Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fire arises from the park again

Yesterday I was getting ready to leave the house to go watch Mason & Piper. I pull out on the main road out of the development and notice that traffice is backed up, bumper to bumper. I look up and see smoke coming once again. Big thick black cloud of smoke. Yep Wickham park is burning again. It started as a small fire on the west side of wickham road. Due to the lack of water the fire just spead. It threatened a vet clinic, a tile store, multiple homes and a gas station. The fire melted the siding off the side of the Tile store. The fire quickly jumped the 4 lane road to start the east side of wickham road and quickly surrounded a the church. The fire quickly raced accross wickham park. The came close to the BCC wickham pavilion and burning down one of the storage sheds. It all the fire burnt 250 acres. There is truly not much of this park left that is unburnt. They have closed the park because parts of the park is still smoldering. Last night we got a nice taste of draught releif that may help cut the fire risk for a few days.

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