Saturday, June 03, 2006

They are tooo sweet

Tonight I returned to watching 2 of the sweetest little guys around. I did not have to fight or throw my hands in the air in frustration. Tonight I went over to watch them at 7pm. When I got there I had to run back out to the car for some picture I took at tumbleweeds and I get an escort from the cuties.Of course they have to hope in and check out all the bells and whisles of the car.When we get back in the house I find out what needs to be done- Bath, bed and throw their clothes in the washer & stat it. Simple.. Can Do.. At 7:30 I said it was time for bath and I get "noooo" then responsed I guess the bath toys will have to play by themselves. Gino said okay and wa on his way up the steps. Dom just needed heading in the right direction. We get up stairs and Gino is not to be found but I can hear him singing. He is in his parents room. He saw I want to take a shower. You can't take a shower tonight but you can in the morning with mommy. He fusses a little but it is not a bug dramatic event. Tub time comes and goes and I have two clean little men. They are dressed in their matching pajamas and put in there beds. As they lay in their beds they ask for hugs and kisses and of course I can not help but give 2 rounds of those. (melts your heart doesn't it. Could you say no to two little guys that smell baby fresh??? Don't think so..). Soon I hear the sounds of two sleeping boys. About 8:50 I hear theim stirring and a little chitter-chatter. Soon I hear "Miss Christy". So I go up stairs and open their door and ask "do you two need to use the potty". Sure enough the do. They empty their bladders of the bath water they kept drinking and washed their hand and back to bed. AI give them a praise on telling me they had to go potty. And for Miss Christy another set of hugs and kisses. To each I whispered in their thank you for being so sweet. Why can't every night be this way. They are so sweet.

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