Sunday, November 21, 2004

Change of plans

Things can go bad in a short time. The brain children that was suppose to purchase & close on our house did not do as they were directed by their lending company told them to do. So in other words, THEY ARE OVER EXTENDED ON THEIR CREDIT- NO HOUSE. We find this hours before our origional closing date & just days before we are to finally close & move. So we now have to quickly finsomeon to purchase this place & now we will not get to move in to the new place until midway through December. This is heartbreaking. We had everything lined up to move & get the house we are buying ready to move in in 3 days from today. The house is almost completely packed in boxes. The house is in total disarry. I had to unpack a few items so I could complete some items for a swap due at the end of December & I do not want to get that in late. Total frustration & disapointment. I am also late on a few bills because I was hoping to get some money since I used some of mine to pay house bills & get things needed to fix up this place. Now it catch up time & now no money for christmas presents. More depressing.....

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Moving day is approaching

Well it seems like we may have a FINALLY final closing date if Novemeber 23, 2004. We were suppose to be oving tomorrow but the Fool that is representing the buyers has very poor follow through skills. She never returns phone calls & does not have all the items needed to close on the house. Her excuse is that she had family in town. Wake up lady just because family isvisiting does not mean you stop working.. You are realitor 24/7/325. The hurricanes could not even stop realestate calls from coming. So the we are now being made to make a lot of changes. Now I have to hope to be granted on day off of work to get things done. Oh my...I will keep you posted.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


We are MOVING!!!!!!!!! In less then 2 weeks. We sold the house. It sold mid monday afternoon just after putting it in MLS although the people found it driving through the development. Now we just need to finish fixing the stuff the hurricanes destroyed. We started packing today. Making headway on the upstairs. Today I took down the leaves on the wall & painted over the trees & leaves on the wall. My trees are no longer there.. It is saddening to enter the room.

It is a nice place in a gated community. Bigger rooms & fenced yard. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath, a garden tub in the master suite, huge kitchen, a front yard I can really decorate for the holidays & a garage I may someday park in. It is located over looking a lake & has a great cross breeze. I am excited. The only thing I dread is I am suppose to have one of my wisdom teeth is to be pulled on closing day the day before moving day, YUCK....

Mom's business is starting to pick back up like it was before the storms. This just means we can pull this move off & not be tooooo tight.. I am truly hoping the pups will enjoy their new yard. I think they will but we just need to get the bird feeder set up for I.V. Grace. It will be nice to not have to climb stairs with laundry or carry the scrapbook stuff down the steps. 12 days to be exact, MOVING DAY.