Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Why are the male species so damn frustrating. I get one signal one minute and then another a second later. I confront him and then it is like he has fallen off the face of the earth. I laid it all out in an email because he occasionally he does read his email. He does not answer my call or texts. Why do they play these games. I did speak with his sister and she says I am too good for him. I don't know what it is but it just feels right when I am with him. Damn him.. Life is getting ready to get a lot crazier and he does not even know it. His life was heading down the road to something close to normal. And there is another bump in the road coming soon and he does not even know it. It is bad that I get the information before he does. It is one heck of a bump..

Friday, May 01, 2009

frustrated.. So frustrated..

Why is it that men have to be so complicated. Men say women are complicated. That is because you guys make us that way.

Here is the deal. I have always had a place in my heart for this one guy. A guy I have loved for years (I mean almost 20 years.) He is the guy that gets that little flutter in the pit of my stomach every time I am around him. All those years life as got in the way but for some reason we are always brought back together. So as I am pretty sure in my previous entry. I asked him out for dinner at Outback. Around 3pm that day he said he was tied up at a funeral of a local fire fighter. He said he would call later and we could could meet up for drinks. No did not hear from him that night or any night over the next 2 weeks. I call and leave a voicemail on his sisters cell to see how she is doing. She finally calls back last Wednesday. It turns out his dad has been having some heart problems and is scheduled for open heart surgery on Friday. I had a baby bag for her of formula samples and stuff. I offer to bring it to her at the hospital while they are waiting for him to come out of surgery. I go up to L&D to give her the bag because Anette is getting an NST. Low and behold Tony was there so she would have someone to talk to. He ask me to sit on his knee because there is only one chair in there. He puts his hand on my hip and rubs my back with his thumb. He noticed I did not have my glasses and my hair color is a little different. He just acts like he is interested. Around 6 they have gone and seen him and pack up to go home. He drives me back to my car which I had left at my office since I work right next to the hospital. We end up talking for 2 hrs standing in the parking lot. Saturday I call and leave a message to check and see how he is doing. He calls me back. Sunday I leave a voicemail on his sister's voicemail to see how he is doing. Monday I call as I am leaving work. I end up meeting him at the hospital and go up with him to visit his dad. We end up going back to his house and were suppose to have dinner. We ended up watching TV. I leave around 9:30 because I have to do some things before I go to bed. I don't bother him Tuesday. Wednesday he is at work but he sent me a text about his dad. Thursday he calls and says he is heading to dinner with this mom & sister and that he would call me a little later. Today as I was finishing up my work day (around 12), I sent a text to see if they wanted to go see the new X-men Origins movie. Nothing. Still nothing. Why do they have to be so puzzling. Men. You wonder why women are so emotional. It is because you guys confuse the HELL out of us. The man even trusted me to fill out his deposit sheet, play in his wallet and count his cash. His family loves me. What is the flippin' problem. Do you like me or don't you. I know things are busy but you need some time for yourself.