Wednesday, April 21, 2004

April 21, 2004

Weight Update

This weeks weigh in: 3 pounds down. 31.5 pounds to go. 7 inches gone. Next monday is measure day.


Work.. I am so tired of work. I am tired of the click. I am extremely tired of the whispering between my (so called) supervisor & the Dr. I work with everyday. She needs to start watching her butt because she is starting to make a lot of mistakes. They are in the process trying to make working up patients in a new way. She is going to have to change several of her ways. For one is how loud she is when she is with patients. When she is do an intake with a new OB you can hear her in the waiting room. When she is working up these patients she is going to need to start documenting the labs she pulls or calls for. I am tired of going back & fixing her work. I called her yesterday about a labs & her reply was let me think about it... That is not an answer. I am tired of hearing her try & show off or impress the doctors. I (& probably the other MA's) are not impressed by a $2000 Nordstroms bill.. to me that shows me you spend to much money at a store you can not afford just so you can impress other... News Flash**** Not Impress****... Come back to your true income range...

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