Monday, June 28, 2004

A work VENT!!!!

Work... My co-workers are totally frustrating. We have Maria, who wants the title but does not do the work. She constant say they she is busy but you never see it. You walk into the room & she is constantly on her cell phone. She constantly complains that it is unjust that we have to work a total of so many hours a week to build time off & if we average below that for a quarter we lose our ablitiy to bank vacation hours. Well I hate to break it to that if you take a long weekend every three months plus come in late, leave early & take extra long lunches everyday you are never going to meet the average. It is just not possible. I & everyone eles gets tired of you pawning off stuff on us. Like today I sat up the rooms, you strolled in late, I broke down the rooms & wash the instruments, you talked on your cell phone & left early. It was 6pm when I left. Manager DJ vent.. When you see that your employees are behind, jump in & help a little more, not run back to your office. Then to act dumb when we page you repeatively for help. Don't tell someone that this whole switch on one thing while you tell other something different & follow through on nothing. If your employee needs to do something don't get mad & ignore them, that is not real mature. I feel like some of the management choices could have been made differently. It's a job, It pays the bills, gotta do it for a little while longer. Come on Lotto Number...... Give me some winners please......

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