Friday, April 14, 2006

Well I had my surgery Tuesday.. I did pretty good.. Pain level -- Depends what I have been up to. Lying around it is usually a 2 -- When I am up and around it can be bad. I felt so good after surgery and I did way too much. I was sitting up and ate Chinese. The next day my pain level got to a 13 and at that high my body just does not do well. Nausea & dizzyness take over. Life got better after I got that partial cast off. It just took a little while to get back to a normal me. When they took that partial cast off I got to check out out my hand. I have a 1 1/2 to 2 inch incision in my palm & on my thumb. I am not in a hard brace with my thumb in this stable setting. I can only move the tip of my thumb. I go on Wednesday to have the stitches out. I can not wait. This thing is driving me nuts. I must say I have enjoyed the week off. I am not wanting to go back on Monday. I truly hate going in. My babies have enjoyed every minute of me being home. They do not leave my side. They tell me when I need to rest.
I did get to work on Dees daughter's album. I did about 8 pages. I am almost done. About 12 more pages and I will be done.I did do some scrapbook shoppping.. I went to Michaels and Crafts-n-stuff. I must say that I did not do too bad spending wise... I spent under $50 between the two... Very good for me.. Even better I only spent $12 at Scrapbook Cottage on Thursday, which is totally unlike me.. I will change that next paycheck.. I am purchasing the new Quickutz font Sunshine set ($99) and the new Dog die ($12)... It is a treat for me.. I deserve it for my surgery..

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