Tuesday, March 28, 2006

As a Floridian, we don't have normal seasons like summer, winter and so on. We have Rainy, Fire, Hurricane and Tourist. Well is it Fire Season right now. We have not had to much in the rain depatment lately and we arwe now on fire. There has been fires in brevard county almost everyday. And yesterday was the biggest and it was right across the street from the housing development I live in. Very scary. imagine being at work and our doggies are at home. There is only one enterance in and out of the development and the fire is near the enterence. Very concerning. As you are sitting trying to complete you work and finish out your work day you are hearing on the radio that the fire has grown from 20 acres to 40 acres. It is just so hard to concentrate. I finally came home, I just could take it.. When night fell the smoke settled around the houses and by morning it was very bad. We really need some RAIN!!!!!!!!!!! At around 10pm I started smelling smoke in the house. Soon afterwards I couls hear the faint sound of sirens. There was a flair up and they were out there fighting the fire again. On the 11pm news they announce the fire burned over 100 acres. Yikes.. too close for comfort. After a very sleepless night the sun arose to a smoke blanketed neighborhood. The smell was very bad. This is one of the reasons we moved from Palm Bay to Melbourne is to get away from the fires. All this is because 3 fools thought it would be FUN to start a fire for spring break. Real smart jerks

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