Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do you ever have one of those days that you really do not want to go to work. Well it has been this whole week. It has been spring break and everyone with kids are taking time off. And what erks me is that last week my boss made the comment "when is your trip? you need to get it in because you may not get it." Excuss me???? A - I need to pay off the trip before I ask for the time off. & B -With as much crap I have been with my lasy ass co-workers and my late hours your going to say "NO" & C - Do you really think if you told me "NO" that I am going to stay here??? Is she kidding herself. She gave sharon off time for spring break when she only put in the time 3 weeks before hand. I am putting in my request over 3 months early. I was looking when I found this job and I can look again. Why does she not lay off the hard workers and get on the slackers, the ones who only do the minamal and the drunk in the office. She wants me to get prices from other companies for medical supplies. Like I have the time to do that. You got me working my ass off and you want to pile on more crap you could be doing. But no it is better to spend 3 days trying to figuire out if out paychecks.. All I know it I can not do this tooo much more...

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