Monday, June 21, 2004


Well, I gues it is time for an update since I have been extremely lazy. Well the truth is I have been very busy. I have lost a total of 13 pounds & 23 inches since I have started on the Inches-A-Weigh program. I am in about a size 10-12 from a 18. Yeah, that just means there will be less of me to attend the class reunion in August.

On May 27th, I had a bone spur removed from my left shoulder. Which means they have been working to get my shoulder back into shape & strong again. It is a good time to do it because it was starting to get difficult to hold even a newborn for any length of time. It is healing very nicely. Dr. Woodward did an awesome job in the surgery department. I must think Julie, Linda & Dennis for ever thing they have been in the rehabilitation department.

In the guy department, Same stuff different year. The single ones do not want to commit to a relationship. The married ones only want to run around on their wives. Why can they not get it through there head that I do not mess with married men. If you wanted me then why did you not make a move then???? your loss..

Other then that I have not been up to much. Just going to the circus I call a job. It is changes & more changes. People leaving, new positions being created & the normal Drama. That is another nights entry.

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