I think only one or two people passed that assignment. I am also betting those are the only 2 people he had at the next class. So the moral of the story is I write in the blogs to improve my writing (and in different blog I work on my photography).

Speaking of photography the photo I posted the yesterday is one of the 20 finalist for the Brevard calendar contest. So please vote..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I need your help....

I have entered a photography contest. I submitted several photos but only one is available to vote on. Now I am looking for you vote. I would love to win but I am not sure I have a chance because they did not pick my best on. Maybe it will make it as October or November.

Vote for my picture ..

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The my Meez..

I'm krissynae


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Look what I made tonight.

Look what I made. I not only made this cake but I carved 2 pumpkins. I will post pictures tomorrow when I light them.. Also it is 53 degrees in central florida right now. Burrrr... And I have to walk the pups..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Challange

How do you decide what photos to show off on your walls etc.?

They are framed in my bedroom. Althought I had 3 enlarged and sent to my Dad & Stepmother because she wanted them for her family room. They she wanted 2 of them and I found a 3rd picture in the series and had it added to the order. She was extremely happy with them. That made me feel good that someone wanted my photos on their wall. I have entered a 2009 calander contest with some of my local photos so maybe more of my photos will be hanging on walls around brevard. They will be picking 12 photos and then they will pick one photo and that person will get a new digital camera. We will see. I will post if I get published.

No I have not decided whether to shoot my co-workers wedding or not. I just don't want them to be unhappy with their photos. And I have never photographed a wedding. Yikes...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

If money was not an issue...

With the economy the way it is right now. No I am not blaming anyone. We do this to ourselves. I am the signer of those credit card charges and I am the on who gets to play with the items. With christmas approaching so fast. I begin to ponder about what I would buy if I could afford it. Well the item I would buy is something that I would have been drooling over for a year now. It is quite a chunk of money to shell out at first but it will save a lot. Oprah did half of her recent show on it. It is a Kindle. What is a Kindle you ask. It is an electronic book. You can purchase the book you have been eyes for $9.99 and under. You can carry up to 200 books at once. With a digi card it can add up to 400 more book. It is $359. See what I mean about the price. But think about this. No paper cuts. No lost book marks (this is my biggest problem they disappear in my room). You do not have to put the book down to look up a word you do not know the meaning of. You can even have your paper delivered right to your kindle and read it before it hits the stands. You can read magazines. If you finish you book while on an international flight you can get a new book without leaving your uncomfortable seat. Kelly got this for her anniversary and LOVES it. Like I said Oprah has tagged this as her most favorite device. I stumbled accross this on the website and have been drooling every since. Maybe one day soon..

Friday, October 24, 2008

I hate my job..

It is not really my job I hate. I hate the face that I get close to my patients and there are so many coming down with cancer. Two of my patients that I have been close with have been recently diagnosed with cancer. Megan, who is in her early 40's, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Barbara, who is only 79, has been diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer. Monday I have to brake it to my physician who has been on vacation of these two discoveries. This is going to devastate her. Barbara has decided not to treat it. She says she would have to do 6 months of chemo and says it would be a rough six months. She says what does she have to live like that for. She does not have children. It breaks my heart. She is a sweetheart. I think Megan will do well. She has a support system. She has close family. She has had her ups and downs recently but she will beat this. Barbara is the one that breaks my heart.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I know, I know

I have been a little slacking. but things have been a little crazy. Where to start. I am sitting in Florida enjoying the weather. The windows are wide open. It is great, not for the sinus's, but great. I have a blow up ghost in the front yard swaying back and forth in the strong breezes. There was a rain shower move thru a few minutes ago and now the air smell of rain. I am sitting here with my spotted little girl. I am officially a gimp. I broke my big toe. Yes you read that right I have a incomplete fracture if my big toe. I slipped on a drop of water on the tile and twisted my toe and now I have 2 toes taped together. Otherwise I am pretty glad tomorrow is Friday and next week is Halloween. It is my favorite time of year. I love the little kids in their costumes. I love being able to dress the way you really feel on the inside.

This would really suck to explained this to your boss.

Okay as someone who has ridden on one of these emergency vehicles the truck heading at us is in fault. They have the red light. You are to stop at the red light until all vehicles are stopped. He did not.. Big mistake. That is a huge chunk of money to crash. Ouch..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hard decision...

I have been asked to make a hard decision. I have been asked to shoot a wedding. I have never shot a wedding. I actually hate weddings. Sorry it is a single thing. I like nature photography. They don't talk back and they are always still. I am afraid that they will not be happy with the photos. Sharon (My co-worker) asked me if I would take the photographs. She says they can not afford a photographer. I am still learning with my new camera. I am not sure where I put my old camera. I saw it and now it is not where I saw it. I would not charge them. I would just bring them home, play with them and then burn them onto a disk so they can print the photos they like. I have a spare storyteller book so I might print it for them as a gift. I still have a little time to practice and see if I can get over the hurdle.

Side note: I typed this whole entry without a misspelled word. I am getting better... Yeah.

Things I am looking forward to: I am going to a pumpkin carving with the twins & their parents. I am thinking this could be a way to practice shooting some people pictures.. I am suppose to watch the boys afterwards. I am going to call and ask if they would like me to meet them at their house and drive over with them. They are suppose to leave part of the way through the event and go to a birthday party. This way I can drive their van back anad they can drive their car to the birthday. Their car is more stylist then mine.

Lord give me the confidence to find the courage to step out of my box and shoot the dang pictures.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I don't need kids.

I don't need them. I have one.. Yes that is GREASE on his face. This little devil has found a place to get greasy. He usually keeps it to himself. Not this time. He decided to get covered in Greasy and then rub it all over my pillows... Did her it the cheap Wal-mart $2.50 pillow cases. No.. He wipes them all over my northern nights sheets. I will tell you he worn the grease and showed it off like a proud little boy. Then he tried to play like he is innocent. I have a permanent 2 y/o. Children.

Monday, October 13, 2008

1 year...

One year ago today I was in pain in more then one way. My beloved SUV was parked in a salvage yard in Rockledge. I was worrying about my mother who had lost consciousness 3 times that day. Not to mention the fact that my life has been turned upside down. Yes I was in pain but I would live. I was stranded without a vehicle and I was unsure of the future. And boy was it a long road. It was fighting to my SUV evaluated. Trying to get it totaled. That never happened. I have been to court twice. I am still fighting to get the medical bills and my SUV is still up in the air. I can not believe it has been a whole year since the accident happened. I must say the place where I crashed still claims a car or two each day. It seems like the construction will never end on that section of I-95. I am still dealing with Shoulder and leg pain that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. I still find it hard to get onto I-95 to travel north. One day it will get easier. I at least do not have the nightmares anymore. Mom still has headaches and they determined that she did have a minor stroke in the accident. Maybe one day I will put this way behind me.

Other update: My uncle goes next week to the oncologist about his bone marrow treatment. He also sees the podiatrist about his ankle. I found this great website that has funny cancer related shirt. It is They have shirts that say My oncologist can beat up your oncologist or A pink bra on a shirt that say Save Second Base. Check it out. By for now..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Storms on the Horizon..

See what I have been up to.. You have had some amazing storms over the last few night. The days have been pretty electrifying also. Way to close to take photos. Those storms were sitting right on top of us. Sorry no real great photos of bolts but I am pretty proud of these.

This one has to be one of my favorites. I love the black cloud. It looks like a dog sitting there.
These were taken in Palm Shores.

These were taken in Indian Harbor Beach. On the beach.

Blog Challange

Challenge for 10/12/08~ Are you good at remembering dates on pictures? Or do you have to write it all down...
I am pretty good at remembering dates. I do however try and take a journal for my longer more adventurous trips. It helps me remember the finer details of the trip. I regret not keep the journal up on my last trip to England & Scotland. I was either too busy or too tired to write. I did however did quickly label my photos which helps.

Challenge for 10/11/08~Have you ever done a album about your favorites, enjoyments?
I have an about me album that I am working on. It has been in the process for over 3 years.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My goodness..

Well I must admit that I have been slacking on my blogging duties.. I must admit it.. I have been goofing off on line.. Playing on a few scrapbooking message boards and playing games. Like on Play games get coins and buy your meez clothes and rooms. So it is back to blogging..

*My thoughts on the Election... Is it over yet???? I am over the smear campaigns. This candidate voted for this and that. When more of the accusations are not true.. I am tired of people bashing the president. Wake up people. HE DOES NOT MAKE THE DECISIONS!!!!! it is the Congress and House of Representatives who create the bills and tack on all these little things to the bill. You want to know where our money is going. it is because of those little bills. They pay for breaks to big companies or finances this useless projects. Like the bridge to no where.

I would like to know why we can not put both President and Vice President candidates into a blender and turn it on to make our new President... They all have great ideas and promises. I just wish they had the real power to put them into action... But like I said before The President really has not power.

*The economy.. Where to start. We did this to ourselves. Why does a CEO or Bigwig of a company who has held his position for 15 days before the company gets sold off , and he get a multi-million severance package. But the people who gave 30 years of hard work walks away with pink slip and an ulcer from trying to figure out how they will survive. He worked 15 days and walked away with more then most of those people combined made at the company their whole career.... Well I will admit.. I have a problem - financially. I like everyone else I have an addiction. No not with alcohol or drug. I have a quickutz addiction. They keep releasing these cute dies and I want them in my house. I don't need them but I WANT them. My problem is that 2 of my families I use to babysit for are not going out as much because of the tough times. I have to working on not spending as much. I am going to ask for those items for christmas. I am helping pay for my addiction is to sell some items on eBay.. So far I have sold some duplicate smashed pennies I had, a craft punch and an ornament. I have a second ornament to sell. I paid $15 and sold it for $20. The punch I paid $15 for and sold it for $40. I was amazed. It was a hard to find punch at the time. Now eBay has a bunch for sale. The money has paid for some dies and a dress for Halloween.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Check this out. See what $10 worth of sharpes and a talent for drawing can do.
Check out this basement WOW is all I can say.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Meez 3D avatar avatars games
Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Have you every created a Meez.. This is one of the many looks that I like for me.. I was so born in the time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blog Challenge

Have you taken any fall looking pictures to scrap yet?

I must say Fall is not really a season in Florida. Our seasons kind of overlap.

--Snow bird season (when all the elderly from up north head south for a warmer climate)

--Spring/Fall (They are pretty much the same. It occasionally gets nippy or down right chilly for a few then it is extremely comfortable. You may have to put a jacket and jeans on. Hey it starts getting nippy when the temps are in the 50's.)

--Summer (the time of year when you are ready to melt. The tourists are a nice pink colored and the roads have become safe again from the snowbirds)

--Hurricane (June 1st to November 30th. It is a fearful time. A time when you stock up on Bottled water, gas, tarps, Canned food, snack foods, batteries. We oil the storm shutters, check the plywood and test the generators. Watch the weather reports praying that nothing is developing in the tropic. Our cars stay topped off with gas just incase something is heading our way to make a quick escape. Northerns have have snow days we have hurricane days.)

This is the time of evening storms. They are usually not as bad the summer thunderstorms. These are from the other night. There was some occasional lightning but I was not able to capture it on film. It was all hiding behind the causeway.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog Challenge

Do you find yourself taking pictures at gathering/event.. So that the person hosting/throwing the event has them for future layouts?

I do end up taking photos at events. Most people know I always carry a camera. It is always with me. I even carry it into work. I take the pictures so the hostess can have fun and enjoy her party.

Sad Panda......

I am extremely sad. I just read an email from the owner of the Local scrapbook store is closing her doors. The store has been there for 9 years. I guess it will save me money in the long run but I loved going there. It was some place to escape. It was a creative outlet. It is extremely depressing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Look where I stayed last night..

I got to stay at on the Disney property at the... Grand Floridian resort and spa.. Yeah. This place was amazing..

This is the Wilderness Lodge and a beautiful cloud formation.

These are the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. They are behind the Contemporary Hotel and their new addition.

The last two pictures are from the hotel. The first is from my room and the second is off one of the entrances of the hotel buildings.

The boys and I had a blast. We had dinner reservations at Citricos. We rode the boat over to Fort Wilderness to watch the evening movie and to roast marshmallows by the campfire. Then we caught the end of the fireworks and water parade. The boys fell asleep on the monorail on the way back to the hotel. When we hit the room door the started stripping off the clothes and headed to the bed. They were beyond kind and got me my own room. I jumped in the shower and was craving a soda. I ran to Gasparilla Grill & Games, the 24 hr snack shop and got me a soda and rice crispy treat and just sat back and stared at the purple Cinderella's castle just beyond the trees. There was a great breeze and it was just a beautiful night. For some reason someone kept calling the room at 725am and 8am. So I got dressed and went for coffee and a short walk around the grounds. Also squeezed in a little shopping. We had a late breakfast at 1900 Park Fare - Character Dining. Now it is back to the everyday grind. I do not want to go back to work. YUCK..