Sunday, March 19, 2006


Where is the time going??? Well it is now Mid-march. Last weekend I went to Ocala for Camp Gotta Crop. This is the fifth year. I had a blast. I finished about 24 pages after I sat down and counted. I went away feeling that I had not complete too much. I must say the time just went too fast. On the way up to the camp I passed this beautiful abandoned railroad track. This beautiful track is covered in old vines and it is stretching over a creek. At the time I passed it the sun was setting and it was truly breathe taking. Well I stopped on Sunday around noon on my way home and it was not as beautiful as with sunset but it made for a beautiful picture.

Other things ticking away is that it is less then a month until my hand surgery. It is just over 4 months until I leave for my trip to England.

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