Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Challange

How do you decide what photos to show off on your walls etc.?

They are framed in my bedroom. Althought I had 3 enlarged and sent to my Dad & Stepmother because she wanted them for her family room. They she wanted 2 of them and I found a 3rd picture in the series and had it added to the order. She was extremely happy with them. That made me feel good that someone wanted my photos on their wall. I have entered a 2009 calander contest with some of my local photos so maybe more of my photos will be hanging on walls around brevard. They will be picking 12 photos and then they will pick one photo and that person will get a new digital camera. We will see. I will post if I get published.

No I have not decided whether to shoot my co-workers wedding or not. I just don't want them to be unhappy with their photos. And I have never photographed a wedding. Yikes...

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