Friday, December 22, 2006

More ramblings

Chex Mix:... Why do they have to put wheat chex in the mix???? If you know me, you know I have a whole wheat allergy. Well I have a weakness for the honey nut sweet and salty mix. So I have to pick through it and pick out the Wheat ones. Well I apparently found just enough to trigger my allergies because I am starting to itch.. I know I should not be eating thme but they are SOOOOO Gooood..
My doctor's appointment: ... Well .. I got some answers...I do not have lupus, inflammatory process going on, and a couple of other things. Althought I have a tendency of spilling slightly more then normal protien. Normal protein is 150 and I am at 200. He does want to repeat the levels in 4 months and see how they are. If normal or the levels stay the same I will repeat the testing 6 months later if they are drasticly abnormal we will consider a kidney biopsy. OUCH!!!!. He does not want to do a biopsy right now because they are painful, sometimes the treatments are more crippling then the process it's self.
Christmas and kids:.... I dropped off presents to all the little ones I babysit for. They all got some sort of book. I know kids get toooo many toys for christmas so I like to give something educational. Walmart has some great disney books ($10 to $14) 4 different ones and have a whole bunch of stories inside. They are short stories to be able to read at bed time. I need to go buy a set of these for me and my library. Kids are like spounges.You give them a little bit of knowledge and they will soak it up. If you do not they shrival up and dry out without learning material. Well I get to Mason & Piper's house and end up playing with the kids and their cousin's in the sandbox. do you know what is it like to be a chunky 31 y/o and play in the sandbox... it is fun.. to have your toes in the sand. Making sandcastles.. That is one of the great things about living in florida. It is 3 days before Christmas and I am playing in the sand.. Not snow but white clean beach sand. hehehehehe in dressier cloths then I usually wear and even make up.. to be a kid again.

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