Saturday, February 18, 2006


I got to experince something really fun.. You got it from the title, Tumbleweeds.. Tumbleweeds it gymnastics for little ones and it is so fun. The kids just enjoy it. They run and play and wear their parents down. I had so much fun. I am so glad they asked me to join them.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Here we go again...

Yep.. Where is this year going? It just feels like yesterday I was falling and busting my butt & back on the steps at dad's house when in fact it has been a month. I can not believe it. And yes I am still in pain from it. I went to a massage therapist on sunday and she worked my muscles until they were bruised. OUCH!!!!. This also means I am just under 6 months until I leave for my trip to london and 3 months to finish paying for it. Time is going toooo fast and I still have a lot to pay still. I have some money to put on it but just have not made it over there. I have been working sooo much that I am extremely tired.