Friday, June 30, 2006

Where is time going?

I know I probably post this a lot.. but where is it truly going... In just mere hours we will enter the month of July. That means just 24 days until my trip to England. Nerves are setting in. I am heading over to England / London just after the one year anniversary of last years bombing of the tube system and the double decker bus. I think that it what is unsettling the most. The next is the flying.. I hate flying.. Have I ever told you this.. I HATE Flying. Which is weird because my father is an airliner mechanic. I am looking forward to the trip but I don't want it to go too fast. I wish it was longer and I got to see more of london. I wanna tour the tower of London, London & Tower Bridges, the London Eye. I wanna go shopping at some of london's famos stores, or at least window shop. I was looking at a pocket map I purchase and found the locations of Tiffany's, Harrods, Louis Vitton - the shopping district. I have yet to locate my hotel on the map. I guess I will figuire it out when I get the final iteniary. I don't wanna work anymore. I wanna travel.. I now have to figuire where I wanna go to next. If I could work to pay this one off I could do it again..
Puppy Breath... Where is nothing greater then holding a 10 week old puppy. My co-worker is puppy sitting her mother's birthday gift. Anna's Stepfather has purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy for Annas mom's birthday. They are taking a 30 day tour of england. He is going to give her a card telling her her gift if a puppy. And she is sooo cute. A true sweetie. She has puppy breath and she just wants loving. She has the soft fur. It makes you want to run out an purchase one.. Then I rememeber the fight I had with Cody this morning. He did not want to eat breakfast. He wanted his mommy and she was not home to give it to him and that did not make him happy. He would spit his food back out after I would put it on his tounge for him to get a taste. I finally gave up and called mom and left her a message about what her child was up to. We made up after I got home from work. He is now curled up in his baby blanket sound asleep.
It is time to get off of here because my headache was coming back..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The rainy day gives way to a beautiful day

This morning started out over cast with spinkles in the air. It only got worse. It changed from literally second by second. One moment you would look out the window and it was calm the next the rain was heavy and blowing sidways turn around and it was only spinkling. But we received a lot of great rain. This day would have been the greatest to stay in bed, watching tv and reading a book. By 1 pm it seem the rain spells were less frequent. By 4 pm the rain clouds parted and the sun would occasionally peak through. Now as I look out unto the sky it is casting a calming warmth across the clouds.

Monday, June 12, 2006

it is offically - Hurricane Season

Yeah baby.. The rain bands are coming ashore and the wet stuff is a falling. For most of the day it rained. And of course the bottem falls out right before I am to go to therapy. I end up making the mad dash to the car. I am soaked by the time I make it to therapy. The roads are flooded to the point that cars could float away. The roads were bare to the point of being erie. Only us fools who had to be somewhere occupied the slick roads. But we need that rain.. Keep it coming baby...
Now to what I am watch. TNT has a new show called "Saved". It is about paramedics. Boy is this show true to life. This show makes me long for the days on the road. I hope they keep this show. This is great...
Check it out

Saturday, June 03, 2006

They are tooo sweet

Tonight I returned to watching 2 of the sweetest little guys around. I did not have to fight or throw my hands in the air in frustration. Tonight I went over to watch them at 7pm. When I got there I had to run back out to the car for some picture I took at tumbleweeds and I get an escort from the cuties.Of course they have to hope in and check out all the bells and whisles of the car.When we get back in the house I find out what needs to be done- Bath, bed and throw their clothes in the washer & stat it. Simple.. Can Do.. At 7:30 I said it was time for bath and I get "noooo" then responsed I guess the bath toys will have to play by themselves. Gino said okay and wa on his way up the steps. Dom just needed heading in the right direction. We get up stairs and Gino is not to be found but I can hear him singing. He is in his parents room. He saw I want to take a shower. You can't take a shower tonight but you can in the morning with mommy. He fusses a little but it is not a bug dramatic event. Tub time comes and goes and I have two clean little men. They are dressed in their matching pajamas and put in there beds. As they lay in their beds they ask for hugs and kisses and of course I can not help but give 2 rounds of those. (melts your heart doesn't it. Could you say no to two little guys that smell baby fresh??? Don't think so..). Soon I hear the sounds of two sleeping boys. About 8:50 I hear theim stirring and a little chitter-chatter. Soon I hear "Miss Christy". So I go up stairs and open their door and ask "do you two need to use the potty". Sure enough the do. They empty their bladders of the bath water they kept drinking and washed their hand and back to bed. AI give them a praise on telling me they had to go potty. And for Miss Christy another set of hugs and kisses. To each I whispered in their thank you for being so sweet. Why can't every night be this way. They are so sweet.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


May 3, 2006
Update on fires.
Well they are flaring up again.They currently have Interstate 95 & 528 closed and they had to close the roads this morning because of smoke. So the roads were a mess this morning. They had pockets of smoke up an down the I-95. Now there is Muck Fire causing havik in Palm Bay. We Need Rain NOW. The fires up there has grown to over 5300 acres..

May 11, 2006
FIRES - The Port St. John/Canaveral Groves fire is smoldering. It has burned over 6300 arces. It has closed 2 highways on a daily basis because of visablity every morning. On Sunday there was a massive car pile up on I-95 involving 4 semi-trucks, multiple cars and costing 2 people their lives.They are now flooding the area to put out the fires still burning underground. There has also been a 1300 acres fire in Volusia county. That fire gobbled up 3 homes and damaged others. There is also a muck fire burning underground in Palm Bay that is making Palm Bay a smelly mess.
THE ARM - This damn brace is driving me insane. It itches, gets hot. It is just a pain. There is this area where it curves to form the brace that keeps my holds my thumb inplace. That put pressure on the joint, burns the skin. When I take the brace off my hand & arm is starting to look deformed. Today is one month since they did surgery. Just 2 weeks until I see Dr. Woodward and might be able to remove this thing. I am hoping I well get a new brace to wear. But I have to face the truth that I will have to keep it on until I see Sandra the Therapist. Then Hell Begins...

May 20,2006
I have a problem Current mood: frustrated
I have a problem saying the word "NO". Which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The reason it can be a bad thing is because I continue to watch this little boy which has some emotion problems. He can go from being a sweet heart to screaming mad man. He was doing so well yesterday then he just started acting out. His sister's swim coach came over and it started off good. The he started testing the boundaries with her until she had to ask him to get out of the pool. Then the water works and drama began. He stormed off and was blaming everyone else and making excusses for him being put on time out. She does not see how his actions cause what the consiquences. He can be very abusive when he wants. He truly does not understand that you can not have everything you want. He is now five and throws a tempertantrum like a 2 or 3 year old. He freaks out when his parents leave. I think a lot of this comes because his parents travel or leave the house frequently. He has learned that he can get attention this way. Now back to the "no" problem. I told myself that after I would cut back one watching these kids and only watch the twins (extreme joy to watch) but then I had my hand surgery and that has co-pays. Now they have asked me to watch them from Friday after my Dr's appointment until their her parents come back into town (Lord, please let them catch an ealier flight or a great tailwind). That means I will have these children for almost 26hrs. Now if it was the boys would not be a problem. The little girl has really opened up to me and did not want me to leave yesterday. I just do not understand why the grandparents or siblings will not watch them for the weekend. Could it because someone will not listen. Make you wonder.He also wants me to watch them the following Tuesday, in my mind it hears that would pay for the new Quickutz dies I want. What to do, what to do. I need to meet a man and start my own family and not do this anymore.

May 29, 2006
Weekends go way too fast
I can not believe this long weekend is already over. And what do I have to show for it. Not a whole hell of a lot.. Friday I went to the hand specialist and was freed from that horrible brace. At 6pm I started My time with monster boy and his sister. For a five year old he truly behaves like a 3 year old. Everything is a battle with him. He still wears a pull up and it is full by morning. He does not want you to look at him without his clothes on but he wants you to wipe his behind. Totally do not get that one. He is constantly holding onto his sister, grabbing her, pulling her and just about smothering her. For the ages they are they say butt, hinney & penis, that is not what a 5 & 3 yr old should say. We had a HUGE fight about clothes. She wanted to wear something that did not match, which is not a big deal we compramized. Him... well that was a battle. He hates everything, it's scratchy, it does not fit, I don't like it and why can't I wear my soccer uniform and crocs. Because that is not something to you wear to a resturant. It was an hour long battle. You know it is truly something when the grandparents of these children feel dread when the discussion of watching them comes up. This was grandmas reaction to possibly having to watch them tomorrow night (May 30th) "I guess they are going to ask us to watch them" me- "Scott has already asked me & I agreed" Grandma-"oh wonderful I am not sure I could do it, he is such a handful" Lady he is not a handful he is a terror to the community. We removed 2 toads from the pool and he tried to smash him with a rock. I stopped him then as we release one he quickly throws a rock ontop of the other just landing on the frog. When we release the second one he keeps chasing it and pushing it with a stick trying to hurt it. He truly has a few screws loose. And on top of watching them for 23hrs the father jips me $30 dollars. I truly think they should have paid me more as hazard pay. I think this all stems because the parents are NEVER home with them. If you can make the kids you need to care for the kids. She went to georgia for 6 days and he headed for the bahamas for 4 days. People Spend time with your kids and people will want to be around them. June 1st and that is it. I am only watching them once a month. It is not worth it. Freedom. I am only watching the boys and Reagan. That is it. The rest of the weekend was uneventfull. But now it is time for bed because I have a long day and night tomorrow (My last tour of duty)