Sunday, June 27, 2004

Weekend report

Well, not too much going on around here. Went over to Orlando to see my step-brother & his family on Friday after work. We played at the resort's pool for about an hour & half. Got a little pink in the face but nothing else. We went to dinner at Tony Roma's. It was a very good meal. Then we went to play Put-put golf. We were dong well until the storm moved in. The lightening was fierce & the rain extremely heavy.We sat around watching it rain for about an hour. It finally lightened up a little so we could get to the car. The ride home from Orlando was beutiful also. The way the the lightening crawled across the sky and in & out of the clouds. It was like a beautiful white natural firework show. Very breathe taking & relaxing.

The retirement party was very nice. Lots of high carbohyrate foods. The food was great. It seemed like everyone was having a good time. People were learning how to swing dance. Dr. Wagaman is a pretty good dance. Dr. Inserillo is an extremely talented dancer. Lynn & her husband were having a blast cutting a rug.

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