Sunday, November 21, 2004

Change of plans

Things can go bad in a short time. The brain children that was suppose to purchase & close on our house did not do as they were directed by their lending company told them to do. So in other words, THEY ARE OVER EXTENDED ON THEIR CREDIT- NO HOUSE. We find this hours before our origional closing date & just days before we are to finally close & move. So we now have to quickly finsomeon to purchase this place & now we will not get to move in to the new place until midway through December. This is heartbreaking. We had everything lined up to move & get the house we are buying ready to move in in 3 days from today. The house is almost completely packed in boxes. The house is in total disarry. I had to unpack a few items so I could complete some items for a swap due at the end of December & I do not want to get that in late. Total frustration & disapointment. I am also late on a few bills because I was hoping to get some money since I used some of mine to pay house bills & get things needed to fix up this place. Now it catch up time & now no money for christmas presents. More depressing.....

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