Thursday, September 28, 2006


Life is changing so quickly.. Current mood: blah
Sorry these have been kinda morbid lately but this is real life. Last year one of my co-workers lost a very young (in her 30's) neighbor to Breast Cancer. She left behind a young daughter and a grieving husband. Her husband could never shake the loss of his wife. Almost 2 weeks ago he decided that he could no longer live without her. He took his life by jumping off of a local causeway. Now a little girl is left without both of her parents. She will never attend a father daughter dance, No mommy to brush her hair and tell her how beautiful she is, she will never know what it is to have a little brother or sister to show the ropes. What did these wonderful people do to be taken from this world so early in such a painful way. This little girl may be too young to remember her mother and may only remember a grieving suffering father. She luckly have wonderful grandparents and neighbors that can tell her wonderful lively stories of her parents so that she may remember the good and block out the bad.
We always think things are bad when we have hit a rough patch in life. but how bad are things really???? We have been dealt a bad hand but things can change for us we just have to make the choice to change it. I have a co-worker who just over 3 months ago was told that she has bladder cancer. She was told that she needed to stop smoking because that increases her chance of it return. (FYI SMOKERS you can also get bladder cancer from you cigarettes) She has tried to stop smoking but she has not put her heart into it. She still occasionally smoke. She has made the choice to continue puffing away. But when she was diagnosised she wondered why me.. Because you made the choice to smoke with stacked the deck against her and she continues to do it. She sees all this women dealing with cancer every day and she continues to raise her recurrence risk.. Why do people not think and realized how ver luck they are to have a second chance.

Life is too short...
Do you ever really sit down and think really how short life really is??? Our parents can't wait to hear our first words or watch our first steps. We rush to get through school. Then we rush to get through college and buy our first beer. Then it is the rush to find our true love, settle down and start a family. About 4 weeks ago a one of our maternity patients was diagnosis with Metastatic Melanoma. She is 36 years old and 16 weeks pregnant. Two weeks after the diagnosis she is no longer pregnant and fighting for her life. She has cancer throughout her body, ie brain, liver, lungs and bones. She is has not only lost her child, she is a battle for her life. She has not gotten to see the world, be a mother grow old with the man she loves, she will never see her grandchildren and her mother will have to bury her child. Her husband has not only lost his child but has been told he is going to have to bury his wife. They probably had dreams of growing old together, seeing there daughter walk down the isle to start her own family or their son make the winning touch down. After watching this poor family go through this I realized that you can not live in fear you have to do as you want and not be afraid to do it. If you want to see the world make it happen. Just go for it. It may not be cancer that takes your life early, it could be a natural disaster or a motor vehicle accident. Life is just to short. Total food for thought..
*****Update to original post*****
She is a mother of 2 (a boy and girl) and this was a baby suprise (a happy accident)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Do you ever???????

Okay they have these stupid adds where if you get grandma across the street you get a free ringtone. Do you ever just let her jump into the moving cars just to see her get hit.. I don't want a stupid ringtone and 500 pages that you have to fill out to get that ringtone. Like the fool who gets hit by the computer or blown up by the granade. They are just stupid.. Sorry truly just rambling. I am just in a funk. My dad is in Florida and they were suppose to come down and spend time in Melbourne with me but since my grandpa came with them they are going to stay in Daytona. We had plans of going to Orlando and spend some time at one of the theme parks. So that is not going to happen. Now I have to go up to daytona and listen to carolyn's family fight as usual. It is not my idea of spending time with my father. And I get the couch.. Yippee... I just want to spend some time with my daddy goofing off. I don't want to go shopping because he does not have fun. I don't want to hear about who screwed who over. I wanna show my dad what I like to do. Like take him o the theme park or a disney hotel for a fun dinner. I know it is sounding selfish but I do not get to see my dad that often and they rearly comes down this far. I am now sad that I asked my grandpa to come with them. Grandpa is doing well. He has been playing a lot more golf and doing more since grandma passed away. I am glad he is finally living his life.

Well I did go to a crop and did start my Harry Potter scrapbook. I completed 7 pages. Not bad for 6 hours time. It is a beautiful and becoming expenisive book. The cardstock cost more then the pattern paper I ordered on line. Yeah OUCH!!!.. Thanks to Quickutz they helped with releasing new Halloween dies juest in time. I bout the Cauldren, Witches hat, candy and Broom just to play in this book. They are very cute on the from page. I hope to get some more of it done before I head to Daytona so I can take it with me. It is a black maple leaf 8x8 album, 7 gypsies pattern paper and embellishments. It is turning out very cute..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Update - I know I am a Slacker

Where to start.. Ernesto.. A giant rain storm with a slight kick. Late on the 29th they finally made the desicion to reschedule patients. Everyone went home and we prepare to ride out this growing storm. The next morning we woke to an over cast day. Time to catch up on choirs. I finished up laundry and just relaxed. The pups really enjoyed their mommy being home. Other wise not much has been going home. I have been able to see the boys more lately. They have moved into their new house on Lansing Island. It is truly a beautiful home. Slow but beautifully things are coming together. And as they are aging they are getting wiser to the tricks. but they are getting too cute.

Work.. They frustrate me.. I am just not happy. I get tired of helping others and then the one wo will help is natrina.. Sharon had all week off the floor last and did she help us, did she do some of the required monthly stuff... NO. Dee comes in while I am sitting up Natrina's rooms because she has not come in yet. Could she walk up front and come back and help work up the patient waiting. NO.. Freakin lazy fools... No she was too busy fussing over her hand that she fell on about 4 weeks ago. Of course she swears it is broken or she has torn something, like any other boo boo she has ever had. I am truly suprised that AFLAC has not dropped us because of all the money the have paid her for all of her and her families injuires. Last year just before charistmas she submitted enough to for completely pay for christmas. Around the of my hand surgery, She got over $200 for a repeative injury her daughter has (which should not be covered) from playing softball after she was told not too. I only go $100 for them opening up my hand and moving a ligament, 6 wks in a hard brace and 6 weeks of therapy. She should have to submit it for taxes. I am pretty sure she will save this injury until christmas just to pay for this years christmas. I sometimes think she take her family to the hospital just to submit it to AFLAC. I am truly suprise with her recent fall that she did not go to the ER to be evaluated and to get more from AFLAC. I guess I should ask if therapy was a submitable item. Maybe I can pay off my credit cards.

I gues this enought bitching for the night. I need to fight some more with my MySpace blog and get to bed. I have to go watch the boys tomorrow night for teacher confrences.