Monday, June 12, 2006

it is offically - Hurricane Season

Yeah baby.. The rain bands are coming ashore and the wet stuff is a falling. For most of the day it rained. And of course the bottem falls out right before I am to go to therapy. I end up making the mad dash to the car. I am soaked by the time I make it to therapy. The roads are flooded to the point that cars could float away. The roads were bare to the point of being erie. Only us fools who had to be somewhere occupied the slick roads. But we need that rain.. Keep it coming baby...
Now to what I am watch. TNT has a new show called "Saved". It is about paramedics. Boy is this show true to life. This show makes me long for the days on the road. I hope they keep this show. This is great...
Check it out

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