Monday, September 27, 2004

When will we return to normal????

Well Hurricane Jeanne has  come & gone. And she has put a hurting on this area. There are about 207,000 people back out without power. Shingles once again little the streets. Street light on the side of the road, missing from their usually hanging place. Blue tarps are becoming an everyday sight especially since there is even more roof damage. There is a one lane section missing out of US hwy 1 in Melbourne & huge sections missing between Malabar & Barefoot Bay that was washed out by the Indian River. The Communities of Sebastian, Barefoot Bay & Vero Beach took a second very hard beating. One of the schools serving as a shelter lots it's roof in the middle of the storm. They had to move all of the occupants to the college to ride out the rest of the storm safely. It is still 2 months until Hurricane season is over for this year. Will it ever end?????

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Round 4

Guess who is coming to visit.... Hurricane Jeanne.. She is set to strike the same area as Hurricane Frances..  This is becoming insane...  4 storms in 5 weeks. Total craziness.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Florida has been hit by 3 hurricane (1 of which has hit the state 2 times), Charley, Frances & Ivan.Ivan has made the tour of Florida. He came ashore in the panhandle with across the US and came back around the Atlantic ocean to visit the eastern coast of Florida. We currently have 3 more Hurricanes & a tropical depression lined up to pound Florida & the US. Jeanne has finally moved off of Haiti where she took the lives of over 600 people & she is going to kiss Florida's coast. Karl is just moving through the ocean & may miss Florida & continue out through the ocean. Lisa is right on Karl's healsbut heading to Florida. They say this is a 100 year treand. The water is one degree warmer. Craziness... These storms are going to drive people mad...

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Things are returning to normal

Stop lights are returning to their positions, fallen trees are disappearing from curbside & roofs are becoming whole again. All the power has been restored to brevard county residences. All the power & tree crews have moved on to the panhandle where Hurricane Ivan decided to pound Thursday. There are some places that will take a while to rebuild like the Fun Attic which lost half of it's store front & my treasured smoothie place, Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It lost it's entire roof. No more Chicken Cordon Bleu wrap with a Paradise Point Smoothie until they rebuild. Oh they are sooooo good & worth every penny. I hope they rebuild soon.

Outside the wind is blowing the soffit against the house. It sounds like someone is knocking on the wall really hard. It was a nice fall-type of a day. There was a great cool breeze & we were able to open the windows for a while. It was great to air out the house. The curtins blowing & puppy ears flapping in the breeze.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

It is raining again

It has been raining off & on today. Just enough to disturb the people trying to clean up & repair their properties. Things seem back to normal until you step outside or when the winds start to blow. The soffiet russles against the house as the wind blows. Hope the winds do not pick up too much to dislodge it from it's place.

Little miss I.V. Grace seems to have fallen into a depression when I had to go back to work. She is better today but I know she will fal back into the depression monday when I go back to work. Poor little sweetheart.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Oh the heat

Oh the heat. It is so hard to got to work with the A/C out. Most of the OB patients have been understanding, then others are nasty about it. You should try to be there all day in it lady, we are melting.. It was nice that today was a half a day. when I finished patients I left. So person gave attitude because 2 of us left, but I worked all day yesterday sweating while she was in the A/C. Get over it chicky. They tell us it could be September 18th before we get full power back. I should melt off alot of pounds before then.. Ivan you need to go to Mexico not Florida.. We've had enough. There are waves of orange through out the office. The are supplying the office with the the closest thing to a breeze. I am suprised the office has not caught fire due the way they have things hooked.

When I went to the grocery store, they have started getting in more food. I got milk, eggs (very limited supply), a few cold cuts from the deli & fresh fruits. There still are no cheeses, meats, frozen entrees, waffles, & bacon. The highlight of the day was one of the managers had his young son there with him. He had his son at the register checking customers out. He was a cute polite little guy. It was great to see them together. I must say the dogs enjoyed their eggs for dinner.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Recovery continues. On the way to work yesterday, I saw a site that I thought I would never see. At Sarno & US1, was a set of National Guard members armed with M-16's. As you drive around you see even more damage. The Playplace on US1 is demolished a huge chunk missing from the building. The office was insane. Only half of the office had power & the A/C is out. The way the building was built it received no breezes. Well. I must return to the hot box.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Home at last

We have finally arrived back in Florida. It took us about 18 hours to get home. We left Kernersville, North Carolina about 7am on Monday towards home. About 1 1/2 down the I-40 highway Cody did something to his paw & would not put weight on it. The night before he took on Carolyn's kitty Shelby & she got in a little claw action. That morning he walked fine. We think he may have twisted his wrist or IV Grace sat on it. We took him to an Emergency Vet in Durham, North Carolina. Exam & X-rays showed lots of inflammation but no fractures. The Vet stays it could be a sprain or infection for the cat scratch. So we started back on the road with X-rays, Medications & bandaged puppy back on the road home. We did really well weather wise until we hit South Carolina & the rain started. The winds & rains from Frances were strong & relentless. It was hard to control the car. We decided to stop in Brunswick, Georgia for some gas & decided to check on a room. Boy did we get lucky, the second to last sweet. It had a king-size bed & a juccuzi tub (great for those tired driving leg).. If you come across a Guest suites & cottages it is worth the money. We started back on the road at about 7:30am this morning. The ride was pretty smooth & at a steady a steady pace. We made it our of the rain around St. Augustine. We made in home just after noon. As we drove done wickham road we noticed long lines of cars at the gas stations supervised by local sheriff officers. Trees littered the medians & sidewalks. Once home we saw what our neighbors had loss. The unit that our house faces had a lot of damage. Every unit has roof damage further complicated by water damage. Outside they had piles of roof shingles, furniture, carpet and padding. Sounds of hammers & chainsaws echoed throughout the neighborhood. To add insult to injury a feeder ban brought more rain to the area. Our house looks like it survived pretty well. We are missing some soffiets, torn screen & some water damage to the back porch. Per my office manager the office has partial power now, no a/c & water damage in the front from who knows were. We are all pretty lucky it was not worse..

here are some pictures I took today:

Travel with the puppies... They did pretty well. Sleep the whole time we were on the highway. I highly recommend a book call The AAA guide for traveling with pets 2004. It helped greatly. Worth the $15.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Visit to North Carolina.

We have made an unplanned trip to North Carolina. Hurricane Frances has chased us out of the state of Florida. She spent several days heading right at our area at a catagory 4 & that was enough to get us to leave. We packed up & we left with the puppies. We are not far from my dad in Kernersville. We have spent the last few days wondering what we are going to go back to. Well, today she has dropped down down to a Catagory 2. She is now coming into florida just below Vero Beach. I have been trying to track in on the Melbourne Airport Weatherbug tracking station but it is not tracking. I wanna go home. I wanna have a home to go home to. I want my bed. The pictures they are showing are heartbreaking, watching the shore get beaten. Oh well we will see..