Sunday, December 10, 2006


Why are men such jerks???? I have this male aquiantance ( I am not sure I would call him a friend) he is from my past and had a fling. He is married and constantly wanting to do something I am totally against. He is constantly bringing it up that he is not getting any lovin from his wife. Well you know pink has a new song for him... U +UR hand. What par of you aint getting it from me, that is what your wife is for. If you ain't getting it there then that is YOUR problem and you can work that out yourself.. You where the one who said you were not ready for a serious relationship... You Made Your Bed NOW SLEEP IN IT.. You know I am reminded everyday that I am alone and I do not need you to remind me even more. I wanna find Mr. Right not Mr. Rightnow. Stop Asking if I want you.. I don't want you. I want my own life..
Otherwise it was a pretty good day until then. Today is Gracie's Birthday. She is now 7 years old. Where is the time going.. It seems like yesterday we go them. We took them to PetSmart and they sat on Santa's Lap. Then we made a few other stops. We had Cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday. It was fun and she seemed to enjoy it.. You know food was envolved.
Last night the Shuttle took off for space and it was breath taking. I took some pictures but have not uploaded them yet.. will do that later.

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