Monday, September 25, 2006

Do you ever???????

Okay they have these stupid adds where if you get grandma across the street you get a free ringtone. Do you ever just let her jump into the moving cars just to see her get hit.. I don't want a stupid ringtone and 500 pages that you have to fill out to get that ringtone. Like the fool who gets hit by the computer or blown up by the granade. They are just stupid.. Sorry truly just rambling. I am just in a funk. My dad is in Florida and they were suppose to come down and spend time in Melbourne with me but since my grandpa came with them they are going to stay in Daytona. We had plans of going to Orlando and spend some time at one of the theme parks. So that is not going to happen. Now I have to go up to daytona and listen to carolyn's family fight as usual. It is not my idea of spending time with my father. And I get the couch.. Yippee... I just want to spend some time with my daddy goofing off. I don't want to go shopping because he does not have fun. I don't want to hear about who screwed who over. I wanna show my dad what I like to do. Like take him o the theme park or a disney hotel for a fun dinner. I know it is sounding selfish but I do not get to see my dad that often and they rearly comes down this far. I am now sad that I asked my grandpa to come with them. Grandpa is doing well. He has been playing a lot more golf and doing more since grandma passed away. I am glad he is finally living his life.

Well I did go to a crop and did start my Harry Potter scrapbook. I completed 7 pages. Not bad for 6 hours time. It is a beautiful and becoming expenisive book. The cardstock cost more then the pattern paper I ordered on line. Yeah OUCH!!!.. Thanks to Quickutz they helped with releasing new Halloween dies juest in time. I bout the Cauldren, Witches hat, candy and Broom just to play in this book. They are very cute on the from page. I hope to get some more of it done before I head to Daytona so I can take it with me. It is a black maple leaf 8x8 album, 7 gypsies pattern paper and embellishments. It is turning out very cute..

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