Friday, September 10, 2004

Oh the heat

Oh the heat. It is so hard to got to work with the A/C out. Most of the OB patients have been understanding, then others are nasty about it. You should try to be there all day in it lady, we are melting.. It was nice that today was a half a day. when I finished patients I left. So person gave attitude because 2 of us left, but I worked all day yesterday sweating while she was in the A/C. Get over it chicky. They tell us it could be September 18th before we get full power back. I should melt off alot of pounds before then.. Ivan you need to go to Mexico not Florida.. We've had enough. There are waves of orange through out the office. The are supplying the office with the the closest thing to a breeze. I am suprised the office has not caught fire due the way they have things hooked.

When I went to the grocery store, they have started getting in more food. I got milk, eggs (very limited supply), a few cold cuts from the deli & fresh fruits. There still are no cheeses, meats, frozen entrees, waffles, & bacon. The highlight of the day was one of the managers had his young son there with him. He had his son at the register checking customers out. He was a cute polite little guy. It was great to see them together. I must say the dogs enjoyed their eggs for dinner.

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