Monday, May 23, 2005


The drama continues. Grandma acting like a spoiled 2 year old. Grandpa has been release from the hospital minus a gallbladder and a few gallstones. Their home could be considered a recycling collection center. It took dad 5 hours to clean a pathway from the back door to the porch door. Per dad that did not make a dent in the crap on the porch. He through away an empty prescription bottle from 1997. Church bulletins from 2002. They are truly collectors of crap. Grandma is just being her same old nasty self. She dislikes Carolyn for being civil with mom. I know have confirmed the real reason I never saw grandma go to the restroom while I was up their in in 2003. She uses Depends undergarments as her waste collection device. Grandma does not do anything for herself besides shovel food into her mouth & dish out insults and orders to others. Oh why does she just not pass on and let others live a normal life instead of having them wait hand and foot on her. She can not even test her own blood, give herself an insulin shot or clean herself after she messed her depends. She really needs some help. It makes me feel like I am not wanted by her. That I am not loved as her grandchild. That I am just something that should not have happened. Just like the baby that evelyn gave away almost 30 years ago. That poor little guy is luck to not know what he got away from.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

A good weekend

Saturday we sent the day at Epcot at the Flower & Garden festival. It was simply beautiful. They had an amazing butterfly garden. It was an amazing day. Not too hot, not too crowded, it was a perfect day. Although I miss placed my wrist brace somewhere in the park. The new ride Soarin' is amazing. There was an amazing artist who did artwork containing disney icons somewhere in it. We purchased 2 prints for my bathroom. I bought 2 hand towels with a classy mickey on it to place in the bathroom. I just need to get frames & antique crackle them. Today I watched the boys for a few hours then we went to Lowe's and urchased more border stones to put around the front yard. We also purchased some new plants to for the yard also. Friday I purchased some mulch for the yard also. We also purchased some solar lights for the back yard. The yards are coming together.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Whine, Whine, Whine

Why is it that some people can only whine?... Why should sharon be able to go home because she is sick when others work through their illness because there is no one to cover their doctor.. If she calls in sick tomorrow I am going to come & jerk her tush out of bed.. I take her into work. She can work sick just like I did.

Monday, May 02, 2005

This is my new planter.

the new planter Posted by Hello
Yes.. This was done in about 30mins. And mom & I did it ourselves..

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A weekend with some progress

This weekend was a great weekend. I did seem to get several things completed. Friday night I went to a co-workers house and worked on a few stamping project. Aslo before I left for Cindy's house my new Quickutz Ginger font arrived. Then Saturday morning we went to Panera for breakfast then to Rockledge Gardens. We wondered around & ended up purchasing some impatient for around the front tree. Well we arrived home about 12:45, just enough time to catch my breathe before going to watch the boys so they could go to their daytime babysitter's wedding. Well eleven hours later (more money for my dental work or SDV). Today I worked on a scrapbooking project, worked a little on re-organizing the scrapbook room/stuff. After mom sold another home she just listed we went to Lowes and purchased some border bricks, potting soil, more plants & mulch to finish the planter under the tree. Then we went to Coldstone Creamery for some ice cream. We got home about 6pm and 30 minutes later we had a completed planter. It turned out great. I will post a picture as soon as I upload it from the digital camera.