Friday, June 30, 2006

Where is time going?

I know I probably post this a lot.. but where is it truly going... In just mere hours we will enter the month of July. That means just 24 days until my trip to England. Nerves are setting in. I am heading over to England / London just after the one year anniversary of last years bombing of the tube system and the double decker bus. I think that it what is unsettling the most. The next is the flying.. I hate flying.. Have I ever told you this.. I HATE Flying. Which is weird because my father is an airliner mechanic. I am looking forward to the trip but I don't want it to go too fast. I wish it was longer and I got to see more of london. I wanna tour the tower of London, London & Tower Bridges, the London Eye. I wanna go shopping at some of london's famos stores, or at least window shop. I was looking at a pocket map I purchase and found the locations of Tiffany's, Harrods, Louis Vitton - the shopping district. I have yet to locate my hotel on the map. I guess I will figuire it out when I get the final iteniary. I don't wanna work anymore. I wanna travel.. I now have to figuire where I wanna go to next. If I could work to pay this one off I could do it again..
Puppy Breath... Where is nothing greater then holding a 10 week old puppy. My co-worker is puppy sitting her mother's birthday gift. Anna's Stepfather has purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy for Annas mom's birthday. They are taking a 30 day tour of england. He is going to give her a card telling her her gift if a puppy. And she is sooo cute. A true sweetie. She has puppy breath and she just wants loving. She has the soft fur. It makes you want to run out an purchase one.. Then I rememeber the fight I had with Cody this morning. He did not want to eat breakfast. He wanted his mommy and she was not home to give it to him and that did not make him happy. He would spit his food back out after I would put it on his tounge for him to get a taste. I finally gave up and called mom and left her a message about what her child was up to. We made up after I got home from work. He is now curled up in his baby blanket sound asleep.
It is time to get off of here because my headache was coming back..

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