Saturday, April 29, 2006

Brevard is burning again

Well I must thank goodness that this time it is not across the street. This time it is the center of the county. North Cocoa & Port St. John is burning. It started yesterday when the Brevard County Fire Fighters could not get control of a 15 acre fire. The wind seemed to take it running from there. It quickly grew from those 15 acres to a monster that jumped Interstate 95, closing it for over 6 hours then it grew to over 850 acres. Well the daytime winds whipped it up again. Then some stupid fool playing in the woods on an ATV started another fire that grew just as fast. It jump highway 528 (the Bee/Beachline) closing it and Interstate 95 for several hours. That is one of the few rodes that lead out of Brevard County. This one sprinted across the land even faster and by 6pm it was well over 1600 acres between the 2 fires. The fire fighters have decide to let it burn itself to the St. John's River. The area it is burning to does not have many rode . Well there is a rode that runs from 520 north along the river.. I have a co-worker who lives out there.. I did check on her tonight to see if she needed a help getting stuff out. Poor Thing I know what it is like with the fire so close.. Long sleepless nights, worrying about things you may have left behind. One other problem is that I am planning to go to Disney tomorrow and 528 is the quickest way to get there. The other 2 roads are under major construction to make easier to evacuate to space coast. it is said when you wish there was a tropical storm to drop a lot of rain on the area. Sad isn't it. My goodness it is now up to 2300 acres. WOW.. scary.. You can check out pictures and video on these links below.

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