Saturday, April 29, 2006

Brevard is burning again

Well I must thank goodness that this time it is not across the street. This time it is the center of the county. North Cocoa & Port St. John is burning. It started yesterday when the Brevard County Fire Fighters could not get control of a 15 acre fire. The wind seemed to take it running from there. It quickly grew from those 15 acres to a monster that jumped Interstate 95, closing it for over 6 hours then it grew to over 850 acres. Well the daytime winds whipped it up again. Then some stupid fool playing in the woods on an ATV started another fire that grew just as fast. It jump highway 528 (the Bee/Beachline) closing it and Interstate 95 for several hours. That is one of the few rodes that lead out of Brevard County. This one sprinted across the land even faster and by 6pm it was well over 1600 acres between the 2 fires. The fire fighters have decide to let it burn itself to the St. John's River. The area it is burning to does not have many rode . Well there is a rode that runs from 520 north along the river.. I have a co-worker who lives out there.. I did check on her tonight to see if she needed a help getting stuff out. Poor Thing I know what it is like with the fire so close.. Long sleepless nights, worrying about things you may have left behind. One other problem is that I am planning to go to Disney tomorrow and 528 is the quickest way to get there. The other 2 roads are under major construction to make easier to evacuate to space coast. it is said when you wish there was a tropical storm to drop a lot of rain on the area. Sad isn't it. My goodness it is now up to 2300 acres. WOW.. scary.. You can check out pictures and video on these links below.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


April 21, 2006
Why is curling an Olympic sport??? sweeping a broom in front of a weight on ice.. Not Athletic at all...

I think Team paintball would be a great Olympic sport. I was flipping through the channels and wondered across the Championship being held in Miami on ESPN this afternoon. It is truly a trip to watch. It will also be on Saturday from 2pm to 4pm, 11pm on ESPN. This is truly a sport to watch.. Refs Limping, a shot to the face shield and the beam to the head.. Ouch. Can they get the other teams shot in 4 minutes? The race is on.. Paintballs flying at 200mph. Now that is team work.. Maybe we could get this into the 2008 Olympics..

Next topic*************
- I have to say at a week & a half in this pest of a brace, I am over it. It is itchy and hot. my arm is broke out in a rash, I have a a blister starting on my thumb. It can come off now.. I miss my black on.

April 22, 2006
For some silly reason they were saying this show was going to be a week long show. Someone did not plan it right. 9 stars, 3 stars per episode, 1 cook off with the home viewers voting, & then the reveal show. For some reason they did not air the Thursday episode and it was not because Ashley Parker Angel cut his pinky pretty bad. Because he is a trooper and is cooking away, bandaged finger and all. I like this show. Because it is not staged or dramatic with some rich princess whinning because they have to do something where they may break a sweat.

Next topic********** The hand
It is still there.. This Dang brace is getting on my last nerve. The heat is causing a heat rash an blister areas on my thumb and palm. I went friday and had my thumb evaluated for the slight blister appearring on my thumb. They put a thumb sock on it that was suppose to help. Well my dear it has not because my thumb is still sore. It could be that I just need tobe patient and let that tender area heal. Just over 4 weeks left. The blue "yes" that they wrote on my wrist on surgery day are still hanging on..

Next Topic*************** Gas prices
They are outragous... They oil jerks are forcing their prices up because they got caught raising prices after the hurricanes. The government caught on they they were raising prices saying they were so hurt from the hurricanes then they posted a huge profit at the end of the year. For someone who lost sooooo much in august you made still pocketed a lot. Quite being greedy boys, you wife can wear last years mink again this year it will not kill her and your mistress can get off her back and pay her own rent for once.

Next topic ****** Rain
Rain drops fell around Brevard today. Yes they wet stuff. Unfortunately it did include some lightening but it was a good rain. It will help some with the fires but it will not last. We need a little more then what we go.. We need a day or two of rain to get out of the fire funk.

Next topic ************** Disney
On May 7th our annual passes expire. Things have been a little tight and we can not renew them at this time. So next weekend I am going to get my disney fix for a little while.. I am going to go and play at the Epcot Flower & Garden festival. Than may go and play at MGM. I am going to add some character photos to my collection. I need to work on my books some. I just need to go play and have some fun. Withdraws are going to be hard to deal with.

I think that is it for now..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Well I had my surgery Tuesday.. I did pretty good.. Pain level -- Depends what I have been up to. Lying around it is usually a 2 -- When I am up and around it can be bad. I felt so good after surgery and I did way too much. I was sitting up and ate Chinese. The next day my pain level got to a 13 and at that high my body just does not do well. Nausea & dizzyness take over. Life got better after I got that partial cast off. It just took a little while to get back to a normal me. When they took that partial cast off I got to check out out my hand. I have a 1 1/2 to 2 inch incision in my palm & on my thumb. I am not in a hard brace with my thumb in this stable setting. I can only move the tip of my thumb. I go on Wednesday to have the stitches out. I can not wait. This thing is driving me nuts. I must say I have enjoyed the week off. I am not wanting to go back on Monday. I truly hate going in. My babies have enjoyed every minute of me being home. They do not leave my side. They tell me when I need to rest.
I did get to work on Dees daughter's album. I did about 8 pages. I am almost done. About 12 more pages and I will be done.I did do some scrapbook shoppping.. I went to Michaels and Crafts-n-stuff. I must say that I did not do too bad spending wise... I spent under $50 between the two... Very good for me.. Even better I only spent $12 at Scrapbook Cottage on Thursday, which is totally unlike me.. I will change that next paycheck.. I am purchasing the new Quickutz font Sunshine set ($99) and the new Dog die ($12)... It is a treat for me.. I deserve it for my surgery..

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fire arises from the park again

Yesterday I was getting ready to leave the house to go watch Mason & Piper. I pull out on the main road out of the development and notice that traffice is backed up, bumper to bumper. I look up and see smoke coming once again. Big thick black cloud of smoke. Yep Wickham park is burning again. It started as a small fire on the west side of wickham road. Due to the lack of water the fire just spead. It threatened a vet clinic, a tile store, multiple homes and a gas station. The fire melted the siding off the side of the Tile store. The fire quickly jumped the 4 lane road to start the east side of wickham road and quickly surrounded a the church. The fire quickly raced accross wickham park. The came close to the BCC wickham pavilion and burning down one of the storage sheds. It all the fire burnt 250 acres. There is truly not much of this park left that is unburnt. They have closed the park because parts of the park is still smoldering. Last night we got a nice taste of draught releif that may help cut the fire risk for a few days.