Sunday, December 31, 2006

A little update

Where to start.. I have been sick for almost 3 weeks and still do not feel 100%. I am tired all the time and still have a nice cough. Christmas was very good. I got the new Quickutz Revolutions. Too cool and can not wait to buy some dies. I am going next friday to buy some paper to make the Valentine's for the Klub QK meeting on January 15th. I also got a new Clock radio, Grey's Anatomy session 2, Happy Potter Hogwarts House bookmarks, A necklace and earring set, a game and a gift card to Target. Yesterday mom and I went to the movies and watched Night at the Museum. That was a great movie. I laughed so hard. Work is work and truly frustrating. I wanna leave but don't want to lose my insurance or don't know where I would work. One of the mom's I watch for is trying to get pregnant and went through IVF about 3 weeks ago and it did not take. The sad thing is her sister got her and the boys tickets to ride the Polar Express and they had to cancel because she was going to ovulate then. All she would have had to do is ask me and I would have gone with them so they could enjoy it. Today I took down the outside christmas lights. Now that is sad because it was a pretty display. Otherwise I am going to spend the night at home with my pups. I have gotten to the point that I do not going out on this night. Plus when you do not know many people it is just no fun. So if you are reading this and are going out please be safe and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 22, 2006

More ramblings

Chex Mix:... Why do they have to put wheat chex in the mix???? If you know me, you know I have a whole wheat allergy. Well I have a weakness for the honey nut sweet and salty mix. So I have to pick through it and pick out the Wheat ones. Well I apparently found just enough to trigger my allergies because I am starting to itch.. I know I should not be eating thme but they are SOOOOO Gooood..
My doctor's appointment: ... Well .. I got some answers...I do not have lupus, inflammatory process going on, and a couple of other things. Althought I have a tendency of spilling slightly more then normal protien. Normal protein is 150 and I am at 200. He does want to repeat the levels in 4 months and see how they are. If normal or the levels stay the same I will repeat the testing 6 months later if they are drasticly abnormal we will consider a kidney biopsy. OUCH!!!!. He does not want to do a biopsy right now because they are painful, sometimes the treatments are more crippling then the process it's self.
Christmas and kids:.... I dropped off presents to all the little ones I babysit for. They all got some sort of book. I know kids get toooo many toys for christmas so I like to give something educational. Walmart has some great disney books ($10 to $14) 4 different ones and have a whole bunch of stories inside. They are short stories to be able to read at bed time. I need to go buy a set of these for me and my library. Kids are like spounges.You give them a little bit of knowledge and they will soak it up. If you do not they shrival up and dry out without learning material. Well I get to Mason & Piper's house and end up playing with the kids and their cousin's in the sandbox. do you know what is it like to be a chunky 31 y/o and play in the sandbox... it is fun.. to have your toes in the sand. Making sandcastles.. That is one of the great things about living in florida. It is 3 days before Christmas and I am playing in the sand.. Not snow but white clean beach sand. hehehehehe in dressier cloths then I usually wear and even make up.. to be a kid again.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Misc updates

A little of everything..
#1 HP 7
Today J.K. Rowling released the title for the final Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Leave a lot to the imagination.. Now we need a release date. Rumor date is 07-07-07. Who knows.. That would be a great birthday gift.. July filled with a book and movie release. And if I win the Lottery I would be touring England & Scotland. I have my passport just need the money... Anyone want to gift me $4000...
I think I have finished my christmas shopping. I went to Sears and OfficeMax and picked up a few little things.
My little Guy has gingivitis and a cavity in his broken tooth and that is why he has not been eating well. He is 24 hours on antibiotics and he is eating better. He is feeling so goo he is even beatin up on things.
My christmas party went well. Even though I was sick most of the week I went anyway. I over heard Dee & Cherie saying they might charge the people who did not show $55. I have been out sick I should not be charge because I do not want to get pnuemonia. I already have a nasty cough. Then Saturday night we had mom's party here.. It has been a stressfull weekend. And lack of sleeps has not helped the stress factor... 3 hours of sleep is a Bear.
Tomorrow I go back to the Kidney specialist and find out my results. Maybe we will have a final answer... Kidney disease or just a person who has hematuria of undeterminaned origin.. I know I will get fussed at about not drinking enough...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pretty pups

these are some pictures of my sweeties. Are the not the cutest.. They look so innocent. They are being bribbed to look cute..

Monday, December 11, 2006

a sad day

I play games on a board - Well tonite I went to play my normal games, I found out tonight that one of the guys I usually talk to on the board was killed in a Head-on Collision today. Very very sad now. He was not much older then I am. He was only 36. It is less then 2 weeks until christmas and to lose a loved one so quickly. Everyone on the board was very quiet tonight. Dixieman you are greatly missed...

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Why are men such jerks???? I have this male aquiantance ( I am not sure I would call him a friend) he is from my past and had a fling. He is married and constantly wanting to do something I am totally against. He is constantly bringing it up that he is not getting any lovin from his wife. Well you know pink has a new song for him... U +UR hand. What par of you aint getting it from me, that is what your wife is for. If you ain't getting it there then that is YOUR problem and you can work that out yourself.. You where the one who said you were not ready for a serious relationship... You Made Your Bed NOW SLEEP IN IT.. You know I am reminded everyday that I am alone and I do not need you to remind me even more. I wanna find Mr. Right not Mr. Rightnow. Stop Asking if I want you.. I don't want you. I want my own life..
Otherwise it was a pretty good day until then. Today is Gracie's Birthday. She is now 7 years old. Where is the time going.. It seems like yesterday we go them. We took them to PetSmart and they sat on Santa's Lap. Then we made a few other stops. We had Cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday. It was fun and she seemed to enjoy it.. You know food was envolved.
Last night the Shuttle took off for space and it was breath taking. I took some pictures but have not uploaded them yet.. will do that later.