Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tobey's Missing

Well there has been a lot going on in the neighborhood. Last night just after I left to watch Dr. Segina's baby boys, One of my neighbors was walking her dog Tobey when she was hit by a drunkin cocaine using fool. Shelley is currently at home with 3 broken bones in her left ankle, road rash on her elbow & right knee & staples in her head. He biggest heart ache is that her little Tobey took off because he was scared & hurt. We think Tobey is hiding in a densely wooded 400 acre park. Mom contacted a pet psychic to locate Tobey. She said his back end hurts but it is not life threating. He is extremely worried about his mommy & is afraid she is very badly hurt. Tobey has been missing for about 28 hours now. Tobey's Aunt & my mom spent this morning looking for him in the park. When I got home from work we went to the park & looked over the park for him with no luck. Tobey's Aunt was going over also looking for him tonight. His mommy is very worried about him & his health.

Lord please help Elizabeth contact Tobey & talk him into showing his hiding place so we can take him to his mommy & to get him the help he needs. He is a sweet little puppy & his mommy really needs him home. Please do not take him or let him get hurt anymore. Please let him be found alive soon. Thank You...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The twin experiance

This evening I helped one of the Doctors I work for enjoy an evening with her husband. I watched their 2 adorable 15 month old twin boys, Gino & Dominic. They are the sweetest little things. The perfect end to a rough day.

Monday, June 28, 2004

A work VENT!!!!

Work... My co-workers are totally frustrating. We have Maria, who wants the title but does not do the work. She constant say they she is busy but you never see it. You walk into the room & she is constantly on her cell phone. She constantly complains that it is unjust that we have to work a total of so many hours a week to build time off & if we average below that for a quarter we lose our ablitiy to bank vacation hours. Well I hate to break it to that if you take a long weekend every three months plus come in late, leave early & take extra long lunches everyday you are never going to meet the average. It is just not possible. I & everyone eles gets tired of you pawning off stuff on us. Like today I sat up the rooms, you strolled in late, I broke down the rooms & wash the instruments, you talked on your cell phone & left early. It was 6pm when I left. Manager DJ vent.. When you see that your employees are behind, jump in & help a little more, not run back to your office. Then to act dumb when we page you repeatively for help. Don't tell someone that this whole switch on one thing while you tell other something different & follow through on nothing. If your employee needs to do something don't get mad & ignore them, that is not real mature. I feel like some of the management choices could have been made differently. It's a job, It pays the bills, gotta do it for a little while longer. Come on Lotto Number...... Give me some winners please......

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Weekend report

Well, not too much going on around here. Went over to Orlando to see my step-brother & his family on Friday after work. We played at the resort's pool for about an hour & half. Got a little pink in the face but nothing else. We went to dinner at Tony Roma's. It was a very good meal. Then we went to play Put-put golf. We were dong well until the storm moved in. The lightening was fierce & the rain extremely heavy.We sat around watching it rain for about an hour. It finally lightened up a little so we could get to the car. The ride home from Orlando was beutiful also. The way the the lightening crawled across the sky and in & out of the clouds. It was like a beautiful white natural firework show. Very breathe taking & relaxing.

The retirement party was very nice. Lots of high carbohyrate foods. The food was great. It seemed like everyone was having a good time. People were learning how to swing dance. Dr. Wagaman is a pretty good dance. Dr. Inserillo is an extremely talented dancer. Lynn & her husband were having a blast cutting a rug.

Monday, June 21, 2004


Well, I gues it is time for an update since I have been extremely lazy. Well the truth is I have been very busy. I have lost a total of 13 pounds & 23 inches since I have started on the Inches-A-Weigh program. I am in about a size 10-12 from a 18. Yeah, that just means there will be less of me to attend the class reunion in August.

On May 27th, I had a bone spur removed from my left shoulder. Which means they have been working to get my shoulder back into shape & strong again. It is a good time to do it because it was starting to get difficult to hold even a newborn for any length of time. It is healing very nicely. Dr. Woodward did an awesome job in the surgery department. I must think Julie, Linda & Dennis for ever thing they have been in the rehabilitation department.

In the guy department, Same stuff different year. The single ones do not want to commit to a relationship. The married ones only want to run around on their wives. Why can they not get it through there head that I do not mess with married men. If you wanted me then why did you not make a move then???? your loss..

Other then that I have not been up to much. Just going to the circus I call a job. It is changes & more changes. People leaving, new positions being created & the normal Drama. That is another nights entry.