Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Why are the male species so damn frustrating. I get one signal one minute and then another a second later. I confront him and then it is like he has fallen off the face of the earth. I laid it all out in an email because he occasionally he does read his email. He does not answer my call or texts. Why do they play these games. I did speak with his sister and she says I am too good for him. I don't know what it is but it just feels right when I am with him. Damn him.. Life is getting ready to get a lot crazier and he does not even know it. His life was heading down the road to something close to normal. And there is another bump in the road coming soon and he does not even know it. It is bad that I get the information before he does. It is one heck of a bump..

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Jun Bug House said...

Honey, he isn't complicated, you are complicating it.
He isn't interested in you in that way.
It is time to move on and find someone that when they see you THEY get that feeling in their tummy.
You keep setting yourself up for this pain.
I am sure he is nice, I am sure he isn't hurting you .
You are letting this hurt you.
He has had his chance, it is time to let someone else appreciate you.
I am not a silly little girl passing out advice.
I am a gramma, a mom, a woman, in her fifties, and I can see from your blog what kind of person you are.
You have love to give, stop putting it into this guy that is giving nothing in return.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
There is a big ole world out there and it has your name on it.
Open your eyes and see it.
Let others see you the way I see you.
There is someone out there, but you are to busy looking at "Mr. Wrong" to see "Mr. Right"
Cyber hugs,