Thursday, December 21, 2006

Misc updates

A little of everything..
#1 HP 7
Today J.K. Rowling released the title for the final Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Leave a lot to the imagination.. Now we need a release date. Rumor date is 07-07-07. Who knows.. That would be a great birthday gift.. July filled with a book and movie release. And if I win the Lottery I would be touring England & Scotland. I have my passport just need the money... Anyone want to gift me $4000...
I think I have finished my christmas shopping. I went to Sears and OfficeMax and picked up a few little things.
My little Guy has gingivitis and a cavity in his broken tooth and that is why he has not been eating well. He is 24 hours on antibiotics and he is eating better. He is feeling so goo he is even beatin up on things.
My christmas party went well. Even though I was sick most of the week I went anyway. I over heard Dee & Cherie saying they might charge the people who did not show $55. I have been out sick I should not be charge because I do not want to get pnuemonia. I already have a nasty cough. Then Saturday night we had mom's party here.. It has been a stressfull weekend. And lack of sleeps has not helped the stress factor... 3 hours of sleep is a Bear.
Tomorrow I go back to the Kidney specialist and find out my results. Maybe we will have a final answer... Kidney disease or just a person who has hematuria of undeterminaned origin.. I know I will get fussed at about not drinking enough...

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